Candygrams at Haigh School

by Robyn Hatch

Friends for life:  Katie, Victoria, Kendra, Montana, Maleena, Gregg, Billie, and Emily

Haigh School once again, under the direction of Sue Hall and Kathie Pappalardo, did a Candygrams adventure.  This is a fun occasion with lots of participation – the students made little bundles of assorted candies, each tied with a message and ribbons.  The students were able to take them home for Valentines Day.  This is an event very well organized, very exciting and a good time for friends to be together after school.  Again, each student was able to get a bundle to give to a friend or parent, made with lots of love.  Nice event.

Making Candygrams

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An Angel among Us

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz

During these tough times, both economically and emotionally, with many of our loved ones serving in the military overseas, battling the war on terror, I and many others will take comfort in knowing that there are still a few among us with hearts bigger than we could ever begin to understand.  So many of us celebrated Valentine’s Day with our sweethearts last Thursday.  Flower and gift shops were bustling with business and Ford Flowers of Salem was no different, except for one thing.  An angel among us who does not wish to be known contacted Ford Flowers and wanted to pay for all flower and gift orders that were from soldiers serving overseas.

One customer of Ford Flowers was so touched by this she began to tell family and friends about it.  Ellen Gagnon of Windham said, “My son Tom is serving over in Iraq.  I had spoken with him earlier in the week and he had wanted to send flowers to his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.  I placed his order online, so I called the florist just to confirm that everything was all set.  The woman I spoke to asked if my son was a soldier enlisted in the military and serving overseas.  I replied yes.  That’s when she told me that a man had called them and said he would like to pay for all the orders that were from soldiers serving overseas.  I was so touched by this I got goose bumps and began to cry.  There really are nice people in this world.  I asked if I could have his name so I could thank him somehow, but he does not want to be known.”

So on behalf of Ellen Gagnon, her son Tom Dubois, and all our local overseas soldiers who sent their loved ones gifts and flowers for Valentine’s Day through Ford Flowers of Salem, we thank you, our angel among us … whoever you are.

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Salem High School Celebrates National FBLA Week

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz

Future Business Leaders of America were on a mission of awareness last week.  Nationwide FBLA chapters at high schools across the country celebrated National Future Business Leaders of America Week.  The entire week was a contest throughout all of the New Hampshire FBLA chapters.

Salem High School members were extremely busy last week.  Student Katelyn Alfano said, “This has been my busiest week all year.  With presentations and fundraising inside and outside of school, it’s well worth how time consuming it is.”  All members of Salem High School’s FBLA chapter participate in one way or another.

The 130 members managed many projects from February 11 through February 15 in addition to projects in which they are always involved.  There were week-long sales of snowmen to benefit the “Make a Wish” Foundation.  The students organized a week-long clothing and food drive to benefit needy families.  They held a “Blue Jeans For Babies” campaign to benefit “March of Dimes.”  Students also created posters and bulletin boards promoting FBLA week at the school.  One of Salem High School’s FBLA state officers, Stacey Frederico, surrendered her car to fellow members so they could “deck out” Stacey’s car with FBLA promotional “stuff,” promoting FBLA everywhere she drove last week.

All activities were to be documented by the student members and submitted to Co-Presidents Katelyn and Lauren Alfano.  The scrapbook not only captures the memories but also their proof to submit to the New Hampshire FBLA leaders to be judged on how well students performed their assignment of promoting their FBLA chapter, as well as encouraging local inactive chapters to think about starting up again.

Salem High has one of the largest FBLA chapters in the state.  Over recent years the number of members has increased from the 30s to well over 100.  The will to achieve in the future is obvious.  That gives great cause to celebrate with plenty of after-school rewards such as a pizza party, night of bowling at Park Place Lanes, McDonald’s after school, dinner and a movie at Chunky’s and more.

The educational and social aspects that FBLA offers the students are absolutely priceless.  It creates more involvement with other school activities, including everyday classes, exposes them to local business leaders who also act as mentors and begins the training these business-minded students need to become the future in the business world.  These students also become exposed to and involved with local colleges through Phi Beta Lambda chapters.  Phi Beta Lambda is the college equivalent of FBLA.  Their members provide presentations and advice to current FBLA members, prepping them for their college experiences.

I spoke to four Salem High School FBLA members last week, out of the curiosity of how they felt they benefited from FBLA week, and what type of career paths they could foresee.  Their responses were quite mature.

Lauren Alfano, co-president, said, “I am reminded this week of how important FBLA is in high schools.  Business practices are involved in every career.  I would like to see my chosen career path to lead me into marketing or public relations for a major league baseball team.”  When speaking with Lauren’s twin sister, Katelyn Alfano, also co-president, she said, “I definitely benefited from FBLA week.  From spreading the word, fundraising, and just being more involved at school, I feel I have learned more.  My future career is undecided, but I would like it to be in some type of business communications.”

FBLA Vice-President Brian Cannone said, “I too benefited from FBLA week.  It was a great opportunity to let the school know what we do as an organization, it was good to be involved.”  Cannone would like his career to be involved in economics with a political concentration.  Rob Woodbury said, “I benefited from FBLA week as well.  It’s a good opportunity to reach out to our school, encouraging new members to join next fall.”  Woodbury would love to see his future lead him into a career dealing with marketing and finance.

The students raised at least $1,000 for March of Dimes and more than $100 for Make a Wish Foundation.  Way to go FBLA!

FBLA of Salem High School will remain busy throughout the remainder of the school year.  A few of the events will be a job interview contest starting the week of March 18.  Members of the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce will interview participating FBLA members.  Students will present a professional cover letter, resume, and references for potential jobs in their chosen career paths.  Winning students receive prizes.

On Thursday, April 3, and Friday, April 4, Salem’s FBLA members will attend a two-day statewide leadership conference in Manchester to come together with other chapters regarding all aspects of business and leadership. 

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Lancaster Opera

The performers in Opera Presto!

Lancaster’s kids got to experience something new and out of the usual.  A team from Opera Presto! (from the Boston area), presented Hansel and Gretel and The Magic Flute.  Opera Presto! was a musical education production involving four talented musicians.  This team brought the  beauty of live opera, maybe for some the first and only time.  With ingenious costumes, Opera Presto! performed two condensed operas with violin, cello, piano and voice in lively modern English.

In Hansel and Gretel, Humperdinck’s fanciful music brought this familiar fairy tale to life.  There was singing and dancing.

The Magic Flute showed goodness in this famous Mozart opera.  The bird catcher, Papageno, lead the students through a fantasy of beautiful music and charmed characters.

This whole assembly is something the kids will never forget.

Musician tuning up for show

This could be good

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