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Simulation Night Shows Women Their Strength

by Karen Plumley

It was a long, nail-biting wait at the Pelham police station on Wednesday night for the women attending the final session of their 4-day R.A.D. training. R.A.D. stands for Rape Aggression Defense, and is a course that teaches women how to defend themselves against possible violent attacks. The concluding night of the class is known as "simulation night", and the women in attendance were physically prepared for the challenge. They wore lose fitting exercise clothes and sneakers, but left their jewelry at home. Mentally, however, they did not know what to expect, and were a little bit uneasy. "I wonder what they are going to do to us", said one woman who had been waiting a while and was visibly anxious.

When Officer Anne Perriello came out to escort everyone to the training room, she noticed the tension immediately. "Remember, we are not here to hurt you; we are here to teach you how to defend yourselves. We are here to help." These statements definitely helped to put the ladies’ minds at ease, at least for the time being. The class began with a warm-up and then a few minutes of practice in order to get everyone pumped up for the simulation scenarios. Then, all the women were escorted out to the equipment room, where they were individually suited up with pads and helmets and were given time to decide who would go first back to the training room - which by that time had been transformed into the simulation room. And thus began what the students would fondly remember as a challenging and rewarding evening.

In addition to Officer Anne Perriello, Sergeant Carl Wagner and Detective Wendy Foley of the Windham police (who also offer the R.A.D. program) and Officers James Johnson, Glen Chase, and Dispatcher Adrianne Davenport from Pelham were present for the session. With a video camera running, each student went in to the simulation room one by one, and used her newly acquired verbal and physical skills in order to fend off simulated attacks orchestrated by the police trainers in attendance. And each woman would succeed on her own terms. As all of the students were placed into real-life scenarios, they were simply amazed at their new abilities. "I didn’t think I had it in me", said one woman. Another replied, "I don’t remember everything that I did, but it worked, I made it out of there, and I feel great!" Some women were a bit shaky after each scenario was played through, physically drained but pleased at their accomplishments.

Trainers were always standing by, giving pointers, making suggestions, and ready to blow a whistle if anyone’s safety was jeopardized. Additionally, if anyone froze, unsure of what to do, the trainers were there to help her through it. In the end, no one froze, and everyone was able to make quick decisions and use her strengths to escape from the situations created. The options were taught in the previous three sessions, and each woman used the ones she was most comfortable with to achieve positive results. And everyone had a great time.

After the simulation exercises concluded, the women went back to the conference room where they first met two weeks earlier. The mood was an exciting thing to behold. Pizza was delivered, a batch of homemade cookies was brought in, and the women laughed and were in absolute awe as they watched the videotape of themselves on television. When it was over, Detective Wendy Foley shared with the students a true event that happened to a woman who had attended a R.A.D. session in Windham. Late at night about a year after her sessions concluded, a man followed her in a parking lot to her car. As she leaned forward and unlocked her door, "she felt a tug on her purse strap", described Foley. Without hesitation, the woman used her new R.A.D. skills and "within two moves was able to frighten her attacker away. This class does work", concluded Detective Foley. After seeing their success on video, all of the women believed her.

For more information on the R.A.D. training offered by the Pelham police, call the department at 635-2411

Pelham Election Results

2025 Citizens Voted

25% Voter Turnout

63 Absentee Ballots

27 New Voters

Town Election

Selectmen – 3 year term

Richard W. Derby 692

Thomas M. Domenico 1116 - Elected

Edmund J. Gleason 1347 - Elected

Town Treasurer – 3 year term

Jas Moorjani 434

Charlene F. Takesian 1297 - Elected

Budget Committee – 3 year term

Philip J. McColgan, Jr. 1273 - Elected

Robert S. Sherman 1260 - Elected

Douglas Viger 1246 - Elected

Budget Committee – 1 year term

Martha Lowe 1415 - Elected

Cemetery Trustee – 3 year term

Richard W. Jensen 1241 - Elected

J. Timothy Zelonis 1372 –Elected

Trustee of Trust Funds – 3 year term

Barbara Stadtmiller 1438 - Elected

Trustee of Trust Funds – 2 year term


Library Trustee

Linda Kilbride 1314 -Elected

Elizabeth Carol Zemetres 1236 - Elected

Supervisor of Checklist – 6 year term

Joyce E. Mason 1527 - Elected

Supervisor of Checklist

Carol Ann Fisher 1478 - Elected

Article 2: Adoption of Amendment No. 1 (modify standards for elderly housing developments).

Yes 1280 No 603 Passed

Article 3: Adoption of Amendment No. 2 (provide a more detailed description of the criteria necessary to meet the "hardship" criterion).

