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Devon Business Announcements

if your business is based in Devon, then this site wants to talk about your business announcement. This homepage is a taster of some of the featured news stories about things that are happening in Devon for business.

Devon is an amazing County and if you are a business that is based in Devon then you are privileged to be able to work in such are fantastic County. We do refresh some of the new stories on the homepage from time to time and we welcome businesses within Devon to publish their press release on the site.

Have a look at some of the new stories that we found happening in Devon.

Devon To Get “Freeport” In A Budget Announcement

3rd March 2021

Chancellor Rishi Sunak spent billions of pounds in an effort to revive the economy around one year since the start of the devastating Covid 19 pandemic.

The UK has been hit severely economically by the pandemic and is one of the worst countries hit in the world in this way in both the economy and also the public health sector.

One of the steps to revive the economy has been to set up Freeport’s cross the country. A total of eight of these Freeport’s have been given the go-ahead. The Freeport provides tax breaks to businesses as well as providing customers with benefits as well as the prospects of new employment and jobs.

Devon And The South West Get Overlooked By Government Budget In Favour Of The North And The Midlands Regions

4 March 2021

Chancellor, Rishi Sunak has laid out in his budget on Wednesday, March 3 that included measures to help balance the country’s economic map. In his budget, Mr Sunak pointed out that the North of England and the Midlands region are in need of financial backing to aid the economy in those areas.

Business leaders in Devon and the Southwest are concerned about this region being overlooked in favor for the North of England and the Midlands as a result of the Chancellor’s announcements made in his budget.

There have been many bids from the Southwest for various different funding such as the great Western Freeport that was hope for in the Bristol region and other projects that were overlooked in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole to name a few.

The Chancellor’s £1 Billion pound funding package for towns across the country has been greatly issued out towards the northwest, Yorkshire and the Midlands. The government felt that these northern areas of the country needed funding to balance out the economical divide of the country and to bring a balance across the UK.

While the financial measures to aid regions across the country are welcome, business leaders in the Southwest are bitterly disappointed by the lack of funding that has been pledged to the Southwest region.

Devon Wedding Photogrpahers Reel Over Impact To Their Business Income Demise In The Last Year

14th March 2021

The devastation of Covid 19 has ripped through the nation not only to wreak havoc across the NHS, and the economy of the nation, but individual businesses have been brought to his knees.


In a recent business announcement, Sarah Jayne, a wedding photographer based in Devon has said that there is a level of interest in new bookings for her business. The new business however, has not meant that the weddings scheduled for 2020 have all gone away and we are starting from scratch, but the new bookings are actually rollovers from 2020 from the weddings that couldn’t take place because of Covid 19. The results of this means that the new 2021 wedding bookings are struggling to find slots for their weddings.

According to Sarah Jayne, last year, she had around 40 bookings on her books. However, she said that only five of those ended up going ahead.

The hard part for businesses is when they have to take deposits from their clients for their bookings and then, the government calls any such ceremonies to be canceled due to the pandemic, it means that the businesses have to refund those deposits. For many businesses, the deposit is just part of the cash flow, and the funds get swallowed up within the business. This means, that with a refund, the business has to find those funds because in many cases, those deposits got swallowed up as part of the business expenditure which made it financially very concerning for a lot of wedding photographers.

A lot of these businesses are freelance and they are completely dependent on each and next booking. During 2020, the pandemic put a stop to all the weddings. This was a big blow for any wedding photographer and a concern for their business. Funding was available from the government, however, for wedding photographers and their business, it meant real concerns for the future.

Now in 2021, was a glimmer of hope on the horizon for these businesses, however, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the months ahead and number restrictions are a maximum of 30 at the moment still. This makes things even more difficult for wedding planners and wedding photographers to cope with.

Things will eventually get back to normal, but there is no certainty of when that will be, not for the time being at any rate. The government is however doing all it can to ensure that the country is vaccinated and that plans are in place to prevent mass outbreak of Covid 19 across the country again.

Four Devon Towns To Receive £Millions In High Street Funding

31st December 2020

The government will be funding £41,158,361 to bring four high streets back to life. The named Devon towns are Newton Abbot, Paignton, Barnstaple and Plymouth.

The government are injecting 1 billion pounds to kickstart improvements across the country.

The funding is been distributed as follows: –

Newton Abbot to receive: £9,199,364
Paignton to receive: £13,363,248
Barnstaple to receive: £6,548,876
Plymouth to receive:£12,046,873

the towns had to bid for a slice of this 1 billion pound funding pot. However, none of the towns have received the amount that they had bid for. Unfortunately for Bideford, they were unsuccessful in their funding bid.

How The Money Will Be Spent

The money that will be received by each town must be spent on Towncenter regeneration skins which focus on key shopping areas and specific buildings.

Steve Darling, the Leader of Torbay Council has welcomed the recent news. He has said “This is a timely and much-needed boost for Paignton. Our towns and our town centres continue to feel the impact of COVID-19 and we are starting to see its full economic impact.”

This is all such fantastic news for the four towns across Devon. The cash injection will make a lot of difference in this much-needed scheme.

Devon Based Shipyard At Appledore To Get A Slice Of The Governments £16.5 Billion Defence Funding Pledge

19th November 2020

A massive defense funding pledge has been announced by the government. The sum of money totals £16.5 Billion and Devon shipyard based at Appledore is to receive a slice of that money.


John Wood, Appledore’s Shipyard boss says “the company is ready to play a role in creating a world-class Navy”.

In a patriotic pledge by Boris Johnson, the government is backing British with this huge sum of money. The Prime Minister announced to MPs that he was determined to ensure that once again prison would become Europe’s leading naval power.

In addition to the naval defense spent, the government is also injecting money into the RAF where it will be purchasing new super jets and will be modernizing the military. Part of the modernization strategy will be to create an agency that is dedicated to artificial intelligence and also to set up a space command that is capable of launching the UK’s first rocket as soon as 2022.

The Prime Minister’s announcement has been seen as the largest defense spending since the Cold War. This is a great move forwards to focus on making the UK great once again as it strives to ensure its security as the world becomes more sinister.

Boris Johnson came to Devon and visited Appledore shipyard at the end of August 2020. During his visit Mr. Johnson said that the shipyard had “massive history but it’s also got a great future”.

The Prime Minister went on to say “What we want to do is to ensure that there’s a good enough stream of contracts coming through to drive jobs and growth here in Devon,” Mr Johnson said.

The announcement made by the Prime Minister will be a major injection into the Devon economy as well as create a high-level of employment.

Devon Business Announcements