Woodbury Winter Carnival

by Robyn Hatch

Ashley and Emily, friends, sharing snow cones

On February 8, Woodbury School once again held its famous Winter Carnival to a stand-only crowd.  The highlight was the Snowflake Raffle Table with at least 30 baskets with a value well over $60 each.  One of the bigger prizes was a huge white bear won by Stephanie Graffeo.  A grill donated by Home Depot also was available.

An ice sculpture presented by the Atkinson Country Club (artist Chun Lee) was at the doorway of the school.  Bates Entertainment again hit the stage with music, dancing and a fashion show.  Mr. Kelly’s Family Feud Contest, a Live Fit New Hamp[shire Challenge, pie eating contest and musical chairs rounded out some of the events in the large gym. 

Woodbury’s Jazz Band entertained.  In the cafeteria, there were hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, candy, coke, water and more.  There also was face painting and more raffles.

In the small gym, Dance Revolution took place, kiddie games, Boy Scout activities, card games, candy walk and Knockout Basketball.

When the night ended, everyone left with food, raffle prizes and an excitement to do it again next year.  Great job Woodbury and all who put this event together!

Jazz band

Helping sell food

Donna and Criag Harris

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Quilts Donated to Medical Center by Woman’s Club

The Woman’s Club of Salem held its monthly meeting at Kelley Library and donated five quilts to Parkland Medical Center.  These quilts are a continuing project of love, cut and stitched by Salem High School, drawings on some of the squares were made by students of Lancaster, and the final finishing work was completed by the Woman’s Club.  These quilts are being made continuously to help people in need.  What a touching gesture.

Inspecting quilts, Gene Silver, Barbara Elliot and Jeanine Gabour

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North Salem Celebrates 100 Days of School

by Robyn Hatch

February 8 marked the 100th day of school at North Salem Elementary School.  Each class marked the day with its own celebration.  Some created their own T-shirts decorated with 100 items, while others just brought in 100 items they were collecting, such as stamps, coins etc.  These photos reflect the creativity of the kids, and the names have been eliminated on purpose.  Mrs. Scenna, Mrs. Kelley, and Mrs. Maynard were kind enough to allow a little time for photos.  Each child had a unique way of being creative to reflect each individual personality.  Good job!

Writing 100 on board

100 crayons, 100 basketballs, 100 dots - all fun stuff...

100 hearts

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Photography Contest Winners

The winners of the January Photography Contest have been selected! 

The winning photographer is Nancie Martin of Salem.  Growing up in New Hampshire — with the mountains, the sea, the forest, and rolling farmland never more than an hour away — Nancie developed an early love of nature and nature’s beauty.  As a child, she began taking photographs to capture what she saw, first for her own enjoyment and later, as a teenager, to share with friends and family.  Her hobby turned into a passion, and for the last 20 years she has traveled throughout New England, honing her craft and finding beauty in some of the most unlikely places.  This photograph is entitled “Winter’s Wonderland.” 

Honorable mentions go to Patty Gaddis of Fremont and Tina Fournier of Salem. 

Patty loves photography and has worked in Salem for 14 years.  Her favorite subjects are nature and historical objects.  Her photograph is entitled “Lonely Tree.” 

Tina has lived with her husband and three dogs in Salem for 10 years.  Taking a photo of the pups has become a New Year’s Day tradition at their house.  Her photograph is entitled “Snow Day – Let’s Go Sleddin’.” 

Nancie Martin’s photo, “Winter’s Wonderland.”

Patty Gaddis’ photo, “Lonely Tree.”

Tina Fournier’s photo, Snow Day – Let’s Go Sleddin’.”

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