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Paul ‘Moose’ Anger

The Town of Hudson has lost yet another person of its history.  Paul (Moose) Anger passed away in Arizona on Saturday, October 31, 2009.  We are saddened by this news.

Our dad, Moose, was born on February 14, 1930.  He grew up in the French Hill area of Nashua, attending local schools.  After joining the United States Air Force and serving our country during the Korean Conflict, he returned to New Hampshire.  He married Jeannette Bonville and settled in Hudson.  When she passed away in 1962, he was left with three young boys to bring up, which he did with the help of Jeannette’s parents, John and Lucienne Bonville.  He later married Donna Levesque with whom he had another son, Shawn, who resides in Arizona.  In the mid-1970s, attracted by the lure of Lake Havasu, Arizona, Moose, his wife and youngest son moved.  That adventure was short term as the bond to Hudson was too strong.

Moose was employed by several companies in the area throughout his life, including Law Motor Freight, Levesque Construction, and the Hudson Water Company, finally retiring from the Town of Hudson Highway Department.  While Moose was in the road working, his flagging details often resulted in traffic backups because he knew so many people who would want to “stop and chat” with him while he was working.  There have been far less traffic tie-ups since his retirement.

Moose loved to do many things.  He was particularly fond of woodworking, hunting and fishing.  He made several fishing trips to Lake Ontario with his sons.  He had a way of telling a story that made it amusing every time, no matter how many times he told it.  More than anything, Dad loved to make people smile.  This led to another hobby that was near and dear to his heart:  He was the jolly man in the red Santa Claus suit on the fire engine.  He delighted many, young and old, when he lit the Christmas display on Hudson Common, or while listening intently to children as they sat on his lap reciting their wish lists at the library.  Santa brought priceless smiles of joy to the sick children he visited in the local hospitals.

His recent move to Apache Junction, AZ, may have physically taken the man out of Hudson but his legacy and his spirit will always be in Hudson.  He will be sorely missed by many.  To keep his giving Santa spirit alive, we hope that some will consider making a donation in his memory to The Santa Fund, c/o The Telegraph Publishing Co, 17 Executive Drive, Hudson, NH, 03051.

Please join us in a Celebration of Moose’s Life on Sunday, November 15 from 3 to 5 p.m. at King’s Court, Central Street, Hudson.

Moose’s sons, daughters-in-law (Carla, Mariane, and Claudette), grandchildren (Billy, Rob and Melanie, Erica and Craig Fielding, Jonathan, Samuel), great-grandchildren (Shauna, Ashley, Aryanna Fielding and Jocelyn Fielding), brothers-in-law, and nephews share in your grief.

David, Mark and Joey Anger


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What is Scouting For Food?

Scouting for Food is the largest single food drive in the United States.

This Saturday, November 14, is Scouting for Food Collection Day.  Please have all donations out by your mailboxes by 8:30 a.m. and the Scout’s will return to each mailbox (around 9 a.m.) to collect, count and then sort. The foods are then brought to our local food pantry, The Shepard’s Pantry.  Please, we request that all donations, even checks, be placed in plastic bags (clean supermarket bags are fine) and covered to prevent items from getting wet, especially if rain is in the forecast.

Townhouses only:  Please leave donations on the steps to your unit, in clear view.  Again, everyone else please leave donations by your mailboxes.

Any late bags, or bags that may have been overlooked can be dropped off at the Scouting for Food Overnight Vigil which will be located behind Windham’s Center School and will end Sunday morning at 7 a.m., or you may also bring it to St. Matthew’s Brown Bag Sunday, which is the second Sunday of every month (next one is 12/13), and it too will get to the Shepard’s Pantry.

Donation Guidelines:  Please no glass containers, no perishables - this includes fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, meats, frozen items, and please, no open or partially used items.

