Soule Authors Tea

Soule Elementary School, under the direction of Mrs. Buck recently completed an author’s tea program.  Each student was allowed to write a story, have it printed on laminated pages and get spiral bound.  Each story was unique to the student – ranging from recent trips, to stories about sisters.  The children had free rein to be creative.  When stories were completed, parents and friends were invited into the classroom to hear the stories.  They took turns, along with Mrs. Buck, to sit at each desk to make each student feel important.  Tea (juice) and refreshments were served.  The students left their classroom with smiles and feelings of accomplishment.  Great activity!

Sisters, Annalee and Jennifer Laduke, reading and sharing Beanie Babies

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If You Closed Your Eyes …

If you were at the Canobie Lake Park’s dancehall Sunday and if you closed your eyes, you could have believed you had stepped back 60 years to an era when leaders of the big bands came to Salem by train to play for crowds at the dancehall where fire marshals would keep track of the crowd and close the doors when it was standing room only.

The Salem High School Jazz Band was on stage delivering sounds of those renowned musicians of the past.  Under the direction of Marty Claussen these talented instrumentalists and singer pleased the crowd.

Chris O’Rourke and Mark Crowley

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Salem District Art Show

Each year Salem Schools get together and have a big art show at Kelley Library.  This show works to educate students in visual arts while it helps them learn to communicate their ideas creatively and expressively through the language of art.  The elements and principles of design are introduced at the elementary level, while in middle school, students build on these skills.  In high school, students work to master what makes each piece of art work.

This show had many exceptional works, from silly penguins to developed portrait.  Everyone was a winner!   Good job students and keep drawing!

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Selectmen’s Notes

by Jay Hobson

Salem Police Captain Shawn Patten notified the Board of Selectmen on Monday, June 2, of four grants received by the police department from the state to combat underage drinking and traffic law enforcement.

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to accept the grants totaling $10,363.15.

The grants are from the New Hampshire Department of Justice and the New Hampshire Highway Safety Fund.

The largest, $5,000, will be used for alcohol compliance checks at stores around Salem to ensure the stores do not sell alcohol to minors.  Patten said the department conducts 12 such checks per year at a cost of $1,500 - $2,000 per check.

The other three grants are from the New Hampshire Highway Safety Fund:

  • $2,336.40 to offset the cost of patrols that will detect and arrest alcohol-impaired drivers
  • $1,706.25 to buy a hand-held laser radar unit to enforce speed limits
  • $1,320.50 to buy software and hand-held equipment for laser accident reconstruction equipment.

At the June 9 selectmen’s meeting the issue of the Lawrence Road and Cluff Crossing bridges that, according to town engineer Bob Puff need immediate repairs, was discussed.

The state Department of Transportation had issued weight restrictions of 10 tons and 13 tons on the Cluff Crossing and the Lawrence Road bridges respectively.

Fire Chief Kevin Breen outlined the fire department’s concerns that some fire equipment weighs several tons more than what is allowed to cross these bridges.

The most recent addition to the fleet is Engine 1 which weighs 24 tons and is stationed at the Central Headquarters and a ladder truck weighs 34 tons and is stationed at South Station, Breen said.

Breen also said the trucks would cross the bridges only to respond to emergencies, but when returning to station or on routine business would seek alternate routes.

When Selectman Mike Lyons asked how old the Lawrence Road bridge was, Puff said it was built in 1935 and repaired in 1955.

I think we should put a police officer at the bridges and ticket overweight trucks.  I was down at the Lawrence Road bridge last week and saw 18 wheelers and fully loaded dump trucks driving over that bridge, Selectman Pat Hargreaves said.

According to Lyons, re-routing school buses would cost about $35,000.

Board Chairman Elizabeth Roth asked if these two bridges are the most dysfunctional bridges in the town and Puff answered Yes.

Breen noted that the weight restrictions don’t mean that the bridge will collapse if a vehicle over the limit tries to cross it.  It means the excess weight puts stresses and wear on the structure.

Puff described the situation as bending a wire coat hanger.  It won’t break the first time but it will eventually.  The question is when will these bridges break.

