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Selectman Everett McBride shows Sike Carney and the TV 17 watchers a newspaper story from 1993 when he had won his first seat on the Board of Selectmen.

Selectman Mike Lyons is congratulated by Town Manager Jonathan Sistare.

Susan Wall hugs Donna Mae D’Agate after the announcement of Wall capturing the town clerk’s position.

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Entrepreneurial Spirit of Community Celebrated

by Len Lathrop

Enterprise Bank’s Richard Main presents check to Beverly Glynn representing the Salem Depot Restoration Project. Applauding the donation is Susan Covey of Enterprise’s Salem office and Sonny Tylus, a Salem community activist.

The Salem business community was treated to a very special event last Wednesday night at DeVito’s On Main, when Enterprise Bank hosted the four-year anniversary of their Salem office with an appreciation event called a “Celebration of the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Our Community.”

Stephen DeVito, Patty Dell Isolo, and their entire team worked to prepare the new restaurant’s completion so that the office staff of Enterprise Bank Salem — Susan Covey, Peter Rayno, Sheryl Parsons, and Mary Reese — could host the first event at 67 Main Street.

Over 400 invited guests, who included Enterprise Bank’s business customers and dignitaries from the Salem community, were greeted at the door by Richard Main, President, Jack Clancy, CEO, Susan Covey, and Mary Reese.  A feast for all included a signature wine station, open bar, a buffet featuring steamship rounds of beef, veal marsala, chicken DeVito (stuffed chicken with prosciutto and provolone), boneless turkey loin, assorted side dishes, and a signature bread display.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of a check by Enterprise Bank’s Richard Main to Beverly Glynn representing the Salem Depot Restoration Project.

“Amazing” was heard as a comment about the food and the evening.  The night ended on a positive note as every guest received an executive portfolio from the bank as a parting gift.

The event was a great success for Enterprise Bank and a great kickoff for DeVito’s On Main.

Stephen DeVito, restaurant owner; George Duncan, Founder & Chairman of the Board of Enterprise Bank

Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick of Enterprise Bank; Ed Sampson of Methuen Music Hall

Gary Tarallo of Synchronized Manufacturing; Richard Main, President of Enterprise Bank

Bryan Hickenbottom

George Maihos, Maihos Electrical Services; John Sistare, Salem Town Manager

Peggy, Beaumond Hair Salon; Ron Stark

Robert Gilman and Clayton Mersereau of Enterprise Bank

Mike Gillis, HUB International; Louis Beaulieu, Enterprise Bank

Michelle McManus and Tracy Raskow of Enterprise Bank

Dr. Manuel Sousa, Salem Centre for Orthodontics, at the buffet

More guests…. AnnMarie and Ralph Glynn enjoying a quiet moment

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Town Election
Selectman - 3 year term Vote for two
Roland Theberge 1,636
Ron Giordano 1,424
Michael "Mike" Lyons 2594*
John Manning 579
Everett McBride 2,041*
Town Clerk - 3 year term Vote for one
Susan Wall 3,292*
William Carter 258
Betty Oldeman 1,266
Tax Collector - 3 year term Vote for one
Cheryl-Ann Bolouk 3,901*
Treasurer - 3 year term Vote for one
John Sytek 3,946*
Budget Committee - 3 year term Vote for two
Peter Rayno 2,770*
Michael J. Carney, Jr. 3199*
Library Trustee - 3 year term Vote for one
Sally Gilman 3,808*
Trustee of Trust Fund - 3 year term Vote for one
Michael K. Garofalo 3,604*
Moderator - 2 year term Vote for one
Christopher B. Boodnow 3,647*
Supervisor of the Checklist - 6 year term Vote for one
Janice Habib 3,736*
Planning Board - 3 year term Vote for two
Ronald J. Belanger 2,262*
Robert J. Campbell 2,123*
Thomas Campbell 1,498
Jeffrey M. Gray 1,674
Zoning Board of Adjustment - 3 year term Vote for two
Christopher Sousa 2,477*
Jeffrey Gray 1,566
Jeffrey Hatch 1,993
Zoning Board of Adjustment - 2 year term Vote for two
Diana Seifert 1,794*
Edward S. Suffern 384
Robert J. Uttley 790
Jeanette Mompo 345
Article 2: Yes No
Remove Restriction of Political Signs 1,207 3,388*
Article 3:
Revise Parking Requirements for Medical Offices 2,379* 2,002
Article 4:
Add Parking Proximity Requirement 2,752* 1,705
Article 5:
Add Phasing Requirements for Multi-Family Housing 3,188* 1,408
Article 6: Bond Article
Revise Phasing Requirements for Senior Housing 2,547* 1,945
Article 7:
Revise Hieght Definition 2,522* 1,843
Article 8:
Allow Conditional Use Permits for Parking Requirements 2,242* 2,096
Article 9:
Allow Conditional Use Permits for Sign Restrictions 1,896 2,459*
Article 10:
Allow Accessory Apartments in Recreational Distinct 814 3,723*
Article 11:
Rez1 Parcels on Church Avenue 2,345* 2,083
Article 12:
Allow Commercial Vehicles in Home Occupations 1,548 3,053*
Article 13
Rez1 Parcels on Willow Street 834 3,444*
Article 14:
Police Station Construction 2,652 2,267*
Article 15:
Operating Budget 2,684* 2,054
Article 16:
Fund Fire Employees Union Contract 2,903* 2,034
Article 17:
Vote Tallies on Warrant Articles 2,696 2,229
Article 18:
Resolution to Discuss State Tax Options - Petition 2,426 2,417
Article 19:
Fund Professional Employees Union Contract 2,239 2,591
Article 20:
Fund Public Works Employees Union Contract 2489 2376
School District
School Board
Bernard H. Campbell 2691*
Articles Yes No
Article 2:
Operating Budget 2665* 2212
Article 3:
Step Increase Teachers, Nurses and Student Services Specialists 2562* 2345
Article 4:
Increase Secretaries' salaries and benefits 2420 2472*
Article 5:
Increase food service personnel salaries and benefits 2679* 2206
Article 6:
Increase aides' salaries and benefits 2468* 2412
Article 7:
Increase custodians' salaries and benefits 2282 2524*
Article 8:
Call special meeting upon defeat of Articles 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 2010 2737*
Article 9:
Fund sum to address facilities deficiencies 2889* 1840
Article 10:
fun sum for architectural/engineering costs for alterations to Salem High School 1604 3266*
Article 11:
Establish Capital Reserve Fund for High School Renovations and Improvement 1960 2882*
Article 12:
Fund sum for deficit appropriation 2340 2458*
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