Besides nutritious, non-perishable foods, the following are some additional suggestions: powdered milk, peanut butter, canned meats, tuna, cereal, meals in a can (stew, chili, soup), paper products, diapers, 100% fruit juices and canned foods.  Also any deductible contributions by check can be made out to: “The Shepard’s Pantry,” and know that any monetary donations will be increased from the NH Food Bank.

The Windham Scouting Programs - Windham

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Lighting Concerns at Griffin Park

Unfortunately in life, donations are rarely free.  After watching the selectmen’s meeting Monday night about the lighting at Griffin Park, I have several concerns:

  1. Although the initial cost for the installation and lights are being funded by Windham Baseball/Softball league, we, the taxpayer, are expected to pay for the ongoing electric bill.  They say it will be a little over $20 per night, based on three hours a night, so that would equal approximately $600 per month for six months.  Another question that was raised was why don’t we keep the parking lot and center aisle lights on all night for safety?  Now how much will that cost us?  I just received my tax bill and it went up about 15 percent in the current economic conditions; I think we do not need to add to the town spending for something that is not a necessity.
  2. Is there a softball field at Griffin Park?  I don’t think so.  If the Windham Baseball/Softball League wants to use monies that was also earned by the girls’ participation, I believe they should also light a softball field or be open to discrimination charges.  Which one around town, in neighborhoods, would they light?
  3. As far as the parking, I heard them say that with one field being lit, there would never be a need for cars to park on Range Road.  I live on Horseshoe Road, directly across from the park, and I deal with the parking situation every day.  It will not matter that only one game is going on because as people arrive for their night game the earlier games are still going on and they have to park on the street.  Crossing Range Road in the daylight is a problem.  Now they want you to do it in the dark?

As Mr. McMahon kept pointing out Monday night, “It was in the plans from the beginning to have lights and now we have the money to do it.”  I say to Mr. McMahon that things change – turning the softball field into another baseball field and, just like the number of parking spaces did, creating an incredibly unsafe situation for our children.

Sue Chapman - Windham

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Thank You to Everyone

Once again community spirit was shown at the Woman’s Club second annual coat and sweater donation on November 7 at Windham Town Hall.  The wonderful outpouring of caring to help keep families warm was evident once again.  So many will be warm of all ages thanks to every one of you that brings so much joy to those in need.

We thank co-chairs Judy Romano and Lucy Ferentino for their hard work and time to organize this project.  To our members who sorted, counted and bagged we thank them for their time and hard work.

Between our October 3 and November 7 coat and sweater donation, both together approximate total reached 2,000.

A special thank you to Shaws in Windham, Curves in Windham and Londonderry and Newcomers in Windham and everyone who donated!  Thank you to the media for excellent publicity, to Windham Cable for having this on their Windham Calendar.

We thank you for your caring support of our organization through the years, it is greatly appreciated!

Windham Woman’s Club - Windham

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Senior Drivers

Once again, I see some people writing about senior drivers.  How they should be tested.  Well, as a senior driver, I would like to say the following.  I am 65.  You will be able to see me when I drive.  I will do the speed limit.  Not 50 in a 30 zone.  I will wear my seatbelt.  I will not have a cell phone stuck to my head.  I will stop at stop signs, not roll through them.  When I stop at a red light, I will not block a crosswalk.  I will listen to my music so only I hear it.  I will not make others listen to my rap music so loud that cars 18 behind me hear it.  And I will respect other drivers.  When an emergency vehicle approaches, I will pull over.  And I will not park in handicapped spaces because I am too lazy to walk an extra 20 feet.  Oh, and check out stats of accidents from November 2008 to present.  You will see that 74 percent were caused by those between 18 and 25.

Michael Flathers - Salem

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SHS Pathway to Success

As part of a senior initiative, volunteers installed plants and re-landscaped the entry of SHS on Saturday, November 7.  This improvement plan is designed to leave SHS better than they found it.  The goal is to provide an inspirational pathway leading into the school as well as exiting the school.  All materials and professional labor were kindly donated for this project.

