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Grandparents Day at Fisk School

Cole Corbett from Mrs. Marshall’s second-grade class with grandparents Frank and Eleanor Lyons and Uncle Mike Lyons.

If you were wondering what was happening at the Mary Fisk School Friday morning, it was Grandparents Day.  The parking lot was filled, and cars lined both sides of South Policy Road.  Greeted by PTA moms with nametags for all, and then a quick turn into the cafeteria where pastry and fruit was set out for them to enjoy. 

As 9 a.m. approached, Principal Susan Rhodes led the procession of grammies, grampies, nanas, and papas up the stairs to the far end of the school where the second-grade classrooms are located.  Quickly settled, the unit on apples was on display.  Applesauce, which was made the day before, was tasted, and word games were played. 

As all the grandparents and special friends were busy, the first-grader grandparents and special friends were arriving for their time, which was set for 9:30 a.m., and the school day continued with every grade having their set time throughout the day.

In Mrs. Seastead’s class, Cathy and Joe Pagliarulo were helping their granddaughter Emily Maciver with her apple word game. 

High School Renovations Revealed to Voters

by Len Lathrop

Proposed new main entrance.

About 50 citizens gathered in the Seifert Auditorium on Monday to watch a PowerPoint presentation, where Bernard Campbell, a school board member, explained the renovation plans that the Salem School Board hopes the town’s taxpayers will support at the polls in March 2008 and 2009 to address the safety needs, security concerns, and educational programming needs at the high school.

This renovation would upgrade 140,585 square feet of the original building, which opened in 1966, and another 78,356 square feet that was added in 1970.  The 50,000 square foot vocational center, which was built in 1987, is not included in this renovation.  Key systems will be upgraded, including the HVAX, along with new utilities.  There will be new, more efficient lighting and the installation of communications and data systems in hallways and classrooms.

Mr. Campbell walked the audience and the television watcher through the step-by-step changes that the facility will endure to end up with a school modified for an enrollment of 1,600 and core capacity of 2,000.  Renovations include converting the existing library to office space, providing a secure main visitor’s entrance, building a new library in the current office space that will expand into the courtyard, converting the upper gym into science labs that meet current standards, converting the Davis Gym into a rehearsal space for band and chorus, expanding and renovating the Seifert Auditorium, and turning the vacated band room into a backstage area with storage and changing rooms for students and community.

The first step in this plan is to build new gymnasiums in a standalone facility to replace the space taken for the new science labs and performing arts center.  It would also allow outside groups to access the school without interfering with students’ and educators’ daily routines.  It was pointed out that this would be a comparable space to the facility that is there today.

Proposed library changes.

Renovation costs were presented as a working estimate: $41 million, with a 30-percent state contribution and an estimated cost of $28.7 million to Salem taxpayers.  Campbell stated that the voters this March would be asked for $1.5 million for schematic designs and the documents necessary to be able to provide “firm” cost estimates for the construction bonds.  With voters’ approval in 2008 and 2009, the work could begin in July 2009 and be completed by 2011.

Campbell asked for questions after the presentation.  Several residents focused their concerns on the cost of the project and if the voters would approve it.  Mr. James Robaudo wanted to see if the school board had a back position, as he put it, “based on this presentation” and waving the PowerPoint printout if the renovations didn’t meet safety, security, or educational standards.  While Campbell stated that there is no other plan, he did emphasize that the renovations will need to be done.  Other questions focused around other buildings in the district and their needs, and what is going to happen with kindergarten.

The presentation is available on the school district Website at, and will be replayed on cable TV.  Campbell stressed that this is a public-information effort at this time.

Proposed science changes.

Proposed new athletic facilities.

Photos courtsey of Salem School District.

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