We’ll Miss You, Pete

by Lynne Ober

Longtime Hudson resident Peter Pete R. Goyette Jr., 66, died unexpectedly on Friday evening, September 5, at his home.  His positive passion for life will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Pete and his wife, Therese B. (Coutu) Goyette owned and operated Petes Gun and Tackle in Hudson for 40 years.  Through his work, Pete became known to sportsmen throughout the region.  Pete loved to swap stories about hunting and fishing.  If you had a question about a gun or wanted a hint how to catch a bigger fish, Pete could help you out.  People stopped by his store just to chat and recommended acquaintances who needed help making a purchase.  Pete was always there to help. 

Pete hunted and fished all over the United States and Canada.  If you asked him about fishing for Atlantic salmon in Canada, you were in for a delightful tale filled with humor and smiles.

He was a life member of the NRA and the Pelham Fishing Game Club.  He was well known at Hudsons Fish and Game Club as well and frequently contributed to their events.

Pete supported his community in a number of ways.  He and Theresa supported the schools, started a fishing program for children and loved to share their love of the outdoors.  As a member of the Tyngsborough Rotary Club in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, he sponsored the Handicap Fishing Day for several years.  Pete was at his absolute best when he was sharing what he knew about fishing and hunting.  He not only sponsored the fishing programs, but he provided hands-on hints to participants.

Pete and Theresa had been married for 42 years.  Occasionally if it was snowing, Pete would talk about moving south to Florida, swearing that hed never shovel another flake of snow again, but then hed stop and grin, My wife would kill me if I took her farther away from the kids.  Family and friends were important to Pete.  His daughter, Michelle L. (Goyette) Johnson, and his son-in law, Donald A. Johnson, live in Litchfield and his son, Michael P. Goyette lives Hudson.  Pete would often talk about his four grandchildren, Spencer David (Goyette) Bumford of Malta, New York; Meagan; Dylan; and Brianna Johnson of Litchfield and it was obvious that hed be shoveling snow as long as his children and grandchildren lived near.

Pete has been a state representative for the last three terms, and was actively seeking re-election when he suddenly died.  Anyone who knew Pete would know that being a state representative was right up his alley because he was always willing to help anyone in need.  Talking to Pete about his work as a state representative, you quickly knew that he was honored and proud to serve the people in his district.

Pete always had an opinion and was never afraid to fight for what would make life better for other people. 

As a state representative, Pete served on the House Resources, Recreation and Development Committee where he could work to ensure that future generations of people could enjoy New Hampshire resources.  He kept careful watch on all legislation that would affect New Hampshire residents and was a hard fighter to ensure that the best legislation was passed.

All of us who served with him in the Legislature will miss the gracious way that he approached his legislative business.  Pete knew that a quick smile and well thought-out facts would win the day.

Pete was also a 32nd degree Mason, Scottish Rite, for the last six years belonging to the Ancient York Lodge, AF and AM in Lowell, Massachusetts, and the Pulpit Rock Lodge, AF and AM in Pelham.

With Petes passing, Hudson has lost a congenial man who shared his life passions with friends and acquaintances.  Well miss his smile and his stories and well miss the caring that he brought to those who knew him.

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Campbell High Football Team Lends Hand to Local Family

Members of the CHS football team pose as they finish up splitting and stacking eight cords of wood.

Eric, Sharon, Crystal and Derek Gotham live in Litchfield in a large old farmhouse, which they heat with wood.  A long cold winter uses a lot of wood and when Sharon ordered this year’s grapple load (eight cords) she found herself in a predicament as how to get it cut and stacked.  You see, Eric, her husband, was diagnosed with monophasic synovial sarcoma in November of 2006.  In June of 2008 Crystal organized and ran a fundraiser to pay for a clinical trial at Dana Faber.  Unfortunately the treatment did not work and Eric finds himself with limited muscles and nerve damage that does not allow him to undertake the daunting task of splitting and stacking eight cords of wood.

“It has been a very long road, of feeling good, and feeling crappy.  Having lost some muscle, and nerves in his leg from surgery, it becomes difficult to do as much work as he used to,” said Sharon.

Derek is a student and member of the Cougar football team at Campbell High School.  Sharon called upon his coach, Mark Prindiville and asked if a few members of the team would be willing to help out.  Prindiville got Coach Kiestlinger involved and on Sunday, September 7, 36 players and five coaches from the football team showed up and the Gothams and within four hours the team had all the wood split, stacked and even had time for a lunch break. 

“We rented a splitter, and they brought some axes.  There were so many kids, we called up and rented a second splitter.  In four hours, with a lunch break in between, it was all done!  It was truly amazing to watch the team work.  The players had log passing lines; and there was a row of boys with axes, splitting wood by hand.  The coaches bought pizza, and we made our Gotham's Famous Super Franks, some of the boys had never had one before!  I never expected anything like that to have all the kids show up.  It’s just awesome,” Sharon Gotham said.

Frank Varney, a family friend and professional logger, was driving past the house and when he saw the eager wood cutters on the front lawn, he was compelled to stop and get in on the action.  Community members always come together when there is a family in need.  By including the football players, the coaches assure the leaders of tomorrow will continue providing that sort of help.  The Gothams extend a heart felt ‘thank you’ to every Cougar football team member and coach who helped.

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Hudson Development Director Laid off, Two  Jobs Created

by Gina M. Votour 

The administrative structure of Hudson’s Town Hall was reorganized through votes taken by the Board of Selectmen following the non-public session of its September 2nd meeting. 

The first step was elimination of the community development director position.  Sean Sullivan, who held the position since the department was established in 2001, was laid off on Wednesday, September 3.

