Easter Breakfast

by Lynne Ober

Tabitha, 6, and Shayla, 4, with the Easter Bunny

Last Saturday at Hudson’s Community Center, the Junior Women’s Club hosted an Easter breakfast with an opportunity to sit for a picture with the Easter Bunny.

The breakfast was a chance for people to chat as they enjoyed pancakes, eggs and bacon. 

This annual event has grown every year.  This year balloons filled the air.  They were anchored on every table, surrounded the Easter Bunny and swirled in the air above the craft tables.

Club members were busy cooking and serving.  Some monitored the craft tables and others helped with the Easter Bunny. 

By 8:30 a.m. a large crowd had gathered and the chefs were barely keeping pace with the demand for more food.  Laughter filled the air and people lingered over coffee to talk about whether spring would ever come.

The craft tables were constantly busy.  Some were making rabbits to take home; others were coloring and still others were just watching the happy chaos.  Face painters were available with bright symbols.

“We love doing this for the community,” said Lisa Nute, Junior Women’s Club president, as she scrambled eggs.  “It’s just a fun way to get everyone together.”

The Junior Women’s Club will host a jewelry-making craft night Wednesday, March 19, in the Ann Seabury Community Room of the Hudson police station.  This event is open to the public.  It will start at 7 p.m. and end at 9 p.m.  “We are looking for new members,” said Nute.  “We meet the second Wednesday of the month.  Stop by and check us out.”

Seamus, 4, and Mitchell, 8, enjoyed each other and the breakfast.

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Conflict Arises Over Sign Removal Incident

by Gina M. Votour

The street corner in question

On Thursday March 6th, five days prior to the election, several political candidates’ roadway signs were removed from the Hudson address of One Campbell Avenue by the Hudson Highway Department. 

Among the signs removed were those of Gary Rodgers, who was seeking re-election to the Hudson School Board, Selectman Benjamin Nadeau, who was running for Town Clerk/Tax Collector, and Michael Mell, who was running for a seat on the Hudson School Board.

Rodgers and Nadeau believed that their signs should not have been removed.  Neither candidate was notified by the Highway Department that this action had been taken. 

Mell was unaware that his sign was among those that had been removed from the Campbell Ave. location.  

According to RSA Section 664:17, “No political advertising shall be placed on or affixed to any public property including highway rights-of-way or private property without the owner’s consent.”  

The land in question is part of a rental property owned by Hudson School Board Chairman David Alukonis.  Rodgers and Nadeau both stated that Alukonis gave them permission to place signs on his property.  

Mell did not receive permission and apologized.  He explained that, being relatively new to Hudson, it was a matter of him “just not knowing” that this area was private property.  Mell says that he spoke with Code Enforcement Officer Sousa in order to help ensure that signs were staked only in appropriate places.  

Alukonis confirmed that he did give permission to both Rodgers and Nadeau.  But Alukonis also added, “To complain is foolish.  Signs go missing all the time.”

RSA 664:17 further states that “Political advertising may be placed within state owned rights-of-way as long as the advertising does not obstruct the safe flow of traffic and the advertising is placed with the consent of the owner of the land over which the right-of-way passes.”  

Nadeau asked Kevin Burns, Road Agent for the Hudson Highway Department, if the signs were removed as a result of impaired traffic views.  According to Nadeau, Burns’ response was that the signs were removed because they were located in the town’s right-of-way.   

When interviewed, Burns explained that the Highway Department removed the signs because they were located on a piece of land that his department physically maintains.  He stated that this area is not necessarily a right-of-way, but that maintenance from approximately 25 feet in from the side of the street is still the responsibility of his department.

“It’s a felony to remove a sign,” proclaimed Nadeau who contacted the office of the Attorney General in accordance with RSA 664:18.  Nadeau was told by this office that the matter will be further investigated.

“I don’t discriminate over who owns the sign,” pointed out Kevin Burns.  Burns added that it is definitely “not a joy to pull a sign for a sitting Selectman.”

State law requires that signs removed by the Highway Department be held for one week.  In Hudson, according to Town Administrator Steve Malizia, signs are often retained for two weeks.  Kevin Burns added that signs are often held even longer than this should their owners wish to retrieve them.  

As far as both Nadeau and Rodgers were aware, none of their other signs were removed from local areas.  Whether or not election results could have been compromised by the removal of the signs on the Campbell Avenue property cannot be known for sure.  Rodgers felt that it did not.  

During the weekend before the election, both Rodgers and Nadeau replaced their signs in this location.  As of Sunday evening, their signs were still standing.

