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Finish It and They Did;

Pythons are New Hampshire Class I State Champs

by Len Lathrop

       Coach Todd Kress stood on the court in front of his team’s empty bench about 30 minutes before game time.  His statement was this:  if it was close as the end of three quarters, “we can take them.”  And it was - as the third quarter ended it was 47 Pythons 46 Falcons.  Pelham kept running and shooting and when the buzzer ended the game at Lundholm Gym Saturday, it was 66 Pelham High School 53 Bow.

       This trip to the championship started last summer according to Coach Kress.  “Last summer we all sat down and decided we needed a slogan.  The slogan of this team was ‘Finish it!’  You see it on the parents’ shirts; you see it on the back of our practice jerseys.”

       Senior forward James Roman led the Pythons with 21 points and 11 rebounds, also in double figures were Jeff Maguire with 12 points and Frank Hojlo with 11.  Freshman Justin Hojlo scored eight points.  James Farris tossed in two major three pointers as Mark Catalano hit a big trey in the fourth that seemed to start the 19 – 7 Python run to the championship.  Under the boards Aaron Lastoff battled the big men from Bow adding four points and pulled in four rebounds.

       As the press all gathered around Coach Todd Kress, “There was never a thought that we wouldn’t make it back here again.  We have the best player in the state in James Roman.  We’re a deep team.  We’re a senior-based team.  The experience we gained the last few years helped.  We knew what everything was about.  We knew how to deal with everything and that definitely makes a difference.”

       Kress‘ greatest compliment of Roman came with this closing quote:  “James Roman has rejuvenated Pelham basketball.  There are little kids all over Pelham that look at him and say ‘I want to be James Roman some day’.”

Destination ImagiNation Encourages Teamwork, Creative Skills

by Karen Plumley

       Even the youngest of Pelham residents can shine in a wonderful program that demonstrates creative and critical thinking skills.  The Destination ImagiNation Flagship program, formerly known as Odyssey of the Mind, is a program for young children that teaches creative problem solving and collaboration via a performance in front of a group of nonbiased judges. 

Andrew Letendre uses the jigsaw.

       Youngsters at Pelham Elementary School took place in a mock tournament on Monday evening to hone their abilities for Saturday’s regional competition at Nashua High School South.  Elementary students formed teams of no more than seven members and performed various plays, some which were created on the spot in an impressive display of improvisation.

       According to PES Principal Alicia LaFrance, Pelham Elementary School has participated in this program for the four years that the new school has been operational.  “And I would like to thank the two co-coordinators, who have such passion and devotion to this program,” said LaFrance, who went on to give credit to both Lanita English and Caroline Letendre for their hard work and coordination of the event.

       The rules for each team consisted of having at least one prop change, and inventing something out of newspaper and tape.  The creativity started with their team names.  With those such as “The Dolphin Challengers,” “The Wild Tigers,” and “The Pelham Creators,” the audience knew it was in for a treat. 

Taylor Kudalis uses the power screwdriver.

       The Dolphin Challengers performed a situation in which “snowgirls” hopped on board a plane that they thought was heading for Alaska, but instead landed in Florida.  It was an amusing mix of fun and ingenuity that garnered a great deal of applause.  Team managers Renee Tarpey and Karen Rutherford were very proud of their group of children who were in first and second grade.  “The kids wanted to participate and that’s how we (herself and Tarpey) got involved,” described Rutherford, whose son Mark was a lifeguard in the performance.  According to Tarpey, whose son Richie played the boy on the beach, and daughter Sophia played a snowgirl, the children worked for approximately one-and-a-half hours per week on the program since January.

       LaFrance quoted Thomas Edison in an appropriate sentiment that summed up the remarkable program.  “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”  The experience will surely stay with these children for the rest of their lives.

Taking on the "Kidz Rulz" challenge are (from left) Amelia English, Sarah Kyzer (behind Amelia), Taylor Kudalis, Rhiannon Snide, Andrew Letendre, Joshua Letendre and Michael Overy.  They're standing in front of the town they live in called "Silly Ville."

