Fun Between the Storms

Jordan and Tyler McGravy were found at The Field of Dreams wooden train between thunder storms on Monday afternoon.

The End Is Near

by Scott E. Green

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On October 31, one major road project in Southeastern New Hampshire is going to be completed; the Route 111 By-pass from Windham to the ramps of Exit 3 of I-93, bypassing most of Salem will be completed.  Two projects need to be completed:  reconstruction from the intersection of Lake Avenue and Route 28 in Salem to the intersection of Jones and Harris Roads in Windham; while at the same time constructing the Route 111 By-pass from the northbound ramps of I-93’s Exit 3 to Flat Rock Brook Bridge in Windham.

One of the principle reasons for the By-pass has been to relieve the terrible congestion of cars and trucks in downtown Salem, and some residential streets such as Shadow Lake Road going to and from I-93.

As both town and state officials told this newspaper, planning in the 80s and 90s prevented many delays when money and resources were finally able to start the work in 2003. 

Steve Cast, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation project manager for construction of the Route 111 By-pass pointed out that, “Because of careful planning we were able to avoid sensitive sites of historical, archeological or environmental nature and avoid the headaches and delays that go with it.”

Salem Town Planner Russ Moldoff noted that “Salem lost no commercial tax base to the construction.”

Relay for Life of Salem:

‘Pirates’ Walk the Track (Not the Plank) for a Cancer Cure

by Denise Rush

Move over Johnny Depp and your alter-ego Jack Sparrow, the Salem Radiology X Rayders are the new pirates in town.  But, instead of raising havoc on the high seas of the Caribbean, what they will be raising is money and awareness to defeat “world’s end”, the ultimate medical enemy—Cancer.

The way that they’ll be doing this is by participating in the third annual Relay for Life of Salem, sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  This 18-hour festival of music, food, and camaraderie is to be held Saturday, June 23 from 4 p.m. – Sunday, June 24 at 10 a.m. at Salem High School’s Grant Field.  The “X-Rayders” (the x-ray technologists and office staff) from Salem Radiology are only one of many teams from the local community who have collected contributions from co-workers, friends, family, local businesses, and service organizations.  On relay day, all these volunteers, along with their designated team captains, will pitch tents, decorate them with a theme, and set-up “campsites” around the track.

“We chose the pirate theme for our tent because we thought it went well with our slogan, The X Rayders,” said Nicole Medlock, Team Captain for Salem Radiology.  “Our personal goal is to have each team member raise $100.  But really, the entire event is about so much more than fundraising.”

The relay is about the caring and sharing of the roller-coaster of emotions that not only affect the individual who receives a cancer diagnosis, but everyone who comes in contact with that person.  It is about coming together as a community, strong in numbers and believing that a difference can be made.  It is an overwhelming display of compassion and inspiration that not only honors those who have lost their lives to this dreaded disease, but also celebrates those who have beat the odds and survived.  Being a part of the relay means something different for each participant, as there is a story behind each step, and each step validates and celebrates that life and that individual.

“I am walking because my sister is currently battling cancer.  Even though she doesn’t live around here, her treatment is still ongoing,” said Nicole.  Another technologist from Salem Radiology, Michelle Lambert, stated, “I have many relatives who have struggled with different forms of this disease, one of whom passed away from lung cancer.”

One of the many ways that people like Nicole and Michelle’s relatives will be honored at Relay for Life is at the Luminaria ceremony.  This is where the entire track is aglow at night with the soft illuminating effect of white candle-lit bags lining its perimeter.  Each bag will have either a survivor or a loved one’s name on it that lost the battle with cancer.  Participants march around them in the somber silence of the moment.

The Relay for Life, however, is also about celebration of exactly that – life.  This will happen during the Survivor Lap, when those who have beaten the odds march in unity with happiness in their hearts and “soles.” 

There will also be many more upbeat moments when the sun will shine through in celebration.  In fact, there will be fun-filled happenings scheduled just about every hour on the hour and at each campsite visited. 

