Basketball Tournament and Sports Theme Day at Rec

by Tom Tollefson

Kevin 13, and Richie 12, with their trophies for the 2-on-2 basketball tournament

March Madness may be long gone, but the traditional 2-on-2 basketball tournaments had the youngsters “mad” with excitement at the Hudson Community Center on Monday July 14.  These tournaments are part of the Hudson Recreation Summer Program. 

“The competition was hard,” Kevin, 13, said after he and his partner Richie, 12, won the tournament for the 12 and up division. 

Long time counselors Sean Sendall and Ralph Carpentiere ran the tournaments.  Six teams competed for the 12 and up age group, with sixteen for the 9-11 year olds, and six teams for the 6-8 division. 

The championship game for the 12 and up division pushed the two teams to the limit.  The game was played to 11 with a win of a two point lead.  After both teams scored 11 points, they began trading baskets, hitting one after another, until Richie’s shot gave his team the game-clinching two-point lead for a final score of 19-17. 

Richie said he felt “skilled” about his game winning shot. 

“It was a good turnout this year, overall a lot of kids came out,” Sendall said.

The athletic spirit continued later in the week, as the Summer Program hosted a sports theme day on Wednesday July 16.  Both the children and counselors came with their favorite sports attire.  Even the children who weren’t wearing their favorite throwback jersey appreciated the sports theme. 

“It’s cool that people can be so athletic and play so many games.  It’s cool at the rec center that they do all these things for the kids,” Jen, 11, said.

Player jerseys and teams shirts from the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Celtics were the choice selections for the proud New England sports fans. 

“It’s a fun day because you can show everyone what team you’re on and what team you like,” Shawn, 10, said, as he sported his ‘Hudson #22’ jersey from his third and fourth grade basketball all-star rec team. 

Summer Program Director Kim Malley was especially pleased with the number of summer staff whom she saw participate in the sports theme.

“I was really excited that all the staff and CITs (counselors in training) participated.  Some had up to 21 items of sports flair,” Malley said. 

The winners for the basketball tournament are as follows:

Ages 6-8

  1. Dylan Landry and Jared Holmes 
  2. Kyle Gora and Evan Sheridan 
  3. Josh Carroll and Nathan Day 

Ages 9-11

  1. Mike Roberts and Evan Hunt 
  2. Sean Clarke and Orion Audet 
  3. Chad Collins and Taylor Thyne 

12 and Up

  1. Kevin Pierre and Richie Eaton 
  2. Britton Doyle and Pat Nelson 
  3. Evan Connors and Ryan Martineau
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Vacation Bible School

by Katelyn Haggerty

Two little girls cheer during VBS’s theme of “Power Lab”

At the First Baptist Church in Hudson, a Vacation Bible School (VBS) was held for kids aged from preschool through the sixth grade July 14 through 18. 

From 9 a.m. to about noon, kids enjoyed the “Power Lab”, where many scientific experiments were done.  Professor Gizmo, VBS Director Lorna Granger, ran the lab with her green and red hair and white lab coat.  She kept everybody busy with beakers overflowing and creative projects. 

On Friday, July 18, a finale for kids and parents was held in the church’s sanctuary.  The different age groups sang songs, danced and showed posters to their parents about what they had been learning. 

Before everyone went outside to watch the rockets launch that Professor Gizmo had made, a video presentation with pictures from each day was shown.  The lesson of each day was represented in the videos with pictures of the kids doing their activities.  DVDs of the videos were made for each family to take home. 

The Rev. Jim Harrington of First Baptist Church said, “VBS is one of the major outreaches into a New England community; that’s why so many churches in New England have it.  It’s a wonderful time where parents can get a break from their kids and kids can do some fun games and be in a real safe environment.

“The kids have a lot of clean fun and learn a basic simple gospel message in a wonderful, non-threatening, loving environment, which is what church should be anyway.  It gives everybody a chance to participate young and old alike.  It’s just a great program and we have a real lot of fun doing it every year.  I’m just glad to be in a church that does that kind of thing,” he said. 

Harrington was bombarded with water balloons from the kids outside after the presentation in the sanctuary.  Kids and adults also enjoyed cold popsicles on the hot and humid day. 

It was Kristin Rice’s first time helping out VBS, and members enjoyed her presentation at the finale. 

“It was really fun to do so I’m glad I was asked,” said Rice.  “We had the kids walk on water, which was a really fun day.”  Helpers mixed cornstarch and water to form a substance that can be hard and yet liquid depending on the force applied to it. 

“If you walk quickly and you keep going you don’t sink in, but as soon as you hesitate, you sink into it,” said Rice.  “The kids really enjoyed the water games, the craft items and the hands-on experiments.

“The wonderful backdrop was handmade by Lorna Granger, which is just incredible.  All of the church members made the beakers, and we had lots of help putting up all the decorations.  We are taking down the decorations to give to Nashua so they can do their VBS.”

VBS also collected items for the Nashua Children’s Home as their charity collection for the week. 

“We collected almost a hundred dollars in cash and a box full of donations.  It’s awesome,” said Rice.  “They are still looking for items.  They’re looking for school supplies right now especially, certificates for a haircut, toothbrushes, anything like that.”