Warm Weather Attracts Many to Pelham Skate Park

photo by Spencer Webb

The warm weather brought out bikers and boarders who enjoyed the ramps at Pelham's Skate Park.

Software Upgrade for the Pelham School District off to a Good Start

by Diane Chubb

        “We are off to a good start,” said Brian Gallagher, the SAU business manager, as he gave an update on the accounting software upgrade at the March 8 Pelham School Board meeting.

       He and others at the SAU office have been meeting with Unifund of Nashua regarding the installation of the new accounting software package called BudgetSense® for Windows®.  The School Board recently approved the purchase of the software to replace the 18-year-old DOS-based system that is currently used. 

       The upgrade was required because the company announced that it would only provide very limited support for the DOS-based system after June 2006.  The SAU office has already experienced situations where the current system failed, and Unifund was unable to resolve the problem because of the age of the system. 

       Gallagher stated that the installation timeline has been set, and they have been working on the guidelines and requirements for each school district.  Although a lot of the data from the old system could be moved into the new system electronically, Gallagher admits that there is quite a bit of information that will need to be entered manually.  In addition, staff from the SAU office have been traveling to sister school districts to observe the software in action.

       Board member Linda Mahoney, who had voted against the purchase of the software upgrade at the February 22 board meeting, questioned Gallagher again on the source of the funds for the upgrade.  She stated that she was concerned about all of the budget cuts that had to be made last year due to the fact that voters did not approve the school district budget.  She also believed that there was no urgency to do the upgrade. 

       “Back in March 2005, after the default budget was voted in, you know we had to make some cuts and cuts in things that directly impacted students,” Mahoney said.  She went on to list some of the cuts that had to be made in staff and school programs.  Yet, she pointed out that there had been some money found in the budget for repairs and other things.  She questioned whether those cuts were even necessary.

       Chair Mike Conrad responded that the board cannot count on there being surplus money at the end of the year.  “We can't go in and say okay, we're going to have $200,000 left at the end of the year, so let's just not plan any cuts,” he stated.  He added that it is only now, three quarters of the way through the school year, that they could see that there would likely be a surplus in the budget. 

       At the prior board meeting, Gallagher had explained that the funding for the software upgrade would come from the surplus left in the budget to cover most, if not all, of the costs of the upgrade. 

       The surplus was due to savings in the medical insurance area.  First, some new and current Pelham School District employees chose a health plan option that provided health care coverage to them at a lower cost to the employee and the district.  Second, the final rates for all of the policies carried by HealthTrust came in lower than the figure originally budgeted.  Both of these changes resulted in real dollar savings for the district.  Pelham's share of the software upgrade is $64,400. 

       Gallagher also responded to Mahoney's comments regarding the required budget cuts.  “In terms of cuts, those were real, it was a mandate by the voters, and you were obligated to adjust your budget to the default level,” he said.  He went on to explain that the school district budget was a spending plan, similar to that of a household budget.  “It changes as we go forward.” 

       Member Steven Tello added that it was unfair to compare the circumstances of making the cuts then and leveraging the funds now.  “At that time, we were operating under a different set of circumstances.  We had cuts that needed to be made because that is what the voters had said to us.  These cuts were made unanimously at the time.” 

       Tello added that linking the cuts with the software upgrade “paints a portrait that this was a deceptive action, which I do not think this was.”  He repeated his comments that the imminent failure of the present accounting system was no different than replacing a boiler or a septic tank.  “I think that the board was taking a responsible action,” he stated. 

       Gallagher added that this expenditure was a chance for the district to move forward in terms of recordkeeping and moving their accounting system from a DOS-based system to a Windows system.  Gallagher reminded the board that the upgrade would allow the SAU office to present more information and more reports to meet the constant inquiries and requests for information.

       Mahoney agreed that the system required upgrading, but if the board had the money available, she would have liked to reinstate some of the programs cut previously. 

