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Lots of Contests at the Hudson Community Center

The Hudson recreation summer program has been in full swing for three weeks and there have been lots of contests being held each week, which leads to many lucky winners!

Hula Hoop Contest Winners:

Michaela Gormley

6, 7, 8 Division:  1st place, Michaela Gormley; 2nd place, Kasey Pulsifer; 3rd place, Jennifer Charette.

9, 10, 11 Division:  1st place, Chey Tessier; 2nd place Nicole Abreu, 3rd place, Mariselli Beaulieu.

12 and up Division:  1st place, Vanessa Grigas; 2nd place. Katelyn Stewart;  3rd place, Sam Pulisfer.

2 on 2 Basketball Tournament:

6, 7, 8 Division:  1st place, Alex and Danny Tucci; 2nd place, Mike Roberts and Tyler White.

9, 10, 11 Division:  1st place, Jeff Bolton and Nick Sandell; 2nd place, Tyler Livingston and Patrick Nelson; 3rd place, Tie Kevin Kauffman and Kyle Greenwood, and Britton Doyle and Chris Ambersino.

12 and up Division:  1st place, Jon Porter and Tommy Mahoney; 2nd place, Mike Docket and Jared McCauley; 3rd place, Stefan Slattery and James Daniels.

Hot Shot Contest Winners:

6, 7, 8 Division:  1st place, Hallie Mousseau; 2nd place, Danny Tucci.

9, 10, 11 Division:  1st place, Tyler Livingston; 2nd place, Cody Knapp; 3rd place, Kevin and Kyle Kauffman.

12and up Division:  1st place, James Reidy; 2nd place, Brianna Knapp; 3rd place, Brittney Matte.

Softball Throw Contest Winners:

6, 7, 8 Division:  1st place, Anthony Oliveria; 2nd place, Madison Wheeler; 3rd place, Deanna Henderson.

9, 10, 11 Division:  1st place, Kyle Cannamucio; 2nd place, Karissa Stefanou; 3rd place, Michael Campaiola.

12 and up Division:  1st place, Brittney Matte; 2nd place, Caitlin Sullivan; 3rd place, Ashley Iannaco.

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest Winners:

6, 7, 8 Division:  1st place, KelliAnne Connolly; 2nd place, Julia Roche; 3rd place, Jacob Baker.

9, 10, 11 Division:  1st place, Kelsey Sousa; 2nd place, Shilo Guinazzo; 3rd place, Mariselli Beaulieu.

12 and up Division:  1st place, Alex Bryan; 2nd place, Tara LaFlamme; 3rd place, Steve O’Leary.

Tug Of War Winners:

6, 7, 8 Division:  1st place, Ally Pezza, Cody Trudel, Cole Seigny, and Nicole Drohan; 2nd place, Darion Tilton, Mark Davey, Jasmine Goodale, and Jacob Rice.

9, 10, 11 Division:  1st place, Chey Tessier; Stephanie Stone, Joleen Carroll, and Grant Hodgkins, 2nd place, TJ Herbert, Ashley and Travis Dumont, and Blake Martineau; 3rd place, Maryssa Bordeleau, Nick Fragale, Brianna Guinazzo, and Mariselli Beaulieu.

12 and up Division:  1st place, Dustin Johnson, Neil O’Brien, Stephen Searles, and Brittney Matte; 2nd place, Brandon Plamondon, Bobby Cantwell, Alex Bryan, and Jason Perrin.

Patriotic Day Winners:

6, 7, 8 Division:  1st place, Kyli Mahoney; 2nd place, Jovanna Plante; 3rd place, Devon Sarto.

Nick Iannaco, Krista Houtenbrink, and Ashley Guy from “Patriotic Day”

9, 10, 11 Division:  1st place, Krista Houtenbrink; 2nd place, Nick Iannaco; 3rd place, Ashley Guy.

12 and up Division:  1st place, Ashley Iannaco; 2nd place, Amy Doucet; 3rd place, Brittney Matte.

Hawaiian Day Winners:

6, 7, 8 Division:  1st place, Matt Doucet; 2nd place, Jovanna Plante; 3rd place, Katie Picard.

9, 10, 11 Division:  1st place, Krista Houtenbrink and Ashley Dumont; 2nd place, Nick Fragale and Jessica Underwood; 3rd place, Jessica Campaiola.

12 and up Division:  1st place, Amy Doucet.

Sport Shirt Day Winners:

6, 7, 8 Division:  1st place, Hallie Mousseau; 2nd place, Mike Fraiser; 3rd place, Holly Sanville.   

9, 10, 11 Division:  1st place, Diego Figueroa; 2nd place, Nick Iannaco; 3rd place, Stephanie M. and TJ Herbert.

12 and up Division:  1st place, Brandon Doyle; 2nd place, Ashley Iannaco; 3rd place, Vanessa Grigas and Caitlin Sullivan.

Congratulations to all of the winners and good luck to all who participate in the many upcoming contests. 

New Hampshire Creatures 

by Lynne Ober

What is it about having an opportunity to view wild animals up close that draws people?  The staff at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center understands that urge and helps you fulfill it.  Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, located in Holderness, New Hampshire, is a private non-profit organization located in central New Hampshire with a mission to advance understanding of ecology by exploring New Hampshire's natural world.  Although their motto is, “If you're wild about New Hampshire wildlife, the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center is the place to visit,” they also provide a variety of community outreach programs and Hudson residents recently got to take part in one of them.