Donators include:  Landscaper Depot-provided the plan, Groundhog Landscape, Delahunty Nursery, Linehan Landscape, Stoneyard-hardscape materials, Hudson Quarry, Cyr Lumber, Lacheys Garden Center, Lake Street Garden Center, Freshwater Farms, Walmart, Home Depot, BJs Wholesale, Mikes Red Barn, Salem Coop Bank, Betley Cheverolet, PIP Novelty, Revolution Cycles, Trans-Medic, Big Daddys Pizza, Rogers Auto, Just Curtains, Ed David, CPA, Ken Greenly, Town Fair Tire, Belair family, Weathervane, Romanos, Meineke, Getty, J Stewarts, JJM Auto, Lobster Tail, Hudson Motors, Crossroads, Cornerstone, Elizabeth Grady, De Cola Paving, Taylor Rental, IHOP.  BJ’s provided the lunch and refreshments.

A very special thank you goes to all the volunteers who helped make this possible, especially the students.  This was a real community effort and the business leaders have been very generous.  Thank you Kimberly Foote for initiating this effort.  This will be a lasting legacy for years to come!

Tracy Foote - Salem

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Republican Committee Guest Speaker

The Litchfield Republican Committee will welcome Mr. Joseph D’Aleo of Hudson as their guest speaker on Thursday, November 19 at 7 p.m. at the Litchfield Technology Park.  Everyone is welcome but please call 424-5487 and leave a message if you are planning on attending, as space is limited.

Mr. D’Aleo is the executive director of ICECAP, a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, and a Certified Consultant Meteorologist.  He was the first Director of Meteorology at the Cable TV Weather Channel and has over three dozen years experience in his field.  He was Chief Meteorologist at Weather Services International Corporation and authored WSI Intellicast’s Dr. Dewpoint, one of the earliest climate change and weather forecast blogs.  He is a former college professor of Meteorology at Lyndon State College who has authored and presented papers and published a book on how research into ENSO and other atmospheric can oceanic phenomena has made skillful and longer range forecasts possible.

Please join us on November 19 to hear his great presentation.

Joan Fulton - Litchfield

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What’s the Message They Give?

We have met the enemy of good, affordable health care, and, the enemy is the control exerted by rapacious insurance companies that often determines the fate of medical patients - in pursuit of a substantial bottom line.  The abuses are manifold, well-known by this time; yet, so many Americans accept the convoluted reasoning put out against reform by special interests and Republicans who want Obama to fail as a primary reason to be the party of “no”.  Furthermore, the addiction to money from special interests and thousands of lobbyists has put the interests of people behind the eight ball.  In politics, the more the money, the bigger the megaphone.

Republican mantra cries socialism and government control of our health care industry as if they were evils.  Perhaps helping an old lady cross the street can be called socialism if helping people to obtain a healthier life is socialistic.  Every other advanced nation in the world has managed to help their people get H.C., but somehow it is not appropriate for the richest nation to help its indigenous citizens.  Doesn’t make sense.

How much more effective and simpler the process of helping our fellow man would be had those in power formed a committee to study the health systems of other countries in the world and then conflate the best features.  We already have the finest care in the world for those who can afford it, but when the totality of our system is computed, we find ourselves ranked thirty-seventh in the world, considering access, life spans, survival of children and results of treatments.

Insurance company CEO’s take home millions in salaries and bonuses, according to the amounts they can deny patient care.  It is immoral considering that companies provide nothing more than playing the part of middlemen and do nothing for the health of the patient.  For the record, Medicare has been on the books for some time now and nary a complaint about government takeover from those of us who have benefited from it.  Any message there?

