Girl Scout Variety Show for Silver Award

The Troop at its best

Girl Scout Troop 12290, a.k.a. 4Ever Framed, performed a free Variety Show at Salem Haven, Ingram Senior Center, and Kelley Library.  The show included dance, songs, comedy, instrumentals, and audience participation.

These young women elected this project to complete the Girl Scout Silver Award.  They selected this project to bring joy and smiles to their community in these tough economic times, thus ‘4Ever Framing Affordable Arts’.  The Silver Award is the highest award given to Cadette Girl Scouts.  To achieve this honor, each girl must dedicate a minimum of 40 hours planning and executing a project to benefit her community.  In addition, she must complete 15 hours in a leadership role, two workbooks, and four Interest Projects relating to the Girl Scout Promise and Laws.  Each Interest Project has a minimum of seven requirements with components in the areas of skill building, technology, career exploration, and community service.  The girls began working on the requirements for this award in September of 2006.

In programs distributed to their audiences, the ladies thanked their parents, advisors, and the Salem Lions Club for their support.  They also thanked the Kelley Library for providing them with rehearsal space.

The ladies of 4Ever Framed extend an invitation to the community to call upon them if they would like to book the show.  Shows are performed free of charge, and bookings can be requested through their advisor by e-mailing or by calling 893-1407.

Congratulations to Triscia Gott, Shauna Casey, Taylor Ribaudo, Katelyn Stefaniak, Patricia “TC” Caiati, Megan Dragonetti, Nicole McGrath, and Abby Boland for a job well done!

Remembering those good ol’days

No Action Taken Against Hargreaves, but Still No One Wins

by Jay Hobson

Selectman Chairman Arthur Barnes confers with Town Atty. Hillard as Selectmen Mike Lyons and Beth Roth way for the meeting to resume.

In what was described as a lose-lose-lose situation, Selectman Pat Hargreaves’ status did not change his position on the board of selectman after a two-and-a-half hour public session that was held before an overflow crowd at the town hall’s Knightly meeting room.

Hargreaves had been accused with trying to influence a police officer in the performance of his duties by stating he was a “selectman” and telling the officer that he was going to contact the town manager when the officer tried to shut down a work crew performing humanitarian work at 25 School Street on June 13 because the chipper truck being used to clear branches was partially in the street and no police detail was present to direct traffic.” 

Police Chief Paul Donovan sent a memo to Town Manager Jonathan Sistare a day after the incident to complain about Hargreaves’ alleged misuse of his position citing RSA 49 D:4 which says such an offense should cause the elected official to “forfeit his seat.”

The resultant disciplinary meeting held on July 13 was dominated by Hargreaves’ legal counsel, Londonderry attorney Peter Solomon, who informed the board that the proceedings should not continue.

“RSA 49 D:4 requires you (the board) to follow the rules set forth in your charter (for disposition of the matter).  Your charter is silent.  There are no procedures in place so you are flying by the seat of your pants and making up the rules as you go,” Solomon said.

Attorney Peter Solomon

Solomon further instructed the board that they (the board) were “overseeing managers” and the “people of Salem” were the legislative branch due to “the town meeting form of government” Salem uses.

“The people of Salem elected him and should decide if he goes or stays.  They are the decision makers, you are the managers,” Solomon said.

Attorney Solomon repeatedly used the terms “impeach” and “remove” to which selectmen Arthur Barnes and Elizabeth Roth took issue.

“I’m going to stop you right there because I’m not sure I know the mind of the board with respect to how this issue is going to be resolved,” Chairman Barnes said.

“I don’t know that you know.  I’m not saying that you know.  But if you proceed and there is a bad result, that will be the result,” Solomon said.

“I’m taking issue with the concurrent use of impeachment with removal from office.  One is not the same (as the other) and it is being used continually throughout this testimony or whatever it is,” Roth said.

Solomon said that both he and his client were under the impression given the wording of RSA 49 D:4 that the intended outcome of the proceedings was to remove Hargreaves from office.

Roth and several board members indicated that that was not their intention.  Solomon said that the board had misled Solomon and Hargreaves.

“There was no reason for that.  The impression was that he (Hargreaves) would be removed,” Solomon said.

After more testimony from Solomon and Town Counsel Russ Hilliard the board recessed for a 10-minute break.

After the break, the board returned without the presence of Attorney Solomon and Selectman Hargreaves announced that he would now be representing himself.

Hargreaves said that he was guilty of using the term ‘selectman’ and questioned the board regarding its use and gave several hypothetical and real instances when on a daily basis he was asked if he were a selectman.  He also noted that he was involved in the Boy Scout for 30 years and lived by the scouting code and would never do anything to break that code.

Selectman Roth and Selectman Lyons both admonished Hargreaves on the importance of the office, which he held, and to be careful when referring to himself as a selectman.

When all was said and done the board voted to put an end to the matter on a 4-0-1 vote with Hargreaves abstaining.

“This was a lose-lose situation.  Nobody wins.  The public loses, the police, the board, everyone loses.  I’ll never use the ‘S’ (Selectman) word again, but I’m never going to stop volunteering,” Hargreaves said.

About one half of the citizen in attendance

Summer Fun Programs at Haigh

Even though the schools are officially closed for the summer, the Salem Recreation Department is holding classes for six to nine year olds at the Haigh School.  The popular seven-week summer fun programs for the children include theme weeks, activities, games, arts and crafts, field trips, to name a few.  Lots of fun days with plenty of supervision to look forward to!  Together with the Recreation Department and an enthusiastic staff, the children are enjoying lots of recreation and fun!  Interested?  Just call the Salem Recreation Department at 890-2140.

Olivia Eno and Ellen Nolan are working on Minney Mouse.

Kaleb Brooster, trying his hand at the game, with much luck!

A wave from the class

Historical Society Trip

The Salem Historical Society pulled together a trip well worth the effort, as they so often do.

The Stevens Estate in North Andover, MA was the destination.  Built in 1886 by Moses T. Stevens — a prosperous owner of textile mills and a member of one of the founding families of North Andover — the estate’s house and outbuildings were designed by Boston architects Hartwell and Richardson and sit atop Osgood Hill.  The beautiful oak and mahogany paneling, leaded stained glass windows, and imported marble fireplaces are a testament to its grandeur and significance in the Boston area.  The Stevens family maintained the estate until the 1950s, when they donated the property to Boston University.  The Town of North Andover purchased the Stevens Estate in 1995, to protect it and preserve its grounds.  On the National Register of Historic Places, the Stevens Estate is one of the few remaining grand estates of the Victorian era.  (Information from


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