Deacon Dave Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Deacon Dave

Saint Joseph Church in Salem had a huge party for Deacon Dave who celebrated 25 years as a special part of the church.  His wife Melanie, of 47 years, and daughter Jan were also in attendance with family.

When asked how he felt about changes in the church, he stated the loss of many more priests today, but welcomed the interest and involvement from the lay people.  He also explained what a Deacon does and how important the role is with helping the priests.  There have been many adjustments in the Catholic Church, and with people like Deacon Dave Costello, everything runs smoothly.

Melanie, his wife, was asked how she was able to handle this huge commitment her husband had with the church, and she said it was a very happy time and they continue to work as a team.

Father Mark Montminy stated Deacon has always been a friend and has the ability to make people feel welcome in the church.  Dick Cloutier expressed how much class Deacon Dave always shows and how much compassion is always given out by him.  Father John stood last and talked very honestly and sincerely about Deacon Dave.  He called the Deacon a person who serves, really cares about everyone, and he gave thanks from all.

After an exchange of gifts, dessert was served, and Deacon Dave was able to mingle around the tables and give his thanks to the people for coming to the celebration.  This was an event to be remembered by all.

Dick Cloutier, speaker

Friends show up to give respect to someone very close to all

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From Bats to Popcorn to Soldiers

Sage Lambert; big smiles for her popcorn

Barron School second graders in Mrs. Wolfe’s class have been very busy this year.  This past October the class studied bats.  The children learned that bats are responsible for helping the ecosystem in the world.  The children wanted to let others know that “Bats are our friends.”  Room 6 spread the word by presenting a play about bats to many parents, grandparents and students.  They also answered many questions on the bats and encouraged everyone to put up a bat house.  Now, so many people realize that bats protect us from harmful insects and they help pollinate plants.  They also keep our planet green. 

The class also writes to some very special pen pals in Afghanistan.  These soldiers help protect us too.  They help keep our country remain free.  These brave men and women spend the holidays away from loved ones.  This class wanted to do something for these soldiers in return.  Collectively, the class decided to forego the classroom gift swap this season.  The children then purchased games, personal hygiene products and special treats for the soldiers.  They also decided to sell popcorn to the student body and staff.  The proceeds would allow the classroom to adopt an injured bat and send even more boxes of goodies to the soldiers.  This project involved lots of planning and many volunteers.

During writing class, the students made posters to advertise the popcorn sale.  They figured out what information was needed and the best colors to use.  Each student designed a poster and placed it in a chosen location in the halls of Barron School.  Then the students contacted Mr. Karl Money, the Manager of the Salem 99.  He was kind enough to donate his delicious popcorn.  Two members of his staff volunteered to pop it for the students and Mrs. Robertson, a parent at Barron, picked it up and delivered it to the school.  In Math class, the students figured out how many bags were needed and how long it would take to bag this popcorn. 

Many of the parents volunteered to help.  The children and the parent helpers set up the popcorn store after each lunch.  It is the children’s responsibility to control the lines, collect the money and make change.  It is also up to them to add up the money and figure out the profit.  It is quite a multidisciplinary experience and all are involved.  So far the class has brought in four large boxes filled with goodies for the soldiers.  Each child will also send a holiday card with personal messages.  Room 6 is truly learning the benefits of hard work, proper planning and most importantly, the gift of giving.  Great job Barron’s Room 6!

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Kelley Library ‘Looking at You’

Arieana Schratwieser (Lancaster and Florida), Julia Milos (Woodbury), Dawson Shyne-Appignani (St. Thomas), Ryann Burns (Lancaster), June Milos (Fisk), Ashwin Ganesh (Hampstead Academy), Madison Burns (kindergarten)

Kelley Library recently held an art program entitled “Here’s Looking at You,” which checked out the books and illustrations by Eric Carle.  Different art styles from his books were looked at, including the many ways to make colorful collages, splash painting, and artistic expressions.  Each student was given large sheets of drawing paper and the go-ahead to use tissue paper, glue, and other materials, such as pom-poms and feathers, to create their own unique art. 

After much chatter and laughter, there were volcanoes, butterflies, the earth, polar bears, and flowers that finished up each child’s creative design.  Painting techniques were discussed using many different materials, and the final outcome was supposed to be some type of collage.  “There is no wrong in art” was emphasized, and free expression was welcomed with open arms.  This was a free session put on by the library and a great way to spend an afternoon.  As usual, the library staff did an excellent job!

Corey, showing a few of the many illustrations

Ryann, getting a handle on the glue bottle

Dawson, discovering the colored pom-poms being used

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