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Why Devon Is A Perfect Location To Set Up Business

Devon is one of the UK’s leading business and economic information suppliers. Devon has a rich agricultural history and home to some of the world’s finest wine, fishing and agricultural produce. There are many small and medium sized enterprises in Devon’s farming communities such as Cotswolds and Ambleside, which have built up a substantial cash flow over the years. Devon has grown to become an ever-growing economic hub for southwest England and it provides the region with the necessary workforce to ensure that it continues to prosper. Devon has been able to attract new residents through its excellent transport links, both road and rail, as well as its location in the South West of England.

The Devon and Exeter counties combine to form the most easterly counties in England. Devon is also one of the four UK founding members of the Commonwealth of Nations and is one of only three English nations to have successfully avoided being absorbed into the new European Union. The county is blessed with attractive coastal weather, so much so that it is one of the UK’s fastest growing tourist destinations. Devon’s market towns along the coastline offer a great deal to tourists and the region is the ideal place to base yourself if you are looking to relocate to the south west. The main centres for tourism in Devon include Dartmouth, Croyde and Dartmouth.

A large proportion of Devon’s total population is made up of the rural population. The three largest market towns of Dartmouth, Croyde and Ambleside are located on the edges of larger rural communities. These towns are perfectly placed to attract buyers who are looking for established communities offering everything from traditional rural shops to the latest high street stores. Devon has traditionally been a rural area but thanks to the activities of the devolved government, more people are choosing to live here rather than commute between towns.

Devon’s unique environment means that there is always something to do whether you choose to walk, cycle or take the train. Devon is also renowned for its fishing and pottery industries which mean that people don’t always want to leave the town. In recent years, more people have started to get out of their homes to go on holiday, making Devon the perfect holiday destination for families. Devon also offers fantastic scenery which is well worth exploring.

Devon has grown significantly in the last few years and offers the UK market an exciting future. There are some excellent towns to choose from, including Dartmouth, Croyde and Ambleside. These towns are all small communities, but they have built up strong local businesses and they have been able to attract visitors who are looking for somewhere to eat, relax or visit a local attraction. Many of these towns are also home to traditional rural pubs and shops, which means they remain busy throughout the day and night.

Devon is an excellent place to do business and it has developed into a small hub of development and business with several large, successful companies now based here. Devon is a great place to be based and many businesses offer similar services to those found elsewhere in the UK. Devon is a very desirable place to base yourself and you can enjoy great benefits through being a part of a small, family run business. Devon offers a vibrant economy and offers a variety of employment options including food processing, creative industries, retail sales, engineering, food manufacturing, construction and distribution and much more. Devon has excellent infrastructure and it has developed into a thriving small market with good access to the rest of the UK and other counties.

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