Dante Ippolito - Norwell, MA

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MOMS Club of Salem Holds Annual Santa Photos Fundraiser

The MOMS Club® of Salem, NH will be holding its annual Santa Photos fundraising event on Friday, November 20, 9 a.m. to noon, and 1 to 3 p.m., and Saturday, November 21, 1 to 4:30 p.m., at St. David Episcopal Church, 231 Main Street, in Salem.  Appointments are required.  This event is a major holiday fundraiser for the organization, and proceeds will be donated to local families in need during the holidays.  Members of the Salem community are encouraged to attend and have their children photographed with Santa!  Craft supplies will be available to help entertain the children when needed.

The MOMS Club® Santa Photos event is a great opportunity to get your children photographed with Santa for a very reasonable price, without all the hassle and stress of waiting in line, and the proceeds will benefit families in the local area through the MOMS Club.  Package prices are offered with no sitting fees.  The photos are taken with a lovely decorated tree as the backdrop.  This is a wonderful, relaxing, and comfortable setting for taking the photos.  And if there is any wait at all, children will be occupied with craft supplies and coloring pages.

The MOMS Club® of Salem is an organization for stay-at-home mothers of all ages and offers many benefits.  These benefits include weekly activities, playgroups, community service projects, ‘Moms Night Out’, and the Helping Hands Committee.  Several scheduled activities are held each week, offering a variety of things to appeal to moms and kids of all ages and interests.  These activities include outings to local attractions, park days, potlucks in members’ homes, kids’ crafts, and child fitness activities, among many others.  These also include special hobby clubs that meet on a regular basis, including book club, craft club, and cooking club.  Monthly ‘Moms Night Outs’ also enable members to enjoy social time with each other while the husbands baby-sit the kids!

In addition to the Santa Photos event, the MOMS Club also organizes several other community outreach and fundraising projects each year.  These include Adopt-A-Family during the holidays, Breathe New Hampshire Fun Passes, March of Dimes Walk for Babies, Family Fun Nights at local restaurants, trick-or-treat events at local senior living facilities, and various other fundraisers and events.  Funds raised by the club are donated to the local community, as well as to the International MOMS Club® Mother-to-Mother Fund.  Service projects are a great way for moms and kids to enjoy activities while giving back to the community at the same time!

The MOMS Club® of Salem is a chapter of the International MOMS Club®, a non-profit, non-denominational organization for at-home mothers around the world.  ‘MOMS’ stands for ‘Mothers Offering Mothers Support’.  There are over 1,700 chapters across the country and several international chapters.  Membership exceeds 75,000 with new members continually joining, and new chapters are always forming.  All MOMS Club activities, with the exception of ‘MOMS Night Out’, are held during the day.  Children are welcome at all daytime activities.

Please attend the MOMS Club® of Salem’s Santa Photos event and remember appointments are required.  E-mail for reservations (please include a timeframe request) and for a flyer with package pricing, or for additional information, call (978) 764-7354.  For more information on the MOMS Club® of Salem, visit

Sherry Kilgus-Kramer, MOMS Club® of Salem, NH - Salem

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Two Important American Concerns

As Rush Limbaugh and friends continue to degrade both the Barack Obama administration as well as intelligent discourse on the universal healthcare issue, here’s some statistics that give good insight into why he sounds both angrier and increasingly desperate these days, in case his fans think that it’s just due to his failure to become an owner in the technically-socialist (!) NFL.  Recent large, accredited polls of Americans from nearly all demographics show a continuing, overwhelming approval of not just the implementation of universal health care nationally, but furthermore ensuring that whatever plan is chosen includes the government option.

This is great news to healthcare proponents, as it shows that the lobbyist-funded campaign of rampant misinformation that the GOP has waged year-long (death panels, Republican voters slated to get inferior treatment compared to Democrats, cost of plan will exponentially inflate the federal deficit, “they’re going to unplug Grandma”, etc.) has been trumped by the Democrats’ hard work from President Obama on down to counter the Republicans’ increasingly-marginalized blather.  And apparently our citizens are beginning to realize the fact that if you don’t have health insurance or are under-insured (which currently totals 72 million citizens), we DON’T have the best healthcare system on the planet: just the most profitable.