All in all, VBS was a busy and fun week for the participants, as well as helpful to the charities.

First Baptist Church would like to thank Bertha Ashford, Rich Fieler, Heather Cabral, Dick Cleveland, Marilyn Rollins, Nola Poole, Kim Francis, Julia Twaddle, Cameron Steckler, Joanne Sousa, Sara Francis, Lyn Tyler, Alistar Twaddle, Kristin Rice, Alexis Abbott, Tim Ledoux, Bethellen Ledoux, Ruth Parker and Jan Russell, with special thanks to Lorna Granger and Pastor Jim.  Thanks also go out to everyone who may not have been mentioned who donated time to VBS.

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Hudson Approaches Completion of Several School Projects

The dawn of another school year is not far off and the Hudson School District appears to be on top of several projects nearing completion at town schools.

The summer has been busy with the approximate $597,000 worth of repairs to schools and related facilities.  Already completed or nearing completion include carpet replacement in classrooms at  Dr. H. O. Smith and Nottingham West, the first year of a three-year tile replacement project at Hudson Memorial School and gutter improvements at Alvirne High School.

Alvirne is at the center of many of the repairs including an $85,000 science lab renovation, $18,000 for a computer lab off the library, $22,858 for bathroom renovations and $32,000 for completion of the first year of a five-year window replacement project.

Of the 17 projects scheduled for completion by the first of September or earlier, officials indicated that nearly all projects are on pace to meet that mark.

Two sizeable projects that most likely will linger through September include installation of lockers at Hudson Memorial, currently in the bidding process.  Once the bid is awarded, most likely at the August 4 school board meeting, the earliest installation could begin would be September 1.  The project enters the first year of a three-year replacement project with the current fiscal year expected to take only two weeks to complete with minimal disruption.

The sound system at Nottingham West is expected to be installed by the end of September.

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Hudson Police Department Receives Nash Foundation Donation

by Gina M. Votour

The Hudson Police Department has received a $1,500 donation from The Nash Foundation Inc.  The gift will be put into the department’s police dog donation account.

“We think that the (Hudson Police Department) canine program is an excellent program,” said Nash Foundation President Debra Nash. 

The foundation is a charitable institution that donates primarily to the areas of law enforcement, government, health care and youth services. 

Based in Nashua, the foundation was established by the Nash family more than 20 years ago.  Donations are presented predominantly within the communities of Hudson and Nashua. 

In the past, the foundation has donated to several Hudson organizations including the fire department, Historical Society and Alvirne High School.  Alvirne’s Challenge Day was supported in full by the Nash Foundation.  

In Nashua, the foundation has given to establishments such as the Senior Center, Humane Society and Boys and Girls Club. 

“With thanks and appreciation” to the foundation, the Hudson Board of Selectmen unanimously accepted the donation at its July 22 meeting.

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Jacob Nazarian is Hudson’s New Cable Facilitator

by Gina M. Votour

Jacob G. Nazarian IV has been selected as the new cable facilitator for Hudson’s Cable Utility Committee (CUC).

Nazarian has strong qualifications in all aspects of video production, directing and editing.  Among his credentials are director of video production at New Hampshire To Do Magazine, adjunct professor of multimedia for the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and technical director for Peabody Access Television.

“We’re very impressed with Mr. Nazarian’s background and I think most particularly his passion for where he thinks Hudson Public Access Television can go,” said CUC Chairman Michael O’Keefe.

Selectman Roger Coutu said that “Mr. Nazarian is the future that I would perceive for cable.…  He is the person that we need to have in order for us to progress with our cable programming here in the Town of Hudson.”

Nazarian, a 12-year Hudson resident, thanked the Board of Selectmen for meeting with him at the July 22 meeting.  He expressed his desire to understand the board’s short and long-term goals, describing his view of the selectmen as the “guiding light” of Hudson’s future cable direction. 

“I think that I bring an interesting skill set to this opportunity and I think I can help Hudson grow.  But I think that in order for me to do that, my skill set needs to coincide with what your vision is,” Nazarian said.

“I think we can come together and develop a plan,” Coutu said.

Coutu also defended the fact that Nazarian’s salary was higher than expected.  “I see this $27 an hour as a bargain if we were to hire Mr. Nazarian.  I think we are (paying) for a better, more diversified cable broadcasting system for the Town of Hudson that would put us on the map in terms of cable facilitation for our residents,” he stated. 

Although no taxpayer dollars are involved since the facility is wholly supported by franchise fees, Selectman Vice Chairman Richard Maddox opposed granting this salary figure. 

“I think that in a time when we’re … looking at cutbacks, I cannot justify the percent increase that we are talking about here.  I’m sure that the qualifications are there, I’m just not sure I want to spend that kind of money up front,” Maddox said. 

A motion to hire Nazarian passed 4 - 1 with Maddox in opposition.

Nazarian will provide technical support and operating services to Hudson’s three public access channels.  He will report to Town Administrator Steve Malizia regarding areas such as hours and billing.  For technical job aspects, Nazarian will consult with the Cable Utility Committee. 

“I look forward to working with you in the future, hopefully to get to some of our goals together,” Nazarian told the board after his hiring.

Nazarian’s term will begin on August 1, 2008 and run through June 30, 2009.

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