       Gallagher answered that board members received a report every month showing where the district stood with regard the budget.  If there was something that a board member believed was important, he and Superintendent Elaine Cutler were there to help the board move forward while staying within the budget. 

       Mahoney was also concerned about the source of the funds.  She believed that since the new software was for the SAU office, it should have come from the SAU operating budget. 

       However, Gallagher explained that since the system is for managing each district's separate budgets, and was the property of each school district, it was appropriate that each district pay for the upgrade.  This was confirmed by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration, who had been asked to review the transaction by a Pelham School Board member after the 4 - 1 vote in favor of the upgrade. 

Recreation Department Works With Selectmen

by Tom Tollefson

       The recent warm weather is a sure sign of spring.  With that comes baseball, which means one thing for Windham citizens, the opening of Griffin Park. 

       Members of the town recreation committee and softball league attended the Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday, March 6 to discuss several key issues concerning the use of Griffin Park in the spring and summer seasons that draw ever closer as the snow begins to melt and the sun comes out.

       The selectmen made a motion to ask Maintenance Supervisor Allen Barlow and Planning and Development Director Alfred Turner for a proposal about the cost of repairs for Griffin Park’s multi-purpose room and bathroom facilities before deciding on the issue of supplying the money for repairs from town funds.

       “We need to get the plans in time to get them to the public to vote on,” Selectman Alan Carpenter said referring to the adequate posting of the issue and participation of the public.

       Charles McMahon, New Hampshire State Representative, and President of the Windham Baseball League, led the discussion about Griffin Park’s repairs.  He gave an in-depth presentation to the selectmen about the current state of Griffin Park, and the intention of the Recreation Committee and Windham Baseball league to open it by May 1 for the baseball and softball season.

       “When we say it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen,” McMahon said about the opening of an operational Griffin Park.

       One of the major problems with the facility is the water system, which is not operating properly.  The well system also needs to be tested. 

       Current candidate for selectmen, Dennis Senibaldi, came forward to discuss his concern for the park.  He believes that more than just basic ecologic testing should be done to the well at Griffin Park. 

       It will cost an estimated $1,200 for quality water testing from an outside company. 

       The selectmen, as well as members of the softball league, assured Senibaldi that the well system’s water would be sufficiently tested after repairs had been done.

       “We don’t have something on paper that tells us what’s wrong with the well,” Ralph Valentine, member of the Recreation Committee, said about the frustration of not having enough information about the situation.

       “I just want the bathrooms to work,” Senibaldi said to calm the growing tensions at the meeting which developed from the fraying patience of the selectmen and members of the Recreation Committee over the task of opening an operational Griffin Park for the spring baseball season.

       “This building wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the people volunteering,” Vice Chairman Bruce Breton said about the members of the members of the Windham Baseball League, who have offered their service to ensure the park is operational by spring, even if it includes fundraising for the repairs instead of being covered by town funds.

       Another pending issue concerning the Recreation Committee is the wording on the baseball applications. 

       Chairman Roger Hohenberger made a motion to change the wording from “support functions” to “use of fields” in reference to when the fields at Griffin Park are used. 

       “It shouldn’t be like quantum physics.  Let’s make it easy,” McMahon said about the wording.

       The final major issue of the night decided upon was the repairs of Windham’s skate park.  Selectman Carpenter made a motion investigate into the cost of repairs for the skate park, which is an estimated $375 before approving the repair of the park through town funds.

       The skate park was vandalized late in 2005, and has been closed since.  Security has been a major issue for the park, which has been closely monitored by the Windham Police Department.

       It was agreed upon by the selectmen that vandalism and altercations at the park are caused by out of town kids, not the residents.

       Selectman candidate, Senibaldi, came forward from the public with the idea of enforcing the use of helmets at the park with a number on each one to identify the kids.

       Carpenter disagreed with Senibaldi’s idea.  “We can’t even get people to register with the transfer station, and you expect us to get kids to register,” he said.

Town and School Operating Budgets Pass Despite the Struggle

by Lynne Ober

       Last year in the aftermath of a contentious vote on the co-op, both town and school district operating budgets were rejected by voters.

