Spring Art Fling

This is the 22nd yearly Spring Art Fling event for Salem School and Woodbury students.  This photo includes several of the Woodbury participants and their teacher.  MaryLeu Sears has been an Art Teacher at Woodbury School for 12 years.  She is also an active professional artist and President of Greater Salem Artist Association.  There will be ribbons and awards, raffles, and a cookie walk.  Professional Artists will be displaying in the café, while the students will be displaying in the gym.  This will be a fun and eye-opening event on the talent in the Salem area.  Please come and enjoy.

Professional works will also be on sale.

Some of the contestants, plus teacher MaryLeu Sears

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Walk for Cookies

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz

This year was the 16th time in 19 years that the First Congregational Church in Salem held a Cookie Walk.  The Cookie Walk is a fundraiser based on the sales of cookies to fund church projects.  Norma Zecchini, one of the co-sponsors of the cookie walk, loves this event.  She says that churchgoers make all the cookies and volunteer their time to be here refilling the displays as they run low as people come in and purchase a cookie bucket and fill up on the ones they can’t resist.  All funds go directly to church projects.

They also had great raffle prizes available such as Lake Street Garden gift certificates, Canobie Lake Park passes, and handmade jewelry, just to name a few.

The event is fun for kids and for anyone who has a sweet tooth — or weakness for cookies!

Catherine Hamlin, 9, was a smart cookie shopper, only choosing her favorites.

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Now He is What I Call Funny!

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz

Joe Casey, author of Now That’s Funny!, pictured here with his book and also close friend Eleanor Martel.

The now famous Salemhaven resident Joe Casey has all the reason in the world to smile.  He has a sense of humor.  That is now proven truth with all of the jokes he has created over the years now published in his first book Now That’s Funny!  This book is a hilarious collection of one-liners and punch lines created by Joe himself.  He says they just came to him over the years.

Salemhaven hosted an April Fool’s Day book signing event, but the joke was on Joe.  He sold out of all his books and the public is still screaming for more.

He got his start at age 14.  Joe says he always had a sense of humor and enjoyed making others laugh.  He always carries a notebook, so as to be prepared for when that next punch line comes to him.  He is constantly writing down the funnies that come to mind, and he makes jokes out of them.

His nephew, Gary Desilets, visits Joe often.  It was during a visit that he went to open a drawer in his uncle’s room to give him a hand looking for something.  He saw in a drawer what looked like thousands of pieces of paper.  A little concerned, he asked his uncle why he had all these notepapers.  Joe simply told him they are the jokes I wrote.

Gary looked through them and suggested to his uncle to put them in a book.  His nephew even offered to help him put it all together and try to get it published.  It worked.  The book became a family effort between Joe, his sister Shirley Hughes, daughter Carol Fascione (who illustrated the cover), and Joe’s nephew Gary Desilets.

Joe also has a great friend who supports him and keeps him on his toes.  Like the old saying, “Behind every man is a great woman.”  Eleanor Martel is just that.  Residents joke that she is Joe’s “agent.”  She must be doing something right.  Joe keeps selling out of books!

Here is a small taste of what Joe’s book Now That’s Funny! has to offer:

  • “It’s not that I forgot, I just didn’t remember.”
  • Nurse reading a mail greeting card to a completely bandaged man in bed says, “This one’s from your wife.  It’s a get a will card.”
  • He, “Let me call you sweet heart.”  She, “Why not?  You’ve called me everything else!”

Joe Casey’s book is a hilarious collection of short jokes.  It is available for purchase at amazon.com and at Salemhaven.

Stephanie Micklon of Salemhaven has said she is looking into hosting book-signing events at local bookstores.  He has also been invited to the Salem Housing Authority on Telfer Circle for a book-signing event the first week of May.  Joe lived on Telfer Circle before moving to Salem Haven.

Even at 83, Joe is not done yet.  He already has plans in the works for a second book.  Surely his family and close friend Eleanor will ensure this to be a success.

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Crazy Hat Day

Barron School, under the direction of Mrs. Bergeron (1st grade), had the students celebrate “Crazy Hats Day.”  Each student was free to come up with a hat totally unique to that individual.  There were candles, sharks, boxes, frogs, birthday, and cowboy hats.  This was a well-planned fun day, and a moment each student will fondly remember!

Kaylee, Cassie, and Krystal

James, Allison, and Zachary

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Depot Renovation Involved Town’s Students

Gift certificate prize winners

As the tellers at Pentucket Bank were locking the money in the vault, the conference was a baggage of activity as the winners of Salem Depot Coloring contest, with their parents and siblings, were treated to cupcakes and drinks as they were awarded their $50 saving bonds for their efforts.  These first, second and third graders were among the 1,700 students in the Salem school system to color an image of the station created by Salem Cartoonist Bill Swank.  The Depot Coloring Contest was supported by the Pawtucket Bank, in addition to one classroom in each Salem school receiving a classroom pizza party.

Beverly Glynn, Chairman of the Historic District Commission, who oversees the Train Station Renovation Project, thanked all the students who participated.  Steering Committee Members Donna Velt of Pentucket Bank, Diane Paquette, Howie Glynn, and Beth Roth, selectman representative, were all congratulating those involved.

Donna Velt and Michelle Andreoli with Lena Bouchrouche, second grade, Soule School, and her artwork

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