Yes 1306 No 584 Passed

Article 4: Adoption of Amendment No. 3 (increase the size of accessory dwelling units from a maximum of 500 square feet to 750 square feet).

Yes 1228 No 661 Passed

Article 5: Adoption of Amendment No. 4 (the sale of 3 or more vehicles per year shall be considered a home occupation and shall not be permitted and to exclude automotive related uses as a home occupation).

Yes 1138 No 789 Passed

Article 6: Adoption of Amendment No. 5 (to increase the amount of fines imposed from not more than $100 to not more than $500 for each day violations may exist).

Yes 1006 No 913 Passed

Article 7: Adoption of Amendment No. 6 (allow wells to be located within the Wetland Conservation District by the granting of a special permit and require application review by a Wetland Scientist).

Yes 1009 No 893 Passed

Article 8: Adoption of Amendment No. 7 (limit temporary signs to specific lengths of time, require it be for special events, and require a permit for each sign).

Yes 1151 No 768 Passed

Article 9: Adoption of Amendment No. 8 (areas within the Wetlands Conservation District setback may be counted toward the minimum lot size and stipulate that slopes 25% or greater shall not be counted in computing minimum lot size).

Yes 968 No 910 Passed

Article 10: Adoption of Amendment No. 9 (prohibit the removal from the Town’s above ground water resources or below ground aquifers more than 1,000 gallons per day, unless said water is for the purpose of redistributing that water to the landowners of Pelham).

Yes 1368 No 512 Passed

Article 11: To hear reports of auditors, agents, and other committees heretofore chosen and pass any votes relating thereto.

Yes 1260 No 449 Passed

Article 12: Accept the following roads as Class V Town Roads: Golden Brook Drive, Benoit Avenue (Extension), Hancock Lane, Priscilla Way(Extension), Gauthier Way, Jonathan Road, Koper Lane, Dodge Road, Herrick Circle, Honey Lane, and Robin Road.

Yes 1468 No 434 Passed

Article 13: Close the Municipal Building Capital Reserve fund, transferring the balance to surplus and to raise and appropriate the sum of $22,683 from surplus to be placed in the Town Building Emergency Repair Capital Reserve Fund.

Yes 1574 No 337 Passed

Article 14: Continue implementing the town wide computer technology plan.

Yes 1086 No 825 Passed

Article 15: Purchasing software to perform town wide accounting functions including tax collection, licensing, auto and voter registrations, and planning department recordkeeping.

Yes 1122 No 797 Passed

Article 16: Hiring an unscheduled, part-time welfare case worker to assist the Town.

Yes 951 No 959 Defeated

Article 17: Approve cost items included in the three year Collective Bargaining Agreement ratified by the Pelham Board of Selectmen and the AFSCME Local 1801, Pelham Firefighters, Public Works and Municipal Employees.

Yes 1048 No 865 Passed

Article 18: Place all employees not already covered by Social Security, Medicare, and NH Retirement into these programs.

Yes 929 No 965 Defeated

Article 19: Monies to be placed in the compensated absence fund for the purpose of disbursing accrued earned time to terminating employees as required by law and/or negotiated contracts.

Yes 1008 No 887 Passed

Article 20: Raise and appropriate the amounts set forth on the budget posted with the warrant or as amended by vote of the first session.

Yes 683 No 1162 Defeated

Article 21: Constructing a garage for the Highway Department.

Yes 629 No 1265 Defeated

Article 22: Repair, maintenance, and upgrading of town roads, to be offset by the State Highway Grant.

Yes 1575 No 326 Passed

Article 23: Placement in the Tallant Road and Willow Street Bridge Capital Reserve Fund.

Yes 845 No 1055 Defeated

Article 24: Complete engineering design and replacing the Castle Hill Bridge and to accept reimbursement of $180,000 from the State Bridge Repair Fund.

Yes 683 No 1209 Defeated

Article 25: Purchase two 2005 Ford Crown Victoria police cruisers.

Yes 934 No 985 Defeated

Article 26: Hire and equip one new police officer.

Yes 877 No 1044 Defeated

Article 27: Pay for the cost to clean up an illegal tire dump in a portion of the Elmer G. Raymond Park.

Yes 876 No 1028 Defeated

Article 28: Raise and appropriate $10,000 too be added to the Ambulance Capital Reserve Fund.

Yes 1545 No 367 Passed

Article 29: Providing the Pelham Fire Department with software to integrate the computer systems of the Police and Fire Departments to reduce duplicate efforts in administration.

