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Trout Fishing Tournament

by Lynne Ober

Fishing for Kids, Inc., begun in Hudson, New Hampshire and now headquartered in Litchfield, held its seventh annual fishing tournament on Saturday.

With the pond well stocked with trout and fishing prohibited since the stocking, participants were ensured of a great time.  Kids of all ages lined the banks of the pond and a handicapped fishing area had been set aside so that wheelchair participants would have easy access to the shore line.

Three year old Tyler Gilroy caught a fish with a little help from his father that was just his size.

By 10:00 a.m. a total of fifty-eight fish had already been caught and weighed for prize contention and fishermen were still looking for that perfect catch.  Every catch was weighed and the weight recorded by participant number.  At the end of the tournament prizes would be awarded by age category. 

A free barbeque lunch was provided thanks to the sponsorship of the Fish and Game Club and Irwin Marine.  With the skies grey, but no rain in sight, it was a great family fun day. 

Nine year old Laura Brodeur shows off the fish that she just had weighed.

Training with HFD and Hudson School District

Inspector Joe Triolo held a class with members of the Hudson School Districts lunch ladies at the SAU 81 building on Tuesday, May 17.  Deputy Chief Gary Rodgers and Training Coordinator John Brewer arranged with food service Director Carla Anger to have Joe to meet with the school personnel to teach them the uses of different extinguishers and the proper ways to use them.  After the classroom portion was complete, everyone relocated to the rear of the Central Fire Station for some hands on training.  While Inspector Joe filled a specially made pan, made and donated by BayState Welding, with flammable liquids, Captain Weaver explained what we were going to do and how to put the fire out.  The first extinguisher the Captain used was a water extinguisher.  He explained and demonstrated how water and flammable liquids do not mix.  After having the fire pan lit, he hit the fire with the water extinguisher, causing the liquid to flare up and spill outside the pan.  He then demonstrated the proper use of an ABC extinguisher.  With the help of Firefighter Erich Weeks each employee had the opportunity to try out the ABC extinguisher and extinguish the flames.  The Director of Food Service even gave it a try.

This training was done to show the proper use of fire extinguisher, in case the need arose to use one.  Everyone must realize there are limitations to fire extinguishers and are meant to put out small fires only.  Always think life safety first, call the fire department, and then if the fire is small and you know how to use the extinguisher, try to put out the fire.  Remember most victims of fires die from smoke or toxic gases and not from burns.

Hudson Recreation Fee Increase Approved

by Lynne Ober

Recreation Director Dave Yates prepared a list of increased fees that he presented to Selectmen, explaining that the fee structure had been reviewed by the Recreation Committee at its April meeting.  “The committee felt numerous current programs needed adjustments [sic] due to the costs of the program,” he wrote to Selectmen in his introductory memo.

Yates explained that the summer program saw the biggest increase, “but we still cost much less than surrounding towns.”  Yates gave Selectmen costs for other summer costs and noted that Exeter at $200 was still above Hudson, but the next lowest program.  Yates did not discuss the actual costs of the program.

The cost for the program will increase from $100 for eight weeks to $150 for eight weeks.  Additional family members will pay $125.  “That’s still less than $20 a week, which is very reasonable for existing day care,” summarized Yates.

Most of the other programs will also have increases.  Yates explained that the youth programs are not being increased.  “Youth [programs] are pretty much self-funded.  We left the prices on them [sic] programs alone.”

Selectmen unanimously approved the increases.


 Program                            Current Price         Increased Price


Summer Program                          $100.00                 $150.00

Additional Child                       $50.00                 $125.00

Ten Day Pass Book                       $50.00                   $60.00

Cookouts                                       $3.00                    $4.00

Roller Skating                                $5.00                    $6.00

Field Trips                                     $5.00                  TBD

NH State Trips                               $3.00                   $ 4.00

Tennis Lessons                             $30.00                  $40.00

Men’s Softball                              $40.00                   $50.00

Men’s Softball – non Hudson       $65.00                  $75.00

Women’s Softball                          $30.00                  $40.00

Women’s Softball – non Hudson  $55.00                  $65.00

Babe Ruth Baseball                        $40.00                  $50.00

Soccer (R-8)                                 $30.00                  $30.00

Soccer – additional child               $20.00                  $20.00

Basketball *(4-8                            $30.00                 $ 30.00

Basketball – addtl. Child                $20.00                 $20.00

Instructional Basketball (2-3)         $20.00                $20.00

Late Fee Basketball                       $10.00                 $10.00

Basketball All-Start                       $30.00                 $40.00

Invitational Basketball

Tournament                                $150.00               $175.00

Basketball – over 35                      $40.00                 $50.00

Teen Basketball                            $30.00                 $30.00

Sponsor Fee for

Adult Basketball & Softball           $150.00              $150.00

Jette Field User Deposit               $100.00              $100.00

Teen Dances                                  $3.00                   $5.00

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