Temporary repairs to each bridge could be as much as $90,000 to $100,000 but Chairwoman Elizabeth Roth would like to see the repairs done in such a way as to be able to recoup 80 per cent from the state. 

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New Directors Elected for Salem Chamber

The Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce wishes to thank all of the candidates who ran for the Board of Directors this year.  It was an extremely tight race between a very qualified group of candidates.  Join us in welcoming the following individuals who will serve as Directors to the Chamber for the next three years:

Keith Belair - MoreSpace Place

Keith currently resides in Salem.  He is the owner of MoreSpace Place, a Furniture - Murphy Beds/Home Offices/Custom Closets retail store located at 450 South Broadway in Salem.  Keith has served Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce (GSCC) on the ByLaws Committee.  Keith regularly attends the Business After Hours, the Taste of Salem, and the Annual Dinner.  Keith is active in the community, belonging to the Salem Contractors Association (Past President) and acted as Co-Chair of the gazebo construction at Town Common.  He plans to bring a much needed retail component to the composition of the board and will utilize his knowledge from sixteen years as a director (and other offices) in the Salem Contractors Association to enhance Chamber offerings.

Ed David - Edward C. David and Company, CPAs

Ed currently resides in East Hampstead.  He is the owner of Edward C. David and Company CPAs, PLLC, a CPA firm located on Stiles Road in Salem.  Ed has previously served GSCC on the Board of Directors as Treasurer, as well as participating on the Finance Committee.  Ed regularly attends the Business After Hours and participates in and supports the Southern New Hampshire Golf Classic Tournament annually.  Ed gives back to his community through the Salem Rotary Club where he is incoming president.  Ed also belongs to the Salem Contractors Association serving as Past President and board member for the past 12 years.  Ed has also served on the Londonderry Budget Committee.  He will provide leadership, organizational skills, and financial expertise to the Board of Directors and the members of GSCC.

George Fredette, - SFC Engineering Partnership

George currently resides in Salem.  He is the principal for SFC Engineering Partnership, an Engineering Company Located in Manchester.  George has served GSCC as the Immediate Past Chairman of the Board, former Chairman of Business Education Collaborative, current chair of WEDC, and former Chairman of Bylaws Committee.  George regularly attends the Business After Hours and New Member Receptions, and helped to develop the first annual Economic Development Expo - where he served as Event Chair.  George is an active member of the NHSPE (engineering society) and plans to use his past experience in leadership positions to help direct Chamber activities.

Rick Hammar - Hammar and Sons Signs, Pelham

Rick currently resides in Pelham.  He is the owner of Hammar and Sons Sign & Awning Company, a full-serve family-owned sign and awning company now in its third generation, located in Pelham.  Rick has served GSCC as a member of the Board of Directors, an active participant of the GSCC Economic Development Committee.  Rick regularly attends the Business After Hours, Government Affairs and Economic Development Events, and has helped to develop a GSCC presence in Pelham – where he has acted as a membership liaison to Pelham Business owners and is also instrumental in the Chamber’s involvement with Pelham Old Home Days.  Rick is also actively involved in the formation of a Pelham Economic Development Committee.  Rick plans to use his leadership and dedication for the vision of a greater Salem Chamber of Commerce.

Chris Nicoli - Canobie Lake Park, Salem

Chris currently resides in Chester.  He is the Director of Marketing for Canobie Lake Park, an Amusement Park and Entertainment spot located in Salem.  Chris has served GSCC on the Website Committee, serving as secretary, where he has added valuable technological insight.  Chris also served on the GSCC Parade Committee assisting with the planning and execution of the Chamber’s Holiday Parade Float.  Chris attends the Business After Hours events and regularly supports the Annual Dinner.  Chris also took on a special project for the Chamber converting the monthly Chamber Today television show into footage viewable through the GSCC Website.  Chris is extremely active in his community, serving on the President’s Council of the New England Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, as well as the Advisory Board for the formation of a statewide New Hampshire Conventions and Visitors Bureau.  Chris plans to use his marketing expertise to promote the increase in foot traffic into the state of New Hampshire, a goal which is ultimately beneficial to the Greater Salem community at large.  He plans to bring a fresh perspective as a regional entertainment facility and truly promote the area as a full-service destination with businesses of nearly every industry.

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