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Salem Police Officers Memorial Ceremony

Salem High School Air Force JR ROTC Color Guard was at the Pine Grove Cemetery in Salem, on June 14, to honor and remember men and women who had served as police officers in the town of Salem. 

Chief of Police Paul Donovan places a wreath in front of the Police Officers Memorial.

Henry LaBranche, Salem Town Manager, speaks to Salem police officers, honoring those who have died, and gives thanks to police officers for continued service to the community. 

Salem Teacher Retires after 29 Years

by Katelyn Haggerty

Salem Christian School will have trouble replacing third grade teacher Mrs. Geraldine Haynes, who taught at the school since it opened in 1978 and instilled a desire to learn in her students.

Mrs. Haynes had been a stay at home mom for 14 years when she decided to begin working at SCS.  She had taught Kindergarten through the fifth grade, but her favorite grade was the third.

Haynes remembered, “I taught first grade for five years, but I wanted to teach with more conversations with the kids.  I can’t think of one negative thing about teaching the third grade.”

Being the only teacher that skied at the school, Haynes started an after-school ski club at McIntyre Ski Area; although she said she couldn’t have done it without all the help from parents and another teacher.  The club didn’t have any busses, so parents would drive and chaperone.  Haynes also helped run the after-school bowling club for over five years.

“It has been a privilege and a blessing to work here.  There is a real family here.  I will miss Wednesday Chapel with the children, and I will be popping in from time to time.  I will miss that light of understanding when children understand a concept; that’s why we teach.  I think we are called to certain jobs.  Teaching is a wonderful career, it has been great, and it is so rewarding working with children.  We teach the basic Christian beliefs; it’s a standard to guide children by.  Faith is real to kids, and prayers that we do, go a long way.  My advice for the children is to follow Luke 2:52.  The passage is all about growing in wisdom through mental, emotional, physical, and social ways, and all aspects of life.”

Mrs. Haynes has been married to her husband for 43 years and has four children and six grandchildren.  There are two other teachers in the family; her son Ken is a professor at Brown, and her son Andy teaches English to business people in Boston.  Her daughter Natalie is a librarian, and her daughter Wendy is the business girl of the family. 

This summer, Haynes looks forward to playing golf and tennis, and volunteering.   

A Very Old Group Marches into Town

by Scott E. Green

Sometimes news stories are picked up in the strangest ways.  At the recent Memorial Day Parade in Salem, the Salem Edition editor took a photo of a group of parade participants in Civil War uniforms and asked for some research to be done on their identity.

They are Gilman Sleeper, Camp 60 of the Department of New Hampshire of the Sons of Union War Veterans of the Civil War.  The organization is one of several groups that are lineal descendants of the Grand Army of the Republic, a post Civil War veterans’ organization that in its heyday was one of the most powerful political, social and cultural organization in America.  The goals of the Sons of Union War Veterans and its sibling groups are to keep alive the ideals and memories of the Union soldiers and sailors who fought the Civil War.

Full membership is offered to descendants of Civil War veterans and associate membership is offered to non-descendants.

The Salem Camp, (camp is the term for the Sons local groups) was founded at the beginning of this year.  Cynthia Brown, the Secretary of the Camp’s auxiliary explained that “... we decided to adopt the name and number of the local Grand Army of the Republic post that was in town many years ago..."

Sleeper was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Fourth New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry and is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery.

“The Camp’s first project will be to clean up that part of Pine Grove Cemetery where Civil War veterans are buried, mark and identify the graves all to be done in conjunction with veterans groups,” said Cynthia Brown.

In order to find out more about the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, go to their national Website at , scroll down to New Hampshire, click, scroll down to the entry for the Sleeper Camp.  Or you can simply call the camp’s Secretary Ellsworth Brown at 870-0043.

Why Senator Downing Voted To Table CACR 19

by Scott E. Green

Last week, Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolution (CACR) 19, the proposed constitutional amendment on state support of local education that was supposed to replace CACR 18 which was killed in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, was itself tabled in the State Senate.

State Senator Michael Downing (R - Salem) was one of the state senators who voted first against CACR 19 and then voted to table the amendment in the State Senate.

Downing elaborated on his reason for the vote.  “First, many state senators were not willing to vote for a major piece of legislation like this because the hearing on it was held on the same day it was scheduled to be voted on.  Many state senators including myself were not able to get to the hearing,” Senator Downing said.

Additionally, senators had questions about what the language of the CACR meant in terms of actually implementing the amendment.  The sponsors of the CACR often did not, or were unable to give answers.  For Senator Downing, it was state mandates.

“I asked specifically if the CACR allowed the state to impose mandates on local school districts without funding them.  No one could answer me either way,” commented Downing.

The Senator added that the CACR had to be more intensely studied before it was allowed off the table for a final Senate vote. 

Salem News Office Opening

After three weeks of providing your new hometown Salem paper, Michael and Elizabeth Moore Ltd., would like you to know how much we appreciate the reception that our paper has received from you, the readers.  We are excited to be in Salem, bringing you the news, information, entertainment, and local flavor of your town.

In keeping with the pulse of Salem, we are proud to announce that the Area News Group Salem Edition will have an office located at 68 Stiles Road that will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  We welcome you to stop by with announcements, news, pictures, to inquire about advertising, or just to say hello and give us a chance to put a face to the names that we hear about and write about.  Although we are awaiting phone hook-up, feel free to contact us at our Hudson office at 880-1516, or e-mail

Remember that you only have a few short weeks to get your contest entries in for our “Name the Paper” contest.  We are excited about the entries that we have already received and look forward to seeing more.

Since this is a local newspaper, exclusive to Salem, we welcome your input and story ideas, and encourage you to let us know what you would like to see and read about in the paper.  We thank you for your warm welcome and compliments on our initial issues and look forward to your continued input and support. 

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