       This year both operating budgets passed.

       “That’s absolutely great news,” beamed Parks and Recreation Director Darren McCarthy, who was already planning fun programs that he had been unable to offer in the past year. 

       However, the vote on the bundled bond warrant article that would have built a number of needed town facilities, including a fire sub-station, failed by a large margin.  Meanwhile, the petitioned warrant article that asked that all projects be listed in separate ballots passed by a large margin.

       “That was a tough sell,” said Selectman Hal Lynde.  “Even though we did our homework, it was still a tough sell.”

       Some residents were concerned about their property tax bill once the revaluation is complete.  With the reval on-going, none of the warrant articles could carry a projected tax impact because that wasn’t known.

       “We’ll just have to keep working and look at future plans,” said current Board of Selectmen Chairman Victor Danevich, who won re-election for another term in an uncontested vote.  “People liked the website that we did.  I heard a lot of positive comments about the information that we mailed out.  We’ll have to listen to the voters and move on.”

       The petitioned warrant article to rescind the Budget Committee failed by a large margin.  However, both Eric Estevez, who ran unopposed, and George Puddister, who ran a write-in campaign for an unopposed Budget Committee seat, said that the Budget Committee needed to listen better to the town and to be more responsive to their obligations.

       Although the new bus for the seniors passed, the $3,500 needed to join a regional transit system that would provide rides for low-income, disabled and senior residents failed.

       Money to repair both the Willow Street bridge and the Castle Hill bridge passed.

       The proposed Cemetery Garage failed again.

       Warrant articles that supported open space were once again supported by a large margin – even the petitioned warrant article.  

       The petitioned warrant article to elect the Planning Board passed by a narrow margin.  “I’m concerned that developers, who have a lot of money, will take over the Planning Board,” said a female resident who declined to have her name used.

       The hardest fought campaign was for school board with four candidates vying for two seats.  Incumbent Mike Conrad was elected for a second term and Bruce Couture was elected for a first term. 

       School Superintendent Dr. Elaine Cutler said she was looking forward to working with both members in the coming months.

       With Pelham and Windham sharing the SAU and with the petitioned warrant article brought forth by Linda Mahoney, attention to Pelham’s election was given by both towns.

       "There was such negativity to that campaign, as an outsider I can see that the town is done with that and is ready to move forward,” said School Board member Beth Valentine.  “I am very encouraged for Mike.  He is a wonderful, devoted person and Pelham is lucky to have him.  Not only does he have the right direction, but he has the abilities."

       On the school ballot in both Windham and Pelham was a petitioned warrant article that would have allowed residents to vote on the SAU budget.  It failed by a resounding vote in both towns. 

       "This sends a very clear message that the tactics [of Ms. Mahoney] were not appreciated, and philosophies not agreed upon by the towns.  Common sense prevailed," said Valentine.

       Windham School Board member and Selectman Galen Stearns said that he felt that common sense had prevailed and that the “people in Pelham were smart and made their voices heard.”

       All of the proposed solutions to solving overcrowding at Pelham High School failed.  The portable classrooms, which had not been supported by the Budget Committee, failed.  Also failing were the petitioned warrant article for the addition and the warrant article put forth by the school district asking for money to do architectural and engineering studies.

       Repairing the bleachers at Pelham High School also failed, but roof and general repairs to the middle school passed.

       Voters did support the half-time business teacher and the math teacher at the high school and the new elementary school classroom teacher.

       The technology plan passed much to the relief of School District Technology Coordinator Adam Steele who had a big grin when the vote was announced.

       “All in all, I am pleased,” concluded Cutler.  “Yes, we would have liked yes votes on everything, but it is good to see the voters supporting the budget and some of our initiatives this year.”

Election Day Produces Few Changes in Windham

by Lynne Ober

       Windham voters voted for some changes in this year’s election, but most of the votes told the elected boards that they were doing a good job and to continue working.