The numbers don’t lie: over the past month, most approval percentages range from 57 percent to 77 percent, and include newspaper and Internet surveys from the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, ABC News, CNN, along with many others.  An interesting anomaly was last week’s Rasmussen telephone survey, which reported a 42 percent option-favorable rating (I wonder who they called?).  And tellingly, last week I was driving to the gym listening to Limbaugh snarling and shouting about the Fascism in the White House, how Obama has an “out-of-this-world ego” and was going down along with his healthcare plan: the usual daily aural torture.  When I arrived, the TV was declaring the results of that station’s recent poll showing 49 percent - 42 percent in favor of the option.  A time for the opposite camp to worry: the poll was conducted by FOX News.

And Dick Cheney, who for his own party’s sake should take a page from George W. Bush’s book by avoiding the limelight, is once again conducting one of his periodic media assaults.  This time he’s accusing Obama of “dithering” in his decision re: troop numbers to deploy in Afghanistan, in response to General Stanley McChrystal’s request for a 40,000-soldier increase.  Despite Halliburton Cheney’s admonishments, the subject isn’t as simple as he makes it seem.

First, it must be remembered that the monstrous Taliban regime had been nearly scuttled back in 2001-2003 after our military response to Osama bin Laden’s deadly 911 attacks in New York.  Only after Bush/Cheney redeployed most of our troops from Afghanistan into Iraq did the tide turn dramatically, the Taliban recovering to murder and oppress the Afghan populace anew, leading to the current daily litany of bloodshed and pain shared by both that country’s citizens and our own fighting forces.

When Cheney says “Make no mistake.  Signals of indecision out of Washington hurt our allies and embolden our adversaries,” he’s hoping that Americans conveniently forget that this particular war wouldn’t even be going on now if his own administration hadn’t followed the lure of Iraq’s oil and the resulting profit margins for so many U.S. corporations six years ago.  And he’s also ignoring the fact that Obama’s 21,000-troop increase implemented last March sat on Bush’s desk throughout the latter half of 2008, just another one of the Bush administration’s leftovers “delegated” to his successor.  And Obama had to wait until the outcome of the Afghan elections before making his decisions anyway, to have necessary knowledge of what type of government America will be dealing with for the next five years.  With the dropping out of candidate Abdullah Abdullah and the Afghan election commission on Monday declaring Hamid Karzai the new president, Obama can now make informed policy decisions re: the war-torn nation.

The president is hardly “dithering”...more and more Americans are beginning to realize that Afghanistan is slowly turning into another unpopular war we waged and lost back throughout the 1960s-70s, laden with the same feeling of possibly being an unwinnable undertaking.  Even the originally-correct reasons for our invasion are getting lost in the rubble and pain of roadside explosions, suicide bombings, and the death toll of our young soldiers.  How much longer do we plan to continue this mirroring of the Vietnam conflict, especially when looking back at Russia’s more-blameworthy Afghan quagmire of 20 years ago?  These are some of the nuances of Obama’s upcoming decisions regarding Afghanistan that are totally lost on a man like Dick Cheney.

William F. Klessens - Salem

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Let’s Stop Blaming Everyone

Lets stop blaming everyone … our crisis of our economy is not one persons or party fault …  We are all at fault in some way.  Let’s face it when life is good no one complains or lashes out, but when we are all suffering from the effects of a poor economy we seem to place the blame with whomever is running our country, city or state.  I myself have never felt so hurt by our economy, but I am also trying to take steps to simplify my life. Maybe it’s time we all take a look at our lifestyles and spending.

Our country needed a change and unanimously voted Barack Obama as our choice of President.  I even know Republicans right here in Salem, NH who voted for him.  Yes he inherited a challenge, but one part of the challenge is dealing with what is called “Washington Politics.”  I am not a fan of that but even so I believe he is making every effort to do what’s right for our country.  You have to place your trust somewhere.