Yes 1310 No 608 Passed

Article 30: Fund four new full-time Firefighter/EMT positions.

Yes 797 No 1182 Defeated

Article 31: Add to an existing capital reserve fund for the

Yes 1102 No 882 Passed

Article 32: Constructing garage space for Cemetery Department equipment along with space for a small office, bathroom, and meeting room.

Yes 727 No 1255 Defeated

Article 33: Expend the entire balance if the Library Capital Reserve Fund to improve the library facilities and purchase of new equipment and to appoint the Library Trustees as agents to expend.

Yes 1437 No 535 Passed

Article 34: Change the purpose of the existing Library Renovation – ADA Expendable Trust Fund to include automation of the library building’s front entry doors to improve accessibility for all library patrons, handicapped or not, and to appoint the Library Trustees as agents to expend.

Yes 1312 No 656 Passed

Article 35: Hire a full-time professional Children’s Librarian for the Public Library.

Yes 479 No 1494 Defeated

Article 36: Fund the first year of an 11 town inter-county regional pilot plan to enable Pelham residents to participate in a regional bus transportation program.

Yes 755 No 1211 Defeated

Article 37: Updating the Town’s compliance with the federally mandated Storm Water Protection Act.

Yes 549 No 1401 Defeated

Article 38: To withdraw $11,500 from the Elmer G. Raymond Memorial Park Trust Fund for the purpose of maintenance and repair work to the park and lodge.

Yes 1563 No 397 Passed

Article 39: To petition the town to adopt an ordinance to prohibit hunting by posting property.

Yes 1339 No 576 Passed

School Election – Unofficial Counts

School Board – 1 year term

Michael D. Chenelle 147

Christine Medeiros 513

Robert Molloy 388

Steven F. Tello 548 Elected

School Board – 3 year term

Adel-Marie Cerri 308

Timothy J. Knittel 338

Linda Mahoney 1057 Elected

School District Moderator – 1 year term

Philip R. Currier 1537 Elected

School District Treasurer – 1 year term

Patricia E. Murphy 1462 Elected

School District Clerk – 1 year term

Donna M. D’Arcangelo 1511 Elected

Question 2: Raise and appropriate the amounts set forth on the budget posted with the warrant or as amended by vote of the first session.

Yes 791 No 927 Defeated

Question 3: To purchase and install two double relocatable classroom building units at Pelham High School.

Yes 446 No 1494 Defeated

Question 4: To purchase and install one double relocatable classroom building unit at Pelham Memorial School.

Yes 760 No 1183 Defeated

Question 5: Roof repairs at the Pelham Memorial School, fire doors at the Pelham High School, and complete the replacement carpeting program at Pelham High School.

Yes 1248 No 696 Passed

Question 6: Create a special education inclusion facilitator position to support students with severe disabilities at the Pelham Elementary School and to fund the salary and benefits for the position.

Yes 523 No 1421 Defeated

Question 7: Create a special education case manager position to teach and monitor students with reading disabilities at Pelham High School and to fund the salary and benefits for the position.

Yes 453 No 1486 Defeated

Question 8: Fund a 3% salary increase for non-union employees.

Yes 1079 No 851 Passed

Question 9: To purchase two computer projectors and one 15-station mobile PC lab at the Pelham Elementary School.

Yes 573 No 1361 Defeated

Question 10: Fund salaries and benefit for new teaching and guidance positions at Pelham High School.

10a: Business teacher

Yes 841 No 1009 Defeated

10b: English teacher

Yes 955 No 891 Passed

10c: Guidance worker

Yes 426 No 1418 Defeated

10d: Part-time Art teacher

Yes 463 No 1372 Defeated

Question 11: Create a position for a technology facilitator for Pelham Elementary School and to fund the salary and benefits for the position.

Yes 407 No 1446 Defeated

Question 12: Pay for several maintenance projects at Pelham High School which impact the music area, women’s athletic locker room are and classroom replacement wall areas.

Yes 1142 No 713 Passed

Question 13: To purchase a maintenance truck with a plow to assist in maintaining the three school sites.

Yes 1075 No 790 Passed

Question 14: To pay the Town of Pelham for their contracted snow removal services at the three district schools.

Yes 474 No 1380 Defeated

Question 15: To purchase one zero turn riding mower and one small tractor to maintain the school district athletic fields and grounds.

Yes 901 No 948 Defeated

Question 16: To fund the additional salary and benefits costs for the upgrading of a part-time district technology coordinator to a full-time position.

Yes 1266 No 561 Passed

Question 17: Add $100,000 to the School District Maintenance Capital Reserve Fund previously established.