       Selectman Bruce Breton, who ran for re-election, narrowly lost his seat to Dennis Senibaldi and voters voted to re-elect Roger Hohenberger. 

       Dianna Fallon and Gail Webster won the two seats on the Board of Adjustment with Christopher Doyle being defeated.

       The race for treasurer had gotten quite contentious, but long-term Treasurer Robert Skinner easily defeated opponent Daphne Kenyon.

       “Many, many thanks to everyone who supported me," he said after the election.  His daughter Pamela echoed the sentiment.  

       Voters overwhelmingly supported warrant articles submitted by selectmen.  Only 365 residents voted against adopting the operating budget of $10.7 million dollars.

       On the school side, there was also accord.  The warrant article for the addition of a media generalist proposed by the School Board was narrowly defeated by 911 yes votes to 976 no votes.  

       “I was a bit surprised by that,” said School Superintendent Dr. Elaine Cutler.

       The petitioned warrant article to allow the voters to vote on the SAU budget was resoundingly defeated by 397 yes votes to 1,440 no votes.  “I hope this tells Pelham residents to keep their petitioned warrant articles at home,” said Joe Conklin.  “We don’t want them telling us what to do.”

       After that petitioned warrant article had been put on Windham’s ballot, there was quite a bit of conversation about Windham’s need to separate from Pelham, but after the election, School Board members were pleased that the article had been defeated and said that they looked forward to continuing to work with Pelham.

Pelham Candidates 2006

2,785 Citizens Voted

85 New Voters

Town Election

Selectmen (1) 3-year Term

Victor Danevich       1916


Town Moderator (1) 2-year Term

Philip R. Currier       2135


Budget Committee (3) 3-year Terms

John C. LaVallee       1743

Martha A. Lowe       1597

Dennis E. Viger       1636


Budget Committee (2) 1-year Terms

Eric P. Estevez       1800


Cemetery Trustee (2) 3-year Terms

Jeannette McCoy       2039


Library Trustee (1) 3-year Term


Trustee of Trust Funds (1) 3-year Term

Laura Domenico       1886


Trustee of Trust Funds (1) 2-year Term


Trustee of Trust Funds (1) 1-year Term

Donovan Thomas Billings       1828


Supervisor of Checklist (1) 6-year Term

Carol Ann Fisher       1982


School District


School Board (Vote 2 for 3-year Terms)

Michael Conrad       1303

Bruce Couture        1345

Angéle Diack         851

Lorraine Dube       1103


School District Moderator (Vote for 1 for 1 year)

Kenneth Dunne       1961


Treasurer (Vote for 1 for 1 year)

Patricia Murphy       2016


Clerk (Vote for 1 for 1 year)

Donna D’Arcangelo       2081

Warrant Article Results

- Pelham


Town Election


Article 2:  Adoption of Amendment No. 1 (add a definition to properly explain what impact fees are and how they are created).

Yes        2158       No       526       passed


Article 3:  Adoption of Amendment No. 2 (to define permitted uses for windmills, watermills, solar, etc.)

Yes       2028       No       666       passed


Article 4:  Adoption of Amendment No. 3 (Senior and Elderly House – to correct a conflict that currently directs applicants to provide plans based on two separate sets of regulations).

Yes       2071       No       597       passed


Article 5:  Adoption of Amendment No. 4 (to define who “building official” is and require more details with sign application).

Yes       2030       No       643       passed


Article 6:  Adoption of Amendment No. 5 (to allow a small sign for lawful home occupations).

Yes       1949       No       743       passed


Article 7:  Adoption of Amendment No. 6 (amend the provisions of the Impact Fee Ordinance which will bring the ordinance into conformity with changes in the law).

Yes       1794       No       771       passed


Article 8:  To raise and appropriate monies for:  Fire Department substation, Municipal Building Expansion/Sherburne Hall Renovation, Highway Department garage, Veterans’ Park gym, lifeguard facility and restroom facility

Yes       799       No       1961       failed


Article 9:  2006 Operating Budget.

