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Devon's Largest Solar Farm Gets Approval

ND Solar Enterprises Ltd, based in Bristol, has submitted an application for plans to build a massive solar farm. The plans have been given the go-ahead by councillors despite the immense opposition from members of independent charity Devon CPRE. These members focus is for the protection of the county’s rural landscape.
The installation will include 100,000 solar panels built on piles across 23 fields that cover in excess of 150 acres. The site is to be at Litchardon Cross, south west of Barnstaple.
Solar farms in the UK have had their fair share of approved applications over recent years. Some of these farms have provided more energy than others however, because it is very hard to generate large quantities of solar in one location. Another issue has been the difficulty in getting planning permission. These factors have all combined to make it hard for large scale solar farms in UK to get off the ground. However, a new scheme has been announced that should help this situation.

The project is being run by the government as part of its wider strategy to encourage the development of alternative forms of energy. One such alternative source of energy has been solar energy. It has proved to be very cost effective and efficient, but it has also caused problems for developers as they are not able to get planning permission easily enough. With the approval for the Barnstaple solar farm in Devon it looks like things might change.

Barnstaple is expected to be able to build at least twenty-five solar power generation units over the next few years. It will provide large amounts of power for local businesses. This means that they will not have to raise their electricity tariffs any further. Even if they were to raise their tariffs, the amount of electricity produced would still be far lower than traditional methods. There is also the possibility that the excess electricity could be sold to the national grid. This means that the overall impact on the environment would be far lower than with other methods of generating power.

This sort of solar generating station is now available to anyone who wants to invest in them. There is no need to wait for planning permission because this project is deemed to be small enough and it fits in with the current climate of approving these types of projects. In the past, large developers were not even accepted into schemes to build these large solar farms. Now, the Barnstaple solar farm has been accepted as a suitable site.

This is great news for residents in the area. They will get the opportunity to help reduce their carbon footprint even further by helping to provide free energy. That is without any doubt the greatest benefit, but there are other benefits too. Some of the schemes will also create a small local economy, which means that money from the energy can be used for other local projects too.

This means that both local people and the wider community will benefit from this scheme. It will also help to raise awareness of green living and environmental issues. This is the message that the Government want to transmit and this is the reason why they have given this project so much planning permission. If you live in or around Barnstaple and you want more information about how you can work with a company to build your own solar panels then you should get in touch with them. They will be happy to show you exactly how you can save money on your energy bills every month with the right solar panel system and get a sense of what it means to be “green” too.

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