The skunk quietly munched her goodies while the audience watched.

Under the tall shade trees in the backyard of the Ferry Street house owned by Hills Memorial Library, nearly 150 children and parents gathered to watch a naturalist from Squam Lakes Natural Science Center talk about her fuzzy friends.  They sat on blankets and enjoyed cool breezes while learning about nature.

The hour long program introduced the audience to a variety of mammals.  They learned how much they had in common and why; how each mammal defended against predators and the adaptations that made them able to live in the wild.

The audience had a chance to ask questions about each of the animals.

It was a chance not only to learn, but also to get close to animals that you normally wouldn’t see.  Each animal was brought out to oohs and ahs from the crowd, happily sat on the “stage” and munched goodies while the naturalist talked about its habits and what it contributed to New Hampshire.

“The skunk was my favorite,” said one happy cherub with a giggle.  “I wish it had made a bad smell.  Do we have to go home?”  And that was the sentiment of most of the participants as they reluctantly watched the naturalist field the final questions of the day.

Boiler Replacement at Alvirne Postponed

by Lynne Ober

Hudson School District Business Manager Normand Sanborn, who has been on the job less than a month, recommended that the School Board not award a contract to replace the ancient, creaking boiler at Alvirne at this time.

Telling the Board that due to the lateness of the bidding process and questions about an unclear section in the bidding specs that the only bid that might be acceptable is nearly $100,000 over budget.  Sanborn told the Board that at least one vendor didn’t bid because of questions about the spec and that he felt that the bid that might be acceptable was high because the vendor had already committed his summer resources prior to the bid and knew that the School District had a short window of opportunity to complete the project.

Three options with advantages and disadvantages of each were presented to the School Board.

  • Option 1 would be to accept the current responsible low bidder at $299,000.  While the vendor stated that he could meet the September 15 completion date, the bid was well over the budget for the project.
  • Option 2 would be to re-bid the project this month and hope that more bids would be received, but there was significant doubt that the September 15 deadline could be met and Sanborn outlined the difficulties involved in trying to do this with students in the building.
  • Option 3 was to tighten up the spec package to ensure clarity and to be ready to submit the package to interested bidders no later than early January, 2006.  Sanborn told Board members that he had contacted a company that could provide an external boiler in case the boiler at Alvirne failed during the school year, but that he didn’t expect that would happen.  He did point out that the school district would pay much more for heating Alvirne because the old boiler is extremely inefficient and that between $5,000 and $6,000 worth of repairs need to be made.

Sanborn recommended the third option telling the Board the he “really wants to do it right.” 

However, Student Council Representative to the School Board, Senior Brandon Mansur, wanted to find a way to replace the boiler now, telling the Board that he’s walked past the boiler many times and has listened to its creaking.

Sanborn reiterated his belief that the boiler was not in danger of failing and that, even if it did, there would be no loss of school time because the external boiler could be on-site almost immediately.

From a financial perspective, if the project is bid again, using the proposed schedule, the Board would have time to make financial arrangements, either via a warrant article or by putting money into the general fund, to cover the unexpectedly large cost of the boiler replacement.  The Board agreed with him and authorized him to begin working on a winter bid process.

Assessing Contract Extended in Hudson

by Lynne Ober

Hudson Assessor Jim Michaud explained to Selectmen that the independent contractor, Rick Brideau, performing Hudson’s latest round of assessments has less than 500 properties left to do.  Brideau has been doing a good job and Michaud wanted to extend his contract to do an additional 2,000 properties.

“This extension would be a continuation of the Assessing Department’s project to keep data up to date in order to maintain fair and equitable assessments and to maintain our prior investments in fair and equitable assessments,” Michaud said, who explained that Brideau agreed to keep his price the same for the extension.

Michaud noted that there have been significant increases in gasoline costs, but that Brideau felt he could complete the extension at the same price of $15 per parcel.

“Because the task of conducting a town-wide data collection effort is complex and dynamic, the benefit of retaining someone already very familiar with Hudson real estate and someone who has established a good working relationship with Town personnel is immeasurable,” Michaud stated.  “Mr. Brideau’s involvement would maintain consistency in the collection of property record card data and this saves us time and money, as well as the intangible benefit of not working with someone who has to start from scratch.”

When Selectman Rich Maddox asked if the cost for the extension would come out of the FY2006 budget, Michaud explained that, if approved, he planned to ask for an encumbrance from this year’s budget and the balance would come out of next year’s budget.

Maddox pointed out that the Board had reduced this line item in the coming year, but Michaud pointed out that he had budget $17.50 per parcel.  With Brideau offering to hold his price at $15 per parcel, Michaud could get 1,750 parcels done with next year’s money.  Using the money from this year as a bridge to cover the difference, the entire 2,000 parcels could be done.

Selectman Kathleen MacLean asked about the variances that the Board was seeing with assessments too high and asked if this was the company making the errors.  Michaud explained that an estimate is made if the person doing the work cannot get inside the property and that people then contested when the estimate appeared to be too high.

Selectmen unanimously approved the contract extension.

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