Yes       1516       No       1176       passed


Article 10:  Petition Warrant – rescind adoption of the municipal Budget Act and eliminate the Budget Committee.

Yes       776       No       1850       failed


Article 11:  To raise and appropriate $125,000 in the Compensated Absence Fund.

Yes       1606       No       1119       passed


Article 12:  To raise and appropriate $136,118 for Social Security, Medicare, and New Hampshire Retirement.

Yes       1572       No       1131       passed


Article 13:  Establish five new town forests.

Yes       2222       No       460       passed


Article 14:  Acceptance of town roads.

Yes       2081       No       581       passed


Article 15:  Establish a Special Detail Revolving Fund.

Yes       2091       No       579       passed


Article 16:  Petition Warrant – establish a Park and Rec Revolving Account.

Yes       2156       No       532       passed


Article 17:  Establish an Ambulance Replacement Revolving Fund.

Yes       1574       No       1086       passed


Article 18:  Raise and appropriate $35,000 for year 3 of 3 of the Town Technology Plan.

Yes       1814       No       873       passed


Article 19:  Supervisors Union contract.

Yes       1629       No       1056       passed


Article 20:  Refurbish a 1985 Ford Tanker (Engine 3).

Yes       1822       No       883       passed


Article 21:  Hire four new firefighters.

Yes       1177       No       1542       failed


Article 22:  Matching grant money for police, fire, and emergency management grants.

Yes       1826       No       868       passed


Article 23:  Purchase one police cruiser.

Yes       1218       No       1492       failed


Article 24:  Hire and equip one new police officer.

Yes       1214       No       1502       failed


Article 25:  Highway Department offset by the block grant.

Yes       2315       No       406       passed


Article 26:  Tallant Road and Willow Street bridge capital reserve fund.

Yes       2147       No       473       passed


Article 27:  Establish a PTV capital reserve fund.

Yes       634       No       2054       failed


Article 28:  New Senior Center bus.

Yes       1664       No       1063       passed


Article 29:  Regional Transit System.

Yes       1187       No       1509       failed


Article 30:  Cemetery Building.

Yes       1113       No       1578       failed


Article 31:  Cemetery Lot Repurchase Reserve fund.

Yes       1739       No       942       passed


Article 32:  Upgrade Children’s Librarian from a part-time to full-time position.

Yes       851       No       1939       failed


Article 33:  Clean up Raymond Park tire dump.

Yes       1395       No       1396       failed


Article 34:  To hear the auditors reports.

Yes       2000       No       679       passed


Article 35:  Petition Warrant – to elect the Planning Board.

Yes       1398       No       1253       passed


Article 36:  Petition Warrant – establish a conservation area at the end of Stonepost Road.

Yes       1851       No       858       passed


Article 37:  Petition Warrant – to list each warrant separately on the ballot.

Yes       2143       No       583       passed


School Election


Article 2:  2006 Operating Budget.

Yes       1468       No       1045       passed


Article 3:  Pelham Educational Support Personnel Association Contract.

Yes       1750       No       1027       passed


Article 4:  Architectural and engineering fees for a four-school model.

Yes       1334       No       1446       failed


Article 5:  Two relocatable classrooms at Pelham High School.

Yes       1007       No       1758       failed


Article 6:  New Special Education teacher for students with disabilities at Pelham Elementary.

Yes       1408       No       1363       passed


Article 7:  New Special Education teacher for students with disabilities at Pelham Memorial.

Yes       1341       No       1420       failed


Article 8:  Fund salaries and benefits for new teaching, guidance, and athletic positions at Pelham High School

a.  One half-time Business teacher

Yes       1529       No       1256       passed


b.  One Art teacher

Yes       977       No       1797       failed


c.  One Math/Science teacher

Yes       1793       No       993       passed


d.  Upgrade Guidance position half-time to full time.