“It seemed like there was always a lack of communication with the Community Development Department and the rest of us,” said Ben Nadeau, chairman of the Board of Selectmen.  

The next step was the creation of a brand new full-time position: assistant town administrator.  Also created was the position of the zoning administrator, who will report to the assistant town administrator.  Whether the zoning position will be full or part time is yet to be determined.

The assistant town administrator position was needed “as this operation gets more complex,” according to Town Administrator Steve Malizia.  “It makes sense to have at least some sort of backup,” he said. 

Coordinating department head activities and “[supervising] personnel in the absence of the town administrator” will be a major part of the job description for this new position.  The assistant town administrator also will aid Malizia in “coordinating the daily administrative functions of the Office of Selectmen.” 

With elimination of the community development director position, the assistant town administrator will take charge of the supervision and management of all operations within the Community Development Department.  

Reporting directly to the assistant town administrator will be the town planner, inspectional services supervisor and the contract electrical inspector.  These individuals previously reported to the community development director.   

When asked about the layoff, Town Planner John Cashell declined to comment.

The acting town engineer and civil engineer, who formerly reported to the town administrator, now will report to the assistant town administrator. 

Other department heads, including the police chief, fire chief, assistant assessor and road agent, will continue to report to Malizia.

According to Nadeau, details of the assistant town administrator job description will be posted soon.  Among minimum requirements are a college degree and at least 10 years of “progressively responsible administrative experience.”   

A rough guess, according to Nadeau, is that this position could be filled within a couple of months.   

Among the responsibilities of the zoning administrator will be writing zoning determinations and code enforcement.  According to Selectman Vice Chairman Richard Maddox, the creation of this position will make code enforcement run more easily.

The zoning administrator will be hired once the assistant town administrator position has been filled, said Nadeau.  The exact job description for the zoning administrator is being fine-tuned.   

Nadeau said these decisions had been in the works for “a long time.”  He said there were “absolutely not” any particular individuals currently in mind to fill the two new positions, however.

“We were looking to reorganize Town Hall to get better oversight over all departments,” said Nadeau.  On the whole, these changes will be good for the town because “it will lead to better communication all the way around,” he said.  

Malizia agreed that town hall functioning will be strengthened as a result of the adjustments.  Maddox added that the new structure will “bring more accountability” due to a “clear chain of responsibility.”  

“This reorganization will hopefully address the problems,” said Maddox.  


Reorganize1.jpg  Department Head Organization Chart

Reorganize2.jpg  Community Development Department Organization Chart 

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New Sports Fields Proposed for Hudson

by Gina M. Votour

Many Hudson residents would agree that the town could use more recreational areas such as parks and fields.  Two obstacles have been where to build and how to handle costs, especially those for constructing and operating.

Appearing before the Board of Selectmen on September 2, on behalf of the Hudson Youth Football and the Hudson Youth Baseball organizations, were Hudson residents Mark Levesque and Michelle Rourke (a board member of the Hudson Bears Football organization).

Rourke and Levesque gave a presentation which detailed potential recreational uses for the 47 acres of land “located along Robinson Road behind the fire station and abutting Robinson Pond and Robinson Pond Road.”

The purpose of this proposal — the Park/Fields and Recreation Center Master Plan — would be “to provide the residents/taxpayers of the Town of Hudson a common area to interact and grow as a community.” 

The Master Plan includes how this particular use of the land would incorporate “activities for all ages — from our elderly to our youth — while preserving the nature and beauty of the surrounding area with minimal effect to abutting neighbors/residents.”

Specifically included within the Master Plan are:   (1) football/soccer field, (2) football/soccer practice fields, (3) basketball courts, (3) baseball fields, batting cages, pitching bullpens, a skateboard park, and a playground area which would include swing sets, hopscotch and four square courts.

Also part of this conceptual design is a pavilion, a recreation department building, and a nearly mile-long walking trail which would encircle the property.  Additionally, 300 parking spaces are accounted for within the plan.

Rourke explained that the Football and Baseball Youth organizations would be willing to support the costs of this project.  Funding would be similar to that of the Hudson United Soccer Club, a nonprofit organization heavily supported through fundraising.  Rourke expressed her hope that grants would also be a primary funding source.

Levesque emphasized the importance of receiving input and approval on this project from the Hudson Recreation Committee.  Although consensus on this idea has yet to be reached by the Rec Committee, Director Dave Yates and Vice Chairperson Sue LaRoche applauded Rourke and Levesque for the efforts of their group. 

“We need fields in town; there’s no question about that,” stated LaRoche. 

Selectman Shawn Jasper noted that it would be very convenient to have several fields in one location.  “This is the type of thing I’d like to see out in that area.  I support whatever we need to do to move this forward,” he said.

Overall, the Board of Selectmen was enthusiastic about this prospect, although they did have some questions about existing wetlands on the property.  A unanimous motion was passed authorizing the Youth organizations to seek an outside engineering firm to specifically work out the details of the Master Plan.

“We don’t have any other plans for this parcel.  We don’t have enough fields.  They have our blessing to go forward with engineering to see what facilities will actually fit there within the parameters that they talked about,” affirmed Selectman Jasper.

At this point, however, Rourke and Levesque’s proposal is still a long way from getting a green light to proceed.  The Youth organizations will work with the Recreation Committee to gain approval, as specific design engineering aspects are revealed.  If a more definite proposal is reached in the future, the project would also need to go through a warrant article for the land lease.

“This year, football had to turn away almost 60 children because we don’t have the space to practice.  It would be great if we could actually not have to turn anybody away,” concluded Rourke.

Updates will be forthcoming.

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