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Hudson Election Results

Town Election
Selectman - Three year term Vote for one
Kenneth "Ken" Massey 1966
Write ins 68
Town Clerk/Tax Collector - Three year tern Vote for one
Benjamin Nadeau 358
Harry A. Schibanoff 277
Patricia "Patti" Barry 1642*
Joyce Goodwin 220
Budget Committee - Three year term Vote for three
Ted Luzzy 88*
Tim Bolen 67*
John Drabonowicz 55*
Budget Committee - One year term Vote for one
Tim Bolen (needs to choose) 19*
Cemetery Trustee - Three year term Vote for one
George A. Mosnicka 828
J. Bradford Seabury 1359*
Write ins 10
Code of Ethics - Three year term Vote for two
Dianne Emanuelson 1821*
Write ins 51
Code of Ethics - Two year term Vote for one
Not filled
Library Trustee - Three year term Vote for two
Anne C. "Connie" Owen 1676*
Scott Slattery 1338*
Write ins 11
Moderator - Three year term Vote for one
Paul Inderbitzen 2025*
Write ins 11
Supervisor of the Checklist - Six year term Vote for one
Joyce Cloutier 1954*
Write ins 7
Supervisor of the Checklist - Four year term Vote for one
Julieta Stone 1916*
Write ins 6
Trustee of the Trust Fund - Three year term Vote for one
Russell T. Ober III 1849*
Write ins 6
Zoning Amendments
Article 2: Yes No
Dimensional Requirements 1566 773
Article 3:
Permitted Uses 1450 874
Article 4:
Amend Zoning Map 1532 846
Article 5:
Amend Zoning Map - Petitioned (2/3 needed) - Failed 1397 950
Article 6:
Senior Center Addition (3/5 needed) - Failed 1385 1175
Selectmen's Articles
Article 7:
Contract for Police, Fire and Town Supervisors Association 1574 943
Article 8:
Wage and Benefit Increase, Non-union Personnel 1519 983
Article 9:
Wage and Benefit Increase, Full Time Library Employees 1658 842
Article 10:
Operating Budget 1828 639
Article 11:
Hiring of Two Police Officers 1379 1169
Article 12:
Design/Reconstruction/Repair, Pelham Road Dam 1650 817
Article 13:
Sale of Town-owned Property 1856 673
Article 14:
Fire Apparatus Refurbish and Repair Capital Reserve Fund 1845 664
Article 15:
Capital Reserve Fund for Future Property Revaluations 1247 1170
Article 16:
Land Use Change Tax Fund 1539 886
Article 17:
Vote Tallies on Warrant Articles 1967 429
Article 18:
Resolution to Discuss State Tax Options - Petitioned 946 1499
School District
School Board - Three year term Vote for two
Lee M. Lavoie 1113*
Michael A. Mell 488
Gary J. Rodgers 1164*
Lars T. Christiansen 916
Robert Everett 409
Write ins 12
Moderator - One year term Vote for one
Paul E. Inderbitzen 1958*
Write ins 11
School District Clerk - One year term Vote for one
J. Bradford Seabury 1850*
Write ins 21
School District Treasurer - One year term Vote for one
Cecile Y. Nichols 1953*
Write ins 14
Articles Yes No
Article 1:
Operating Budget 1653 822
Article 2:
Construction of Maintenance Building 1300 1193
Article 3:
Salary and Benefit Changes - Non-bargaining staff members 1487 1007
Article 4:
After School Tutorial Academic Assistance Program 1661 863
Article 5:
Increase Stipend of School District Moderator 1728 725
Article 6:
Increase Stipend of School District Clerk 1724 729
Article 7:
School Renovation Capital Reserve Fund 1547 873
Article 8:
Discontinue School Construction Capital Reserve Fund 1727 695
* Indicates winner
There were 2626 votes cast
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Litchfield Election Results

Town Election

Selectman - Three year term

Vote for one
Steven D. Perry 610
John Pinciaro 594
Kevin H. Smith 147
Robert D. Bennett 499
John K. Brunelle 390
Frank A. Byron 702*
James J. Censabella 104
Patricia Jewett 752*

Budget Committee - Three year term

Vote for three
Paul D. Parker 1027*
Raymond C.Peeples, Jr. 1113*
Moira P. Beineid 882

Town Clerk/Tax Collector

Theresa L. Briand 1756*


Horace W. Seymour III (resigned) 526

Library Trustee

Diane L. Jerry 1828*

Supervisor of the Checklist - Three year term

Christine E. Lepine 1033*
Mary Nicholas 619


Article 2:

Yes No
Growth Management 1431 583

Article 3:

Fire Station 927 1329*

Article 4:

Operating Budget 1134 1054

Article 5:

Engineering Design for Albuquerque 1192 984

Article 6: Bond Article

Drainage System for Corning Road 1067 1108

Article 7:

Two Full Time Police Officers 1020 1183

Article 8:

Guardrail at Nesenkeag Brook on Albuquerque 869 1296

Article 9:

Change Road Agent to Full Time 1061 1088

School District

School Board - Three year term

Vote for two
Margaret Almeida 814
Cynthia Couture 1087*

Moderator - One year term

Vote for one
John Regan 1787

School District Clerk - One year term

Vote for one
Lynne Baddeley 1607

School District Treasurer - One year term

Vote for one
Lynn Baddeley 1645


Article 1:

New School 1139 1145*

Article 2:

Operating Budget 1366* 892
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