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The State of Devon's Economic Health and Wellness

Devon has been, for many years, a popular destination for those who enjoy exploring and hiking. It is often described as the perfect English county, with its abundance of stunning countryside and beautiful coastal towns. Its large tourist economy provides a huge boost to its economy, providing a large number of jobs in various sectors throughout the regions. Devon has a population of around eleven million people, with almost half of them living in its metropolitan cities. In recent years, however, as the city has developed into an increasingly vibrant and welcoming destination, more people have begun to move towards its rural landscape and surrounding communities.

As well as being home to a large visitor economy, Devon also has a thriving economy based around tourism. Tourism generates a large part of its income, and has helped to make up the large gaps in income which have between the different parts of the county. One of the areas which has benefitted from this is the famous Exmoor National Park, located in the southwest of Cornwall. This scenic and historic area attracts a large number of visitors every year, with many of them coming from nearby London. It has also enabled Devon to develop into a world-leader in the construction of wind turbines, helping it to become one of the UK’s most successful examples of sustainable development.

In terms of its large visitor economy, Devon has a number of attractions which help it to keep residents active and interested. In addition to the popular Exmoor National Park, Dartmoor – situated in the north east of the county – is another popular location, with its impressive cliffs and miles of sandy beach. In terms of bird life, there are over eighty different species of birds in Devon, making it one of the most diverse places in the United Kingdom. In fact, in recent years the species of birds which were once so rare that they were considered to be a mark of poverty have made a come back due to the different approaches which have been taken by local businesses and landowners.

A large part of the economy in Devon comes from tourism, with Devon is one of the best places to visit in Europe. There are some large visitor economy companies who base themselves in Devon, making it an excellent place to work and live in if you want to enjoy your retirement years. The coastal communities are attractive and well equipped, offering excellent employment opportunities for people from all over the UK and beyond.

The State of Devon’s economy benefits from its natural beauty. The county is surrounded by water on three sides and is blessed with unique landscapes which are perfect for both outdoor recreation and business. Water is vital to the economy of Devon, which means that any activity that damages the environment is necessarily bad for business. Two of the largest rivers that flow through the county, Whitchurch and Blyde, provide a wealth of aquatic wildlife. With their wide ecological network, the river environment provides a haven for many types of wildlife.

As well as the large visitor economy, Devon has a good deal of industry to support it. There are a number of large engineering firms based in the city, as well as shipbuilding companies, including one of the world’s largest naval yards. The local economy depends on the fishing and whaling industries, with fish providing a large part of the country’s annual revenue. Whichever sector you choose to follow, you can be sure that the economy of Devon will be on an upward spiral towards success, creating more jobs and more money in your pocket!

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