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The Dot Corp to Provide Additional Support for COVID-19 Testing for the Safe Reopening of Organizations of All Sizes

Healthcare Supply Chain

Resources include COVID-19 testing kit assembly, GMP compliance, supply chain and logistics support, and comprehensive communications

Santa Ana, California Apr 24, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The Dot Corp, a leading national provider of healthcare supply chain and logistics support, today announced a significant increase in production capacity for COVID-19 testing kit assembly and distribution. The Dot Corp, with its business partners, represents an unmatched ability to scale and distribute on-demand COVID-19 and @Home wellness and testing kits.

This effort and additional resources are aimed at helping business and local governments drive large-scale COVID-19 testing as they reopen their economies and work to return to in-person workplaces.

For this reason, The Dot Corp has opened more production lines and increased production capacity by 400% specifically for COVID-19 and at-home wellness testing. The Dot Corp currently assembles and distributes test kits for the largest laboratories in the U.S. Market, distributing in excess of 3 million kits a year.

This effort to bring The Dot’s strategic and supply chain resources to bear on the global pandemic is another continued example of how the organization aims to support its community, partners, and country to make sure no community is left behind.

“The Dot’s ability to ramp up and meet the demand head-on during the pandemic has continued to get the highest marks from our country’s largest laboratories. It has been this swift and agile response starting in Q1 of 2020 to now, addressing the third wave, that has allowed our partners to serve their patients and communities so well,” said Jeff Shattuck, President of The Dot Corp. “working with our onsite logistics partner FedEx, we have maintained our same day service level commitments even during the heaviest peaks. Being able to ship orders submitted at 6 PM and getting those kits into the hands of consumers the next morning has been critical to slowing the spread of this disease.”

Healthcare supply chain and testing is a challenging endeavor and The Dot’s turnkey solutions provide the needed support for testing in a variety of settings, whether that be in the home, in small businesses, or at clinical point-of-care sites. Services include just-in-time regents, proprietary technology, state-of-the-art test kit assembly and fulfillment, portal support, training and administration, warehousing, reporting, and last-mile distribution.


About The Dot Corp

The Dot Corp is a leading national provider of multichannel business communications services and marketing solutions. From its west coast headquarters and its 15 network partner locations, The Dot Corp offers the industry’s most customized offering of solutions designed to help companies from Main Street Startups to Fortune 500 enterprises optimize customer engagement and streamline operations across the complete customer journey. The Dot offers a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities, experience, and scale that enables organizations to create, manage, deliver, and optimize their marketing and business communications strategies.

For more information, visit the Company’s website at www.thedotcorp.com.

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Jeff Shattuck



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