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COCO Cocoin Cryptocurrency Top Community-Driven Limited Altcoin System Expanded

Crypto Marketing Company announces the expansion of the Cocoin cryptocurrency system to introduce strategies developed from suggestions voted on by its investor community. These strategies will expand the token’s foothold in the crypto space and provide perks for token holders.

As a highly-rated altcoin, Cocoin is capitalizing on its community-driven approach to launch innovations that are unique to the crypto space. Crypto Marketing Company has announced current and upcoming innovations including the establishment of a beverage production operation and the purchase of a private island for token holders.

Further information is available here: https://schooner.io/cocoin-finance

According to Crypto Marketing Company, the expansion will provide the Cocoin community with an intuitive deflationary cryptocurrency system that emphasizes community engagement as its long-term strategy and protects against common drawbacks of the crypto industry.

Cocoin’s system burns a consistent amount of coins at planned intervals to ensure effective control of the coin’s value over time. The system applies a 10% tax on all transactions and distributes the proceeds across its in-house charity fund, a liquidity pool, marketing and innovation initiatives, token holders, and other reserves. Higher tax requirements are placed on large transactions to protect token holders against investment whales who engage in “pump and dump” schemes.

Cocoin’s development team maintains a fully engaged communication system with its community of token holders. On the suggestion of community members, the team is currently considering plans to purchase a 12-acre private island for the use of members who have notable coin holdings.

The Cocoin team also considers promising member suggestions, such as the establishment of a COCO energy drink, an online store, a De-Fi exchange, and more. The Cocoin community is hosted on the Telegram app under the Group name “$COCO Community Official”, which can be accessed at: https://schooner.io/cocoin-community-official

About Cocoin

Cocoin is a woman-founded cryptocurrency token system led by digital marketing specialist Jessica, along with developers, Lorenzo and Arjan, and communications specialist Matthijs.

A spokesperson said, “Cocoin was founded by a team of 4 doxxed developers from The Netherlands. After 5 years of trading, we have not just gotten to read hundreds of contracts, we could understand exactly what it takes for a coin to succeed. We had seen enough scams, honeypots, and rug-pulls. COCO is a project for real people, by real people. We are here to change the game and to make a positive impact. Because only that way, we can prove them all wrong. Let’s go COCO.”

Cocoin has gradually built its reputation as a safe community-driven cryptocurrency system. Interested parties can find a link to its placement as one of the top 10 cryptocurrency picks from YouTube channel, Up Next Crypto here: https://schooner.io/top-ten-altcoin-pics-july-2021

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