Lets take healthcare … Number One on his agenda. … I don’t understand why people don’t want a better health care system?  Spending too much dollars?  Leaving our children and grandchildren with a huge deficient?  Having a government plan?

Well if we don’t, we will have nothing to leave our children and grandchildren as there inheritance will have been spent on insurance premiums and high hospital costs.  It’s happening today; people are losing everything trying to keep themselves cancer free.  And having a government plan is an option not a demand. 

Once again, the polls show a majority of our country is in favor of reform and a public option, so we have entrusted our State leaders to take our message to Washington and give us a better healthcare system.  Thank you to the House of Representatives and now onto the Senate for approval.

Our voices help make choices so instead of showing ignorance, try bipartisan in uniting our parties to make our country a better place for all.

Jane Lang - Salem

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Grateful Gobblers

The Alvirne Bronco Booster Club would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who participated in our Fourth Annual Turkey Raffle and Silent Auction, held this past Saturday, November 7 at the Alvirne High School Gym. 

We wish to offer a world of thanks to the Alvirne High School community, for all of their support.  Chef Buxton and the culinary arts department provided a multitude of munchies for the grateful crowd.  The vet tech, floral design, and culinary arts departments provided items for the silent auction.  Athletic Director Karen Bonney was extremely helpful in the planning and execution of the evening’s festivities and Principal Bryan Lane was adept as the coin flipper for the heads or tails game, and as usual, his support for the student athletes of Alvirne.  John Conrad did an outstanding job emceeing the event and Gerry Michaud and his staff were enormous in their efforts during set up and break down.

To the many businesses in town who unhesitatingly donated money for turkeys or items for the silent auction, please know that your support is deeply appreciated.  We particularly wish to thank Len Lathrop and the Area News Group for the programs as well as their support as our media sponsor.  Many of the families of the Alvirne athletes came to support the raffle/auction or donated turkeys as well.  Without your support and/or attendance, this night would not be a success.

Because the proceeds from this event are used to assist the athletes from all teams at Alvirne, the supportive Alvirne coaching staff provided us with a phenomenal number and quality of volunteers.  These student athletes represent the best Alvirne has to offer, and they did a tremendous job throughout the evening whether it was selling tickets, offering necklaces, assisting with the silent auction table, running turkeys or helping with the concessions. 

The parent volunteers who graciously gave of their time, talents and efforts truly made this night a success.  But mostly, to you who attended, participated and placed bids on the auction items, thank you for your support.  We continue to strive to make this a fun, entertaining, community activity for one and all to enjoy, while raising funds for our student athletes who work ever so hard to succeed.  Hope to see you next year and Go Broncos!

AHS Turkey Raffle Committee - Hudson

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Recycling Fundraiser for Special Needs Children Camp

The Lions’ Camp Pride for Special Needs Children will be holding an Electronic and White Goods Recycling Fundraiser.  This recycling event will be held on Saturday, November 14 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 104 Lowell Road (next to Teledyne) in Hudson.  It’s time to get rid of those old computers, printers, copiers, TVs, VCRs, stereos, washers, dryers, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. that are taking up valuable space around your home!  Recycling those appliances that you can’t put out at the curb or may find hard to dispose of can be recycled for a small fee at this charity fundraiser.  You can just about recycle anything!

Costs are:  computers $20/system or $10 per piece; telephones $1; small appliances (microwaves, printers, fax machines, etc) $10; washers, dryers or stoves $15; refrigerators, water heaters, freezers, or air conditioners $20 each, and TVs $15 (small) and $20 (large).

The Lions Clubs of New Hampshire would like to thank you for your support in helping defer the cost of operating the Lions’ Camp Pride for Special Needs Children.  For more information, please contact Sam Longbrook at 329-5603 or Jeri Maynard at 883-8565.

Jeri Maynard - Hudson

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Illegal Move by Charter Committee?

