Silverthorne Celebration

by Robyn Hatch

Little Kathrine Emond, smiling as a Pilgrim

The kindergarten class from the Salem Boys and Girls Club held a special feast for nine special people from Silverthorne Adult Day Care.  This was under the direction of Gail Salamone and Leigh Mann, with their 32 eager students all dressed up as Indians and Pilgrims.  After a march into their seats, the guests were served muffins, soup, and light fare, while the children also ate their lunch.  The atmosphere was very festive, very well-decorated for Thanksgiving, and filled with laughter and smiles.  For the Boys Club, this is a yearly tradition, and fairly new for Silverthorne to be participating.  This was a great event to really understand the joy of giving for the children, as well as the adults.  Great job!

Woody, with Darcy and Nancy from Silverthorne

A happy little Indian

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Fire Department Visits with Students

Luke trusts this firefighter

Soule School was visited by the Salem Fire Department, complete with a large fire truck, an ambulance and safety trailer (better known to the kids as the “smoke house”).  The firefighters took plenty of time with the students, first letting them crawl all over the big fire truck and then climb inside and sit in “the seat” to pretend to drive.

Then by lining the class up on the lawn, the ladder in the truck was raised and spun around.  Eyes couldn’t light up big enough!  Next was the experience of sitting in the ambulance with a firefighter and talking about some of the equipment on a level they would understand.  Climbing out the back door was almost as much fun as sitting inside.  The smokehouse came next.  Seatbelt safety and cooking precautions were next emphasized, with plenty of humor to keep the kids (all second graders) interested.  The students were then given the chance to climb out the back as if they were really escaping from a burning building.  Each child received a firefighter’s hat to keep some of the memories.

If this wasn’t enough excitement, the kids were then brought back into the classroom to see a firefighter put on his actual “fire suit” with all the gear.  As a final adventure, each child was able to hold the helmet to see how heavy it really is to wear during an emergency.

The Salem Fire Department put a large amount of time into this program, and it showed.  By letting the children interact with the firefighters, the equipment, and some of the real-life situations, like “jaws of life” and “emergency chairs,” the fear was removed a little bit for a real-life situation.  Trust was developed, and an excitement that was previously hidden was surfaced, due to a lack of knowledge.  Who knows, the thought of being a future firefighter might have got in the making today.  Good job Salem Fire Department — hope this program can get carried to all the schools.  This program is well worth it!

Putting the ladder up for the students

Students watching the fire ladder rise

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