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Pelham Students Perform in Annual Piano Recital

The 25th Annual June Recital of the Pelham based piano studio took place on Sunday, June 12 at the Methuen Memorial Music Hall.  A variety of musical styles was performed – from folk tunes and spirituals to classical and ragtime.  In addition to solos and duets, a quartet performed at two pianos.

Participating students from Pelham were:  Juliann Callery, Geena Constantin, Matthew Geisler, Lisa Johnson, Kailee Joncas, Christopher Marden, Brian Moor, Casey O’Dwyer, Jared Scanlon, Sawyoun Shaidani, Lindsay Shepard, Kassandra Spadaro, Kerianne Spadaro, Richard Sullivan, William Sullivan, Meghan Taing, Ashley Ventolieri, Samantha Ventolieri, Danielle Winn, Stephanie Winn, and Mark Woonton.

At the end of the program, graduating senior Brian Moore was given special recognition.  Teachers Peter and Jeanne Bedrosian awarded certificates of achievement to students completing various levels of study.

On-going Woes with Junkyard Licenses in Pelham

by Lynne Ober

At the recent Selectmen’s meeting, one junkyard license was granted despite the fact that Coombs built their fence on Town property and one junkyard license was unanimously rejected with agreement to post a Public Hearing for formal denial of the application.

Selectmen had two remaining issues with the Coombs application. 

One of those issues was to clarify why Pelham Fire Inspector John Hodge had scratched through some sections on the Coombs Fire Inspection Report.  Town Administrator Tom Gaydos said that Hodge had simply scratched through the sections that did not apply to the Coombs business.  “Some of those sections cover activities that do not occur on this property.”

The other issue was the completion of the fence.  At the previous meeting William Hayes had proposed a property line change that would move the property line because the fence posts that the Coombs family had set in concrete turned out to be over their property line and on Town property.  Selectmen were in agreement with the Hayes proposal.

Gaydos reported that the fence had been completely finished and that the Coombs family had agreed to the suggested plot line change.

Selectman Hal Lynde moved to grant a junkyard license through March 30, 2006.  Selectman Tom Domenico seconded and the motion passed 4 – 0 with Selectman Jean Guy Bergeron recused from the discussion and vote because of a conflict of interest.

However, the sailing was not so smooth for Fred Gendron.  At the end of the previous meeting a number of questions remained open.  Gaydos presented the findings on each of those issues before Board of Selectmen Chairman Victor Danevich opened the continued Public Hearing.

Again, Hodge had scratched through sections of the Fire Inspection Report because those activities did not occur on the Gendron property.

Gaydos reported that the State had inspected the goods stored in the trailers and reported finding scrap metal.

Gaydos also discussed the Consent Decree with the state.  One section says that Gendron must have a valid Town Junkyard License or cease doing business.  However, the state does not plan to take action if the Town fails to issue a license.

Another section of the Consent Decree states that Gendron will cease doing all business in 2006.  Gendron is negotiating this section with the state.

Gaydos also reported that a certified plot plan is on record with the Town.

When Danevich opened the Public Hearing, Robert Raza, 1 Hobbs Road asked to see the plot plan.  When Gaydos showed it to him, Raza read from a letter stating that this plot plan was not certified and was page 2 of 2 from the federal government and was to be used for remediation only.  Raza brought both the letter and page 1 of 2 with him.  He offered to allow the Town to make copies of those documents and Gaydos accepted on behalf of the Town.

Gendron contested Raza’s statements during his rebuttal of Raza’s statements.  He told Selectmen that plot plan had been done by a certified and licensed New Hampshire engineer and had the engineer’s stamp on it.

When Danevich closed the Public Hearing, Lynde noted that Gendron would continue operating whether he got a town license or not because he had the Consent Decree allowing him to operate until August, 2006.  Lynde thought Selectmen should do what they did last year and not issue a license, but not hold a hearing to deny.

Both Selectmen Ed Gleason and Domenico disagreed. 

Gleason said, “I’m ready to make the motion to deny right now and will do so at the appropriate time.”

Domenico said that for him the issue was an overriding theme of one individual not willing to comply or cooperate with the Town.  He pointed out how the other junkyard owners were working with the Town, adopting statewide programs to reduce any possible pollution and, in general, working to make their businesses as clean as possible.  “This individual [referring to Gendron] looks for loopholes.  The Consent Decree is clear in my opinion, if we don’t grant a license; he can’t operate under the Consent Decree.”

Gleason thoughtfully and carefully itemized all of the reasons that he felt the license should be denied.  Like Domenico, he felt that Gendron was looking for and exploiting any possible loophole and agreed that the Town saw no cooperation on issues.  “We’ve seen significant abutter concerns.  There have been two court cases that have found this business to be a public nuisance,” he highlighted.  “This area will be shut down one hundred percent after one more year,” he concluded.

Danevich agreed with Domenico’s and Gleason’s summarized points.  “The lack of cooperation is a big issue.”  Danevich read from the Consent Decree [page 11, Part 20] and agreed that the Gendron business would be closed in a year.

When Gleason made a motion to hold a Public Hearing for purposes of a license denial, the motion passed 4 – 0 with Bergeron recused.

The Public Hearing has been set for July 5.

Missing 9N

by Doug Robinson

Missing 9N is not a bingo number.  Missing 9N is a group of gifted musicians from Pelham who are dedicated and committed to doing what it takes to make a successful CD in the record industry.

The rock group is comprised of five friends who have shared their Pelham education together.  While the band was formed over fours years ago, many changes have taken place to solidify the arrangement of talented musicians who today make up the rock band Missing 9N.

“Synthesis”, says Ryan Hoarty, best describes the type of music played by Missing 9N.  “Everyone gives ideas and thoughts to the music…we all play guitar…we start with a riff, and then we add more music and words…the songs just develop”.  Every song the group plays is original both in score and in lyrics.

Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, 311, Incubus, Tool, and System of a Down are only a few of the present day bands upon which Missing 9N respects and admire  It is from these groups and others Missing 9N forms the foundation for each of their songs.

While Ryan Hoarty writes the lyrics, each band member brings their unique talents to their original music.  Band members Adam Bernard, Jesse Bergeron, and Al Landry play the guitars, while Evan Gillis plays the drums and sings back up vocals.

During the past few months, the band has performed at 18+ Club Liquid in Manchester, Sadd Café in Plaistow, New Hampshire Tech College, and Southern New Hampshire University.  On July 10 the band is scheduled to play at Club Liquid for a +18 performance.

Currently the band’s efforts are in raising finances so that they can make their first CD.   This CD will record four songs from their current repertoire.  Hopefully, the CD can be used to promote the band to greater audiences.

If you wish to contribute or communicate directly with the band, Missing 9N has created a website for their fan’s convenience:

If you do not have the time to attend one of their performance, just click on their website, as they have recorded their songs on the world wide net for all to enjoy.

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