I watched the Bob Campbell Show a few days ago.  At least I thought I saw it all.  However, I learned that the actual decisions were made upstairs away from the cameras at Bob’s urging.  My question is: Why did any of the members of this charade allow him to do this?  It seems illegal to me.

The Charter Committee was supposed to meet from 6 to 7 p.m. on camera.  They did that.  They voted 2-7 to not send the charter to Concord for review (a stupid move).  After a lot of discussion, they ran out of time because the Budget Committee was to start their deliberations at 7 p.m.  So, meeting over, right?  Well, you would be wrong.

Bob Campbell, Salem’s Czar, after the cameras were no longer on him, told the committee to go upstairs and wrap it up.  Obediently, they followed.  Upstairs, I learned from a committee member, they changed the number of councilors from 9 down to 7.  Instead of having the majority of councilors be voted by district, they voted to make all councilors be townwide.  It is their hope they can more easily control who gets voted in.  That wasn’t enough!  They changed the term of office from two years up to the current three years ...  See?  If there were to be two-year terms, you could oust someone who is not working to your ideals.  Czar Bob Campbell and his minions do not want you the citizen to be in control.  They want to tell you what is good for you.  They believe you don’t understand the facts.

I believe this meeting was illegal.  They never announced they were continuing after the cameras were off, made significant changes upstairs out of the sight of the citizens who voted them into their seats and typically thumbed their noses at all of us.  It doesn’t matter whether you agree with their changes or not.  They hid from view.  They can say the door was open upstairs, but no one knew they were there.

Earl Merrow - Salem

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Business as Usual

Recently I submitted an article to all the local newspapers regarding the current irresponsible performance of the house and senate.  In this article I stated that the congress and senate refuse to listen to their constituents and they will do what is best for them, completely ignoring what is best for the people.  Well Mr. Paul Hodes I would like to thank you so much for proving me correct.  From the onset of this proposed health care bill you indicated a real lack of concern for your constituents.  Exemplified by that phone in town hall you conducted, without a doubt, amazingly pathetic.  A face-to-face confrontation with your constituents would have been more acceptable and the right thing to do.  You voted for this health care fiasco without considering the majority of the your constituents and totally ignoring the nationwide polls which reflected very large opposition to this government take over of the health care system.  Instead you were intimidated by Nancy Pelosi.  What are you afraid of Mr. Hodes?  The reality is Mr. Hodes, Nancy Pelosi can’t fire you but the voters certainly can.  You cannot be serious thinking government can improve the health care system.  Need I remind you of the government’s total mismanagement of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and now the simple task of getting Flu vaccine out to the people, the government can’t even manage that effectively.  Also you expect your constituents to believe you read every page of the 1990 page government health care debacle in the short time allotted.  What I can certainly believe is you and the other house members made sure you read the provisions in this bill that keep you exempt from any negative impacts.  I can safely predict right now you and the other house members will continue to receive the same superior health care.  To use an old phrase, I was born at night but not last night.

I use this letter as a mechanism to get my points across, calling your office and Senator Shaheen’s office, another roll over for Harry Reid, is an exercise in futility and quite frankly I am getting tired of the form letters you and Senator Shaheen send which never address the issues.  Could it be that you don’t have the answers and are you just simply taking orders from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Quite frankly, the latter is more believable.  

When will you in the Congress and Senate realize that you work for us we don’t work for you?  I cannot stress that enough.  When will you realize you are to uphold the Constitution and not to destroy it.  What will it take for you in the house and senate to actually listen to the people.  In fact you have outraged and angered many people by your arrogant act of not listening to the people.

I now understand you have aspirations to run for Senate in the Granite state. 

Please don’t be too hopeful.  I can almost guarantee you the majority of constituents won’t forget how you placed us all in a position of rationed health care and insurmountable taxation for many years to come.