There will be themed-laps where volunteers will dress up accordingly as they loop around Grant Field.  Some of the themes will be:  the Disney Lap for Kids, the Pirate Lap (of course), the Halloween Lap, Mardis Gras and Prom Night marches, a ’50s stroll, Toga, Australia, Purple People Easters, and Mexican Laps.  There will even be an American Idol competition on the agenda as well.  And, as if that’s not enough, there will be music, pictures, and food.  There will even be a campsite-judging contest, as each tent and its volunteers will have something special to offer.

“Our team,” said Nicole, “is going to have a raffle for a gift basket which will include Red Sox tickets, movie tickets, and there’s a possibility we will even have Bruins tickets.”  Other Salem Radiology members who are involved in the relay include:  Beverly DuBois, Pamela Davidson, Dee Rapisarda, Mitzi McGee, Carol Berube, and Kelsey Tucker.  If you would like to join their team or just walk to help the cause, pre-register online or register the day of the event at the welcoming booth.

As Nicole Medlock, team captain, said in her best pirate voice:  “Arrrr, matey.  Join Relay for Life.”

This 18-hour event will make a difference in the goal to fund cancer research, education, and advocacy within the community of Salem.  These “good pirates” want to do their part and not “abandon the ship by walking the plank” so to speak.  They choose to walk the track to stay on track for a cancer cure, won’t you?

If you would like more information, or wish to participate as a walker or a sponsor (there is a $10 registration fee), or if you have any additional questions or concerns, you can access the Relay for Life of Salem Website at:  The contact person listed on the Website is Kathy Smith, and she can be reached at 471-4121.  If you would like to sponsor the X-Rayders of Salem Radiology, click on the sidebar that says:  Be a Sponsor in 2007.  There are some restrictions regarding children who wish to participate in the walk. 

Board of Selectmen’s Notes: Monday June 4

by Jay Hobson

The Salem Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the appropriation of $65,000 on a recommendation by Salem Community Development Director Bill Scott, to create “bid level documents” for a fiber optics network that would benefit municipal and school use for the town.

Currently, the school system has eight networks and the consolidation under the new plan would create one network for the entire system, including municipal use, that would be under the complete control of the town according to Scott.

“For the past several months we have been working in conjunction with the Salem School District to create a way in which we could advance more expeditiously, and with more efficiency, a fiber optic network that would that would add value to public safety.”  Town Manager Dr. H. E. LaBranch said.

Selectman Elizabeth Roth asked if the existing fiber optic equipment that was put in place by Verizon would be used.  Development Director Scott answered noting that present Verizon equipment would not be involved and new cables would be laid which would give the town full control over the system.  He further noted that all town departments would be on the system.

The money needed for the project would come from an account that is funded from user fees paid by the cable company, into two separate cable trust funds which currently has a balance of $721,000, Scott said.

In other business:

Town Manager Dr. H .E. LaBranche gave the names of the candidates for Town Manager.  They are:

  • Thomas R. Gaydos of Manchester, who is currently the Town Administrator for Pelham.
  • William L. Ross of Warwick, MD.  Ross is the Deputy Federal Security Director, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Airport under the Federal Transportation Security Administration.
  • William J. Scott of Newburyport, Massachusetts, is currently the Town of Salem Community Development Director.
  • Jonathan Sistare of Jaffrey is the current Town Manager of Jaffrey

Julie Kamal, Recreation Director informed the board of a gift of $750 from the Wal-Mart store in Methuen, Massachusetts, for the Field of Dreams playground on Geremonty Drive for “upkeep and maintenance of the park.”  The board accepted the donation and voted to send a letter of acceptance and thanks to the Wal-Mart store in Methuen.

Kamal also noted a warrant article at Town Meeting for the purchase of playground equipment for Michelle Memorial Park on Lawrence Road, and Salem Youth Baseball Association donated $5,000 for that purchase; the equipment will be installed in late summer and early fall.

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