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Work Starts On 16M Build At Exmouth Community College

Work starts on 16m rebuild at Exmouth Community College has been underway for almost three years now. A two-year project, it’s hoped, will eventually revitalize the college’s buildings and offer students new academic facilities in addition to a fresh start. Work is expected to start this summer, with completion expected in autumn of next year. This follows a two-year project, which revitalized the main library and administration building.

A few months ago, the entire student body left campus for the summer, to tour the college and “get to know everyone else”. That was followed by a visit by the university provost and vice-chancellor, as well as a tour of the administration building. Some students stayed behind to help with the renovation, while others started a new company that promotes sustainability. A few weeks later, the students returned to learn that the refurbishment is almost complete.

The interior of the usual buildings has undergone massive changes, with many more being worked on, once the interior walls have been gutted and rebuilt. This may result in some confusion for students who haven’t had a chance to tour the campus. But by the time students return for their next academic year in January, things should be back to normal. By contrast, this two-year project has taken longer than usual, necessitating a hefty budget.

When students see the exterior of the buildings, which are painted white and have a glass front doors, they are impressed by the scale of the renovation. Over two thousand square metres of damaged space has been removed, with the rest either being covered up with landscaping. An outdoor classroom has been built, where students can study. The result is impressive, and the landscaped gardens mean that the landscape looks like it has constantly been growing.

While this is a major overhaul of facilities on campus, it’s actually part of the plan to make the campus more efficient and greener. The two-year project, which is included in the master plan agreed between BIS and the district council in 2021, involved the creation of a green area just outside the existing classrooms. The students and staff seem to like it, with students enjoying the greenery and the access to walking paths as part of their studies.

It’s hoped that the extra two-year project will lead to significant increases in student satisfaction when students graduate from Exmouth in September 2021. This is possible because the two-year project has improved conditions for students, who now have a more enjoyable and safe environment to enjoy their studies in. According to one student, the improvements are not just for the students themselves, but also for the students’ parents, who are no longer concerned with safety issues as they were before. “Now,” she says, “the parents can relax because they know the grounds to keep people safe.”

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