Ed Parlin - Salem

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Thanks From the Fifth Graders

The Fifth Grade Class at the Fisk Elementary School would like to thank the following vendors for their donations to the Spaghetti Supper that was held last Friday.  The event was a great success: 

Romano’s Pizza, Giovanni’s Pizza, McKinnon’s Market, Big Daddy’s Pizza, Uno’s, Bertucci’s, Big Bread Baking Company, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Walmart, Shaw’s, Market Basket, BJ’s, McDonald’s, Carlene Nazarian Dance Center, Home Depot, Game Stop, Elizabeth Grady, Work Out Club, Margaritas Modern Tan, Scottish Highlands Golf Course, Total Effects, Studio 9, Park Place Lanes, Flowers by Constantine, Celtics Organization,  Weathervane, and Chili’s.

Denise Perrault - Salem

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The Pelham Good Neighbor Fund Annual Drive

The Pelham Good Neighbor Fund committee is asking for your financial support so that we will be able to help individuals and families during Christmas with food, clothing and toys for the children.  There are so many families in Pelham who are going to need our help this year because of the tough economic times which has resulted in loss of jobs along with the high cost of food and energy.  We are asking individuals, families, businesses, organizations, schools, civic and church groups to be as generous as possible.  We are in desperate need of people who would like to sponsor a child or family for Christmas or if you need help during the holidays, please call one of the people listed below.  Please call no later than Friday, December 6, your call will be handled in strict confidence.

Jean Robarge, 635-3363; Gerty Sousa, 401-4065; Nancy Vachon, 521-4045; Bonnie Ward, 635-8537.

Volunteers will be accepting donations of food and money on Saturday and Sunday, December 12 and 13 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Pelham Plaza in front of Hannaford Supermarket.  If you would like to make a credit card donation online, please visit our Website at  There is also a container for food donations at the food pantry located behind St. Patrick Church and inside Hannaford Supermarket.  If you would like to make a donation of a turkey or other food items, please call Jim Roche at 893-1713 or Frank Sullivan at 204-5299.  The committee also uses the money collected during this drive to provide financial assistance 52 weeks a year for food, heating oil, electricity, rent and other household expenses.  We need to bring the true meaning of Christmas to our Neighbors In Need in the town of Pelham.

Please make your check payable to:  The Pelham Good Neighbor Fund, P.O. Box 953, Pelham, NH 03076.

Pelham Good Neighbor Fund Committee - Pelham

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Festival of Trees in Pelham

I’m writing on behalf of the newly reorganized Pelham Community Spirit group of which I am a member.  We’re truly pleased and excited to announce the very first Southern New Hampshire Festival of Trees right here in Pelham!  Word has been out for over a month, written about in the Pelham~Windham News and posted on the Pelham Message Board.  But in case you still haven’t heard about this wonderful event, take a look at the website to learn all about it.

For any of you who have visited the Methuen Festival of Trees, you’ll find that our event is similar.  Beautiful, unique, thoughtfully decorated trees donated by local businesses, groups and individuals will be on display for all to see and take a chance to win.  (By the way, a backdrop of decorated trees is a great place to take your kids’ Christmas photo!)  Gingerbread houses and wreaths on display, a Silent Auction table filled with interesting items to bid on, food and refreshments served by various Pelham community groups.  There will also be several opportunities during the week-long event when Santa and Mrs. Claus (she needed some downtime from baking) will stop by and read stories, and take photos with your children.  This will be a fun family event, so be sure to mark your calendars!

The event will take place November 27 through December 5 at Sherburne Hall in the Town Hall building.  The Schedule of Events may be found on the website.

If you have questions about the Festival in general, please contact

Come and feel part of the wonderful Pelham Community Spirit and help us make this event a huge success.  We hope you’ll plan to visit the Southern NH Festival of Trees to take in the lights, sights, and feeling of community.  And we also hope you’ll consider sharing a bit of your time with us to ensure that this is a great success for Pelham!

Charlene Takesian, Pelham Community Spirit - Pelham

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