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Pre-Schoolers Learn Safety Secrets

by Robyn Hatch

Pre-schoolers listening to a lecture on safety.

The Salem Fire Department and Trinity Ambulance got together at the Boys Club to show the preschoolers a little magic.  About 30 youngsters got to see the fire suit, touch the suit, and see a “real fireman” dressed in his special gear.  Safety secrets were given to the kids — like where to go in case of a real fire, and what to do in a time of emergency.

Trinity Ambulance let the children sit in an electric wheelchair, and to experience the wonders of a stretcher.  This whole presentation was brought down to the pre-K level.  The ending involved climbing through the ambulance and receiving a fireman’s hat at the other end.  The children loved this presentation.

Once again, a special thanks to the Salem Fire Department and Trinity Ambulance!

Chris Banford (Trinity Ambulance) with his daughters, Elisabeth and Jillian.

A Salem Firefighter reaches for the hand of a pre-schooler.

St. Francis Day — Blessing of the Animals

by Robyn Hatch

Cathy Hall and Molly

St. David’s Episcopal Church held their annual St. Francis Day — Blessing of the Animals outside in their parking lot.  This was a very special event, overshadowed by Pastor Carolyn Stevenson.  There were dogs, a cat, and even some gerbils.  This event was also sponsored in part by the Salem Animal Rescue League.

St. David’s was founded in 1961 by a handful of Salem residents who had been traveling to nearby towns to attend an Episcopal church and decided to start one here in Salem.

Hannah Tenney Methodist Church in Salem housed the original congregation in the beginning.  Later, in its first year, the present property consisting of a farmhouse (the present rectory) and a barn (the present sanctuary) was purchased, and because of growth, the east wing was added in 1968.  The cross behind the altar was constructed from fence posts from the original farm.  This is a constant reminder to the members of St. David’s beginning.

St. David’s is a congregation of people who are at different places along the journey of personal faith and who care deeply about one another.  Many members come from areas outside of Salem and from different faiths.  Everyone is welcome to share in the love of Jesus the Christ.  This is well worth the adventure of discovery.

Jen Lemieux and Rocky

Jenny Gould and Chloe

Sam Panciocco and Lucy

Pastor Carolyn Stevenson


Pastor Carolyn Stevenson blessing Damian Ryan’s dog Wally.

Town Manager Honored on His Retirement

by Len Lathrop

The Atkinson Country Club was the scene where over 300 people came to say, well, not goodbye, but happy retirement, and what will you do next?  Dr Henry E. LaBranche was the guest of honor for a night that included many accolades and recognitions from both Salem’s leaders and the State of New Hampshire elected body.

Dr. Henry LaBranche retired after three years of being Salem’s Town Manager; prior to becoming Town Manager, he served as Superintendent of Schools for 17 years.

The Salem High School Jazz Band entertained those who were on hand to show their appreciation to Dr. LaBranche.  The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Chuck Morse who started the night with the Pledge of Allegiance.  A blessing was offered by Reverend David E. Yasenka from the Triumphant Cross Lutheran Church.  And then the meal was served.

Many speakers addressed the gathering after dinner.  They included current Superintendent of Schools Michael Delahanty who reminisced that while you always new that Dr. LaBranche had your back you knew that he expected no less than your best effort.

His daughter, Amy Downing, brought the room to laughter and maybe some tears as she talked about her dad and things that happened as the Superintendent’s daughter, as a teacher at Woodbury.  “I learned I can stop a conversation by just entering the room.  As a student, I was known for kissing the Superintendent most every day.  Rest assured, I no longer kiss the Superintendent.”  In closing, she stated that “while I decided on teaching, whatever I had chosen, my father’s directions would be to “attack it with Principle, Pride, and Passion.”

Son Matt opened with the statement that he didn’t prepare anything, “Like my father, I just enjoy listening to myself talk.”  He spoke about having his dad as a coach in his sporting careers and, now being a coach himself, he wanted to know, with this team’s spring trip just a winter away, if there is any other job for his Dad in town?  Matt stressed that he had taken from his Dad “that the right decision isn’t always the popular decision, but the right decision.”  The grandchildren stole the evening with a poem about their Granddad.

The Salem Selectmen were up next with the Key to the Town of Salem and a declaration from New Hampshire Governor John Lynch, declaring October 4, 2007, Dr. Henry LaBranche Day, followed by Representative Robert J. Elliot with a letter of congratulations from Senator Michael W. Downing, then Representative Ronald J. Belanger with greetings and salutations from U. S. Senator Sununu, the Representative delegation from New Hampshire District 4 lead by the Honorable Mary Griffin with a proclamation from the House.

Nanci Carney, a longtime family friend and a very active community member, was the final speaker before Dr. LaBranche, who read a poem about Henry.

When the Doctor got to the podium he received another standing ovation.  He spoke of his time serving Salem as “second to none,” and “investing in people - taking risks, making mistakes and growing, maybe adding value.  To his grandchildren – he would “leave a world to them that has been as good as it has to me.”  He spoke of Quality is Job One - Quality in the eyes of the customer.  He thanked all the people he had worked with in his 42 year career as a teacher and coach, assistant superintendent, superintendent, and town manager, and with 37 years of budget committee, school board, and selectmen meetings.  “I am meeting out.”

As he drew to a close, he thanked his wife Pam for allowing him to do his work and her support of him, and he closed by saying, “I just came to work every day.”

LaBranche’s grandchildren meet their Grand Uncle, Michael.

Dr Henry E. LaBranche

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