Yes       966       No       1809       failed


e.  Upgrade on full-time Athletic Director

Yes       920       No       1849       failed


f.  Increase contracted Athletic Trainer service to full-time

Yes       844       No       1926       failed


Article 9:  Fund salaries and benefits for new teaching, Physical Education, and Instructional Assistant positions at Pelham Elementary School

a.  One classroom teacher

Yes       1475       No       1266       passed


b.  One Physical Education/Health position

Yes       1261       No       1446       failed


c.  Two full-time Instructional Assistant aid positions

Yes       1355       No       1335       passed


Article 10:  Fund a 3% salary increase for non-union employees.

Yes       1759       No       989       passed


Article 11:  Approve a three-year technology plan.

Yes       1626       No       1131       passed


Article 12:  Replace gymnasium bleachers at Pelham High School.

Yes       1285       No       1464       failed


Article 13:  Roof repairs at Pelham Memorial School.

Yes       2134       No       625       passed


Article 14:  Add to School District Maintenance Emergency Capital Reserve fund.

Yes       1570       No       1158       passed


Article 15:  Add to the School District Maintenance Capital Reserve Fund.

Yes       735       No       1978       failed


Article 16:  To purchase classroom desks, bookcases, chairs, and file cabinets for increasing enrollment and student desk replacement at Pelham High School.

Yes       1958       No       794       passed


Article 17:  Child Benefit Services at St. Patrick’s School.

Yes       1529       No       1215       passed


Article 18:  Petition Warrant – allow for insertion of the school administrative unit budget as a separate warrant article at annual school district meetings.

Yes       814       No       1840       failed


Article 19:  Petition Warrant – authorize the school board to issue not more than $16 million to bond or notes in accordance with the Municipal Finance Act to be used for the construction, planning and engineering, furnishing and equipping of a not less than a 50,000 square foot classroom addition on the current site of Pelham High School.

Yes       910       No       1848       failed

Windham Candidates 2006


2019 Citizens Voted

75 New Voters


Town Election

Selectman (2) 3-Year Terms

Bruce Breton       812

Roger Hohenberger       1088

Dennis Senibaldi       851

Carolyn Webber       749


Town Clerk (1) 3-Year Term

Joan C. Tuck       1606


Town Treasurer (1) 3-Year Term

Daphne A. Kenyon       695

Robert A. Skinner       919


Town Moderator (1) 2-Year Term

Peter Griffin       1630


Trustee – Trust Funds (1) 3-Year Term

Shirley Beaulieu       1549


Trustee of the Library (2) 3-Year Terms

Wendy Keller       1322

Lisa Thornton       1124


Trustee of the Library (1) 2-Year Term

Mark Branoff       1020

Sultan Chowdhry       462


Trustee of Cemetery (1) 3-Year Term

Laura Swenson       1481


Supervisor of the Check List (1) 6-Year Term

Gail Webster       1732


Planning Board (2) 3-Year Terms

Nancy Prendergast       1332

Pamela Skinner       1271


Board of Adjustment (2) 3-Year Terms

Christopher Doyle       410

Dianna Fallon       1499

Gail Webster       1262


School District Election


School Board (2) 3 year Terms

Barbara Coish       1481

Beverly Donovan       1419


School District Clerk (1) 1 Year Term

Mary Ann Horaj       1465


School District Treasurer (1) 1 Year Term

Maura Pennisi       1462


Moderator (1) 1 year

Elizabeth Dunn       1518

Warrant Article Results

– Windham

Town Election


Article 2:  Zoning Ordinance and Zoning District Map Submitted by Petitions

       Citizen Petition 1:  Zoning Classification of Lot 17-J-70 at 90 Indian Rock Road

Yes       1491       No       383       Passed


       Citizen Petition 2:  Zoning Classification of Lot 11-C-80 at Intersection of Wall Street and Indian Rock Road

Yes       668       No       1273       Failed


       Citizen Petition 3:  Zoning Classification of Lot 3-B-601 at 179 Rockingham Road

Yes       1377       No       463       Passed


       Citizen Petition 4:  Zoning Classification of Lot 3-B-600 at 4 Northland Road

Yes       1389       No       439       Passed


Article 3:  Zoning Ordinance and Zoning District Map Proposed by Planning Board

       Planning Board Amendment 1:         

