Rockingham Fun Day

Rockingham Park hosted a Pepsi Family Fun Day in the track’s picnic pavilion and paddock, last Saturday.  Admission and parking were free, and so were the pony rides.  There was complimentary entertainment and amusements and the chance to win great prizes, including Red Sox tickets.  The event also featured clowns, face painters, magicians, puppeteers, temporary tattoo artists, and caricature artists.  There was even a special appearance by the Manchester Wolves professional football players, the team’s professional dance team, the Lady Wolf Pack, and team mascot Blitz.  Fans were able to have their photos taken with the Wolves contingent and get autographs signed.  Coolers were allowed in the track’s picnic pavilion, provided they did not contain any glass or alcoholic beverages.  There was also full food and beverage service available for purchase.  As usual for Rockingham, this was a day to be remembered.

Horse racing for the adults

Jozlyn Piwowarzyk and her mom are enjoying a picnic lunch.

Posing by the fancy Dodge

Hamburger kid, Cody Long

A good raffle line

Campbell and Atticus Savage are having fun at the toy spin table.

Peter Spofford, from Northwood, is a regular.

Mascot, having fun

Audrey Latino, Atkinson, having her image drawn

Two-month-old Lillian Blamgren seen with her mom and grandpa

Partners in crime

Anna and Laura Haas - enjoying the day

The hot dog line

DJ Riotelle - showing his fancy shades

Sophie Lapayt - her first pony ride

Centerpoint Community Church Combines Fun with Mission

Centerpoint Community Church made Bible stories fun during Bible School.  They put on a play, and props were brought in from other churches to help the skits appear more realistic.  The kids, as well as the audience, participated in the fast-moving play.  After the play, the actors rushed to some of the classrooms for crafts and other activities.  Bible School never seemed this exciting in days gone by.

Centerpoint Community Church, during Vacation Bible Camp, has the children work on a Mission Project.  Last year they collected spare change to purchase Bibles for missionaries in Africa.  This year the church teamed up with the church’s ‘Food for Thought’ group and the Salem Food Pantry to help support a local family in need.  Every little bit makes a difference, and this church really works to make this happen.

Campers leading each other in the song “God is Love”

Destiny Garcia - deep in concentration

Science Sleuth Camp

Camp sure isn’t like it used to be!  Woodbury Middle School recently held ‘Science Sleuth Camp’ that focused on the science of forensics with a hands-on look at crime scenes.  The students were taught how to identify and collect evidence by re-creating the scene of the crime, using clues and detailed observations.  This was a fun hands-on investigation into the science of sleuthing.  Maybe these students will be future CSI candidates?

CJ Forbes and Alex Waller - looking for clues

Hannah Gobron and Michelle Ortiz are checking out the stuff in their bags for clues.

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