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Prepare for Change with New Life Transition Program the Tangram

Kim Bendix

The Tangram Teaches How to Refocus Attention, Responses, Thoughts & Conscious Choices Through Organic Methodology

Los Angeles, California Apr 24, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – After a year of sudden change and uncertainties, one Chicago-based Life Transition Mentor and HR Consultant is showing people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Through her new website and Workbook supporting the popular “Seven-Element Program” that helps build habits for success through a guided reconnection to the True Self, the Tangram has been revolutionary in its concept and design.

Written by Kim Bendix, The Tangram is a program that guides all seeking success by teaching them how to refocus their attention, responses, thoughts, and conscious choices to increase adaptability, discipline, and resilience. Her services include a full one-on-one mentorship that highlights each element within the Tangram, as well as “The Initial Workbook” (available for download on her website), which is a more affordable tool that can serve as the first step towards change. The workbook can be used by itself, with her videos and articles, or as a prelude to a full paid one-on-one guided mentorship. Named after the seven-piece Chinese geometric puzzle, the symbolism is the secret to the program, as, throughout her life, Bendix has discovered that there are seven key elements that a person must evolve to achieve a state of mind that leads them to their True Self.

“My goal with the full program is to give the necessary attention to everyone who needs it, no matter their income level, which is why I also offer free videos, articles, blogs, and plan on donating the workbook to help charities, shelters, group homes and more, as these communities are often the ones that need this help the most,” says Bendix. “Each of the concepts and methods I use in the workbook were developed through formal training, personal life experiences, and years of research. The full program is designed to evolve with each person and will help them achieve any goal, whether that be weight loss, escaping poverty, grief, losing a loved one, or getting a new job or career. Together, through The YugenHaus Community, we can make change happen.”

Alongside this program, Kim has established herself as a successful Human Resources Business Partner and offers services in both HR Consultancy and training businesses to have their own “Tangram Facilitators,” who can then pass on the knowledge of the program to its employees.

To purchase a copy of the workbook or a free brochure, or to see the many other services offered, visit

About Kim Bendix

Growing up on the Northwest side of Chicago, I knew from a young age that my life path was not going to be conventional. As the oldest of three children to a single mother, I had moved over 60 times, been to 16 different schools, and at times lived in motels, couches, or out of the trunk of my car. Despite this instability, I immersed myself in reading and knowledge; having spent most of my time with my nose in a book or learning a new hobby. Most of my skills were self-taught, including everything from drawing, playing seven instruments, language, philosophy, and much more. My strengths are passion, empathy, grit, and perseverance which was evident when I graduated high school early (despite being homeless), and in the way, I was able to mentor those seeking help even as a child experiencing despair myself.

Having spent almost two decades in the Entertainment Industry as an actor, model, and musician, I took a leap of faith in 2012 and enrolled in a University to become a Counselor. As I pursued my degree, I diligently built a successful career as a Human Resources Business Partner, helping those achieve their career goals while also raising a child alone and losing over 100 pounds. I spend my spare time researching Positive and Motivational Psychology, Biology, Scientific Research Journals, Metaphysics, Eastern Spirituality, Light Work & Reiki, Chi-Gung, Shamanism… All knowledge that has led me to where I am today

I used this research as well as my own unique life experiences to create The Tangram, an organic methodology named after the Chinese geometric puzzle that consists of seven puzzle pieces. I support those seeking success by teaching them how to refocus their attention, responses, thoughts, and conscious choices to increase their adaptability, discipline, and resilience. The symbolism of the Tangram is the secret to the program, as, throughout my life, I have discovered that the seven elements highlighted in the program are the ones that a person must evolve in order to achieve success. Today, I dedicate myself and my work to those seeking guidance and direction as they navigate through life transitions.

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