A New School Year, A Special School Year

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz

Governor John Lynch greets Savannah Dannewitz, 5, on her way to her kindergarten classroom at the Lancaster School.  The governor stopped by to see Salem’s kindergarten program in full swing.

A new school year is always exciting, but for the Salem School District the 2009-2010 school year is very special.

Salem’s public kindergarten program is officially up and running, and by the sign of the happy, smiling five-year-old students at Lancaster School, success in education is just around the corner for all students participating in the new program.

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch made a very special guest appearance at the Lancaster School on Wednesday to greet kindergarten and first grade students on their first big day!  Many of the students had been told beforehand who the Governor of New Hampshire is and what he does every day.  To many students, including 5-year-old Savannah Dannewitz, that just means he is “the president of our state.”  Not a bad interpretation by a five year old of what it means to be governor.

School Board members and teachers alike were present at all the schools throughout the district, eager to see kindergarten in action, and also to greet all the students on their first day back from summer break.  The school year has just begun.  There is much to do with these young bright minds just eager to succeed and learn…and of course, grow!

New Principal at Haigh

by Robyn Hatch

Christine Honey-Nadeau with some of her students

Yes, Haigh has a new principal — Christine Honey-Nadeau — and many people are familiar with her.  She has worked eight years in the Salem offices, and in Lancaster, Fisk, and Soule as one of their principal art instructors.  After finishing her Masters, she worked for a year as an assistant principal in Merrimack, NH.  When asked how she might be making changes, she would like to get art more integrated with the classes and studies.  Those who have had her before have always been very excited with her classes and projects. 

Haigh School held a cookout and an outside session full of games and activities to personally meet the new Principal Christine Honey-Nadeau.  The back yard was filled with incoming preschoolers and their parents.  This was a time not to get real professional, but a time when the little kids could feel comfortable with school and some of the teachers.  This was also a time to remember fun moments to eliminate some of the fear that many of the little people were probably experiencing.  Good luck little guys - the new Principal will be there to help you in any way possible!

Barron Kindergarten

by Robyn Hatch

Tiffany Prudhome’s class

As with any kindergarten experience, this is a big trauma event for all.  The kids, in some cases, will be leaving their mother for the first time - for some, this is also the first time the child will be away from mom.

Sounds silly but it is a big deal and everyone with little children will experience this.

Barron Kindergarten handled this exceptionally well.  The parents met with the teachers and Principal to go over questions and receive a huge packet of important information.  A question session was held and every question was just as important as the next.  The kids were led into their classroom and immediately started working on an age appropriate coloring project.  Everyone was zoned in on their project until completion with rave reviews and words of encouragement by the teacher.  After cutting out their colored fish, they raced over to the teacher and started working on a puzzle with large pieces.  This completed easily and the teacher then got them ready to end their first day of school.  No one seemed hesitant to not come back, and they all left the classroom with faces full of smiles, sometimes very toothless.  Good job Barron for making the lives of these little people exciting and not fearful!

Classmates working on fish

Salem Relay is the Best Attended Relay in New Hampshire

by Len Lathrop

The 2009 Relay Committee met at Southern New Hampshire University to review this year’s event and embark on the road to the 2010 event.

In review, 2009 celebrated 150 survivors!  Remembered and honored 500 people through Luminaria!  Fought back with 75 teams and raised a total of $195,405 for the fight against cancer!

With a 2010 event scheduled for June 19, 2010, the one million dollar goal is only approximately 50K away.

The top five teams were, 1) Synthroid Slugggers, 2) Whit Wicker Walkers, 3) PB & J’s, 4) Knights of Columbus/Kiwanis and 5) Lemon Lorraine Pie.

The top five individual fundraisers were Bill Sherry, Brianne Baker, Terri Conroy, Eliot Andler and Roxanne Colella.

In closing, a message from the American Cancer Society:  “Eleven million cancer survivors will celebrate birthdays this year.  That is a sign of progress, proof that a world with more birthdays is possible.  Together we’ll stay well, get well, find cures and fight back, because American Cancer Society is the official sponsor of birthdays.  Salem Relayers, THANK YOU for making a difference in the fight against cancer.”

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