Yes       1286       No       446       Passed


       Planning Board Amendment 2: 

Yes       1134       No       472       Passed


       Planning Board Amendment 3: 

Yes       1097       No       532       Passed


       Planning Board Amendment 4: 

Yes       1056       No       647       Passed


       Planning Board Amendment 5: 

Yes       1295       No       429       Passed

       Planning Board Amendment 6:

Yes       1495       No       245       Passed

       Planning Board Amendment 7:

Yes       1093       No       571       Passed

       Planning Board Amendment 8:

Yes        933       No       731       Passed

       Planning Board Amendment 9:

Yes       1137       No       526       Passed

       Planning Board Amendment 10:

Yes       1187       No       551       Passed

       Planning Board Amendment 11:

Yes       1299       No       376       Passed

       Planning Board Amendment 12:

Yes       1461       No       308       Passed


Article 4:  Earned Time Expendable Trust Fund.

Yes       908       No       587       Passed


Article 5:  Property Maintenance Expendable Trust Fund.

Yes       1141       No       680       Passed


Article 6:  Mosquito Control Program

Yes       1311       No       582       Passed


Article 7:  Fire Union Contract

Yes       1295       No       801       Passed


Article 8:  AFSCME Union Contract       

Yes       1212       No       617       Passed


Article 9:  Should a special meeting be called if Articles 7 or 8 is defeated?

Yes       1168       No       624       Passed


Article 10:  Fire Hazardous Materials Response Contracted Details Special Revenue Fund.

Yes       1480       No       381       Passed


Article 11:  Police Contracted Details Special Revenue Fund

Yes       1397       No       461       Passed


Article 12:  Rescind Police Contracted Details Special Revenue Fund?

Yes       1463       No       358       Passed


Article 13:  Temporary Contracted Assessing Technician

Yes       1383       No       499       Passed


Article 14:  Speed Enforcement Trailer

Yes       945       No       917       Passed


Article 15:  Town Recreational Fields

Yes       1297       No       576       Passed


Article 16:  Bike Paths

Yes       1170       No       710       Passed


Article 17:  New Ambulance

Yes       1266       No       647       Passed


Article 18:  Salt Shed/Highway Facility Capital Reserve Fund

Yes       1182       No       690       Passed


Article 19:  Withdraw funds from Searles Special Revenue Fund for marketing and maintenance related costs?

Yes       1381       No       500       Passed


Article 20:  Withdraw funds from Searles Special Revenue Fund to pay principal and interest on outstanding renovations and repairs?

Yes       1499       No       390       Passed


Article 21:  Raise funds for improvements to the Searles Building and grounds.

Yes       1426       No       467       Passed


Article 22:  Conservation Commission Funds

Yes       1392       No       471       Passed


Article 23:  Nesmith Library Expansion

Yes       1117       No       776       Passed


Article 24:  Conservation Easement

Yes       1314       No       524       Passed


Article 25:  Tokanel Softball Field

Yes       612       No       1274       Failed


Article 26:  Reclassification of Hopkins Road

Yes       1223       No       505       Passed


Article 27:  Emergency Connection of Harvest Road back onto Armstrong Road

Yes       1314       No       422       Passed


Article 28:  Easement for Access from Armstrong Road to Lakeview Farm

Yes       1282       No       459       Passed


Article 29:  Operating Budget

Yes       1421       No       365       Passed


School Election


Article 2:  Repair and replacement of Golden Brook School Septic System.

Yes       1703       No       235       Passed


Article 3:  Shared Media Generalist position.

Yes       911       No       976       Failed


Article 4:  Establish Capital Reserve Fund.

Yes       1265       No       627       Passed


Article 5:  For repair, upgrade, and maintenance of Golden Brook School Softball Field.

Yes       1175       No       719       Passed


Article 6:  School Budget as Separate Warrant Article.

Yes       399       No       1440       Failed


Article 7:  Operating Budget.

Yes       1183       No       609       Passed

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