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Fire Logs

Hudson Pelham


Sunday, September 27:  10:54 a.m.  Head injury, Lindsay Street.  1:26 p.m.  Shoulder injury, Memorial Drive.  2:52 p.m.  Mutual aid Ambulance, Nashua.  3:39 p.m.  Chest pain, Lowell Road.  3:55 p.m.  Illegal burn, Wason Road.  4:18 p.m.  Motor vehicle accident, Library Street and Ferry Street.  6:13 p.m.  Fainting, Boyd Road.  7:31 p.m.  Neck injury, Memorial Drive.  7:58 p.m.  Dizziness, Oban Drive.  8:13 p.m.  Motor vehicle accident, Heritage Circle.

Monday, September 28:  5:58 a.m.  Difficulty breathing, Fairway Drive.  6:40 a.m.  Stroke, Whittemore Drive (L).  7:16 a.m.  Motor vehicle accident, Derry Street.  7:55 a.m.  Motor vehicle accident, Derry Street.  9:04 a.m.  Box alarm, Industrial Drive.  9:30 a.m.  Head injury, Robin Drive.  10:14 a.m.  Difficulty breathing, Webster Street.  10:20 a.m.  General illness, Bockes Road.  11:32 a.m.  Laceration, Towhee Drive and Derry Road.  11:36 a.m.  CO detector, Belknap Terrace.  12:03 p.m.  Box alarm, Industrial Drive.  3:59 p.m.  Fall related injuries, Derry Road.  7:15 p.m.  Check permit, Dracut Road.  9:07 p.m.  Difficulty breathing, Village Lane.

Tuesday, September 29:  2:05 a.m.  Overdose, Pasture Drive.  1:26 p.m.  Psychological problems, Monroe Street.  3:14 p.m.  Service call, Park Avenue.  3:44 p.m.  Abdominal pain, Constitution Drive.  7:40 p.m.  Diabetic emergency, Abbott Farm Lane.  7:46 p.m.  Difficulty breathing, Cardinal Lane (L).

Wednesday, September 30:  10:33 a.m.  Difficulty breathing, Lowell Road.  12:19 p.m.  CO detector, Belknap Terrace.  12:21 p.m.  Attempted suicide, Wason Road.  1:29 p.m.  Patient transfer, Lowell Road.  2:42 p.m.  Difficulty breathing, Spruce Street.  4:47 p.m.  Difficulty breathing, Riverside Drive.  6:36 p.m.  Difficulty breathing, Lund Drive.

Thursday, October 1:  6:27 a.m.  Unresponsive person, Lowell Road.  7:22 a.m.  Chest pain, Lance Avenue.  1:26 p.m.  Fall related injuries, Lowell Road.  3:09 p.m.  Head injury, Stonewood Lane.  3:19 p.m.  Hemorrhaging, Library Street.  3:42 p.m.  Hemorrhaging, Woodburn Drive (L).  3:45 p.m.  Difficulty breathing, Burns Hill Road.  4:15 p.m.  Attempted suicide, Burns Hill Road.  5:15 p.m.  Smoke investigation, Oakwood Street.  5:55 p.m.  Appliance fire, Clement Road.

Friday, October 2:  1:07 a.m.  Cardiac arrest, Lowell Road.  3:12 a.m.  Abdominal pain, Doveton Lane.  8:07 a.m.  Smoke in building, Kienia Road.  10:31 a.m.  General illness, Derry Road.  12:01 p.m.  Odor investigation, Memorial Drive.  3:26 p.m.  Box alarm, Ferry Street.  3:44 p.m.  Illegal burn, Gowing Road.  4:32 p.m.  Cardiac arrest, Roy Drive.  5:01 p.m.  Seizure, Greenfield Drive.  9:54 p.m.  General illness, Charles Bancroft Highway (L).  10:16 p.m.  General illness, Liberty Way (L).  10:49 p.m.  Patient transfer, Charles Bancroft Highway (L).

Saturday, October 3:  3:10 a.m.  Difficulty breathing, Lexington Court.  7:01 a.m.  Alarms, Robinson Road.  11:26 a.m.  Mutual aid Ambulance, Windham.  11:34 a.m.  Chest pain, Nesenkeag Drive.  1:54 p.m.  Motor vehicle accident, Old Derry Road.  2:43 p.m.  Service call, Riviera Road.  9:55 p.m.  Head injury, Charles Bancroft Highway (L).  11:01 p.m.  Motor vehicle accident, Elk Run.  11:53 p.m.  Fainting, Spruce Street.


Monday, August 17:  9:48 a.m.  Trouble alarm activation, Village Green.  11:35 a.m. Medical emergency, Carriage Circle.  2:49 p.m. OHRV accident, Simpson Mill Road.  4:56 p.m. Medical assist, Sawmill Road.

6:11 p.m. Structure fire, Mammoth Road.  8:36 p.m.  CO detector activation, Marsh Road.  9:06 p.m. Investigate odor of gas.  10:15 p.m. Medical emergency, Village Green.

Tuesday, August 18:  3:14 a.m. Medical emergency, Highland Avenue.  7:55 p.m. Utility pole fire, Woodbury Avenue.

Wednesday, August 19:  5:42 a.m. Medical emergency, McGrath Road.  2:38 p.m. Fire alarm activation, Bridge Street.  9:55 p.m.  2-car motor vehicle accident, Nashua Road and Windham Road.

Thursday, August 20:   8:45 a.m. Trouble alarm activation, Marsh Road.  4:27 p.m. Illegal burning, Coburn Avenue.  6:46 p.m. Medical emergency, Bush Hill Road.  7:43 p.m.  Medical emergency, Windham Road.  8:21 p.m.  Trouble alarm activation, Marsh Road.

Friday, August 21:   8:59 a.m.  Medical emergency, Nashua Road.  9:05 a.m. Medical emergency, Old Lawrence Road. 10:50 a.m.  Medical emergency, Dutton Road.  2:21 p.m.  Medical emergency, Fairview Drive.   2:49 p.m.  Medical emergency, Windham Road.  4:39 p.m.  Medical emergency, Sherburne Road.  7:02 p.m. Single car motor vehicle accident, Old Gage Hill Road.  7:09 p.m.  Investigate a report of branches on wires, Surrey Lane and Route 38.

Saturday, August 22:   4:16 a.m. Medical emergency, Pelham Police Department. 6:46 a.m. Mutual aid to Windham to medical emergency.  2:23 p.m. Investigate a report of wires on fire, Hobbs Road.  3:27 p.m. Trouble alarm activation, Bridge Street.  3:55 p.m.  Investigate a report of a tree down on wires, Webster Avenue.

Sunday, August 23:   3:43 a.m. Mutual aid to Windham to assist with a medical emergency.  3:04 p.m.  Medical emergency, Willow Street.  3:24 p.m. Well-being check, area of Gibson Cemetery.  4:54 p.m.  Investigate smoke in the area, Jericho Road.  6:08 p.m.  Trouble alarm activation, Camp Runels.  7:05 p.m.  Medical emergency, Mercury Lane.

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