Yes 867 No 973 Defeated

Question 18: To create a capital reserve fund to purchase Pelham land for the establishment of a school facility.

Yes 1091 No 755 Passed

Question 19: To obtain the services of a Supporting Architect to assist the district in identifying and evaluating three to five pre-qualified design teams.

Yes 919 No 955 Defeated

Question 20: To continue providing Child Benefit Services to the Pelham School children attending St. Patrick School.

Yes 986 No 871 Passed

Windham Election Results

Town Election

Selectman – 3-year term

Alan Carpenter 1677 Elected

Christopher Doyle 697

Margaret Crisler 1573 Elected

Dennis Senibaldi 1114

Louis Hersch 316

Andrew Lane 388

Walter Kolodziej 519

Town Moderator – 1-year term

Peter Griffin 2853 Elected

Cemetery Trustee – 3-year term

Gail Webster 2786 Elected

Library Trustee – 3-year term

Patricia Skinner 2633 Elected

Paul Keller 2373 Elected

Planning Board – 3-year term

Ross McLeod 2494 Elected

Philip Lochiatto 2149 Elected

Planning Board – 2-year term

Ruth-Ellen Pos 2607 Elected

Board of Adjustment – 3-year term

Alfred Souma 967

Mark Samsel 1417 Elected

Trustee of the Trust Funds – 3-year term

Mary Johnson 2668

Zoning Amendments

Article 2:

Citizen Petition 1: Amend to change zoning classification of Lot 9-A-500 from Rural to Village Center District.

Yes 1316 No 2189 Defeated

Article 3:

Planning Board Amendment 1: Revise and/or add definitions of "Manufactured Housing" and "Pre-site Built Housing to Section 200 and modify Section 603-2 by making provision applicable to manufactured housing and not mobile homes

Yes 2101 No 1169 Passed

Planning Board Amendment 2: Amend to add the State recommended definition of "Wetlands" to Section 200

Yes 2291 No 933 Passed

Planning Board Amendment 3: Amend portions of Section 601 governing the Wetlands and Watershed Protection District by allowing certain construction activities within a portion of the WWPD districts where commercial uses are permitted

Yes 1426 No 1871 Defeated

Planning Board Amendment 4: Amend Section 601 definition of "Wetlands" to conform with the State recommended definition

Yes 2195 No 985 Passed

Planning Board Amendment 5: Amend Section 607 to adopt the updated Flood Maps prepared by FEMA

Yes 2492 No 684 Passed

Planning Board Amendment 6: Amend Section 610.9 by increasing the number of Elderly units from 6% to 10%

Yes 2159 No 1128 Passed

Planning Board Amendment 7: Amend Section 611.6.7 to allow "existing agricultural uses" as an allowed use of approved open space.

Yes 2307 No 856 Passed

Planning Board Amendment 8: Amend to change the name of the existing "Village Center District" to "Village District" and to change Section 612.1 to include other locations in town to be zoned Village District

Yes 1234 No 2156 Defeated

Planning Board Amendment 9: Amend Section 706.5.4 to remove the exception which allows time/temperature to be displayed and allow the ordinance to apple equally to prohibit all flashing or electronic message signs

Yes 1893 No 1370 Passed

Planning Board Amendment 10: Amend Section 706.6 to prohibit artificial grading of landscaping around a sign in order to increase the height of a sign

Yes 2190 No 1044

Planning Board Amendment 11: Amend Section 706.6 by reducing the maximum height of freestanding signs from 14 ft. to 12 ft.

Yes 2223 1025 Passed

Planning Board Amendment 12: Amend Section 708 and 709 to clarify that prohibition of occupancy for residential use apply to "motorized recreational vehicles or recreational campers"

Yes 2262 No 907 Passed

Planning Board Amendment 13: Amend Section 715.9 governing Public School Impact Fees to reflect the purposes for which funds may be collected

Yes 2329 No 778 Passed

Article 4: Amend to repeal existing BOCA Code and replace with International Residential Building Code

Yes 1875 No 642 Passed

Article 5: Purchase of Fire Engine

Yes 2232 No 1210 Passed

Article 6: Purchase of a Tanker Truck

Yes 2563 No 879 Passed

Article 7: Purchase of Fire Safety Truck and Trailer

Yes 2303 No 1126 Passed

Article 8: Purchase of Forestry Brush Truck

Yes 1797 No 1584 Passed

Article 9: Purchase of Radio/Intercom System for Fire Department Vehicle

Yes 2742 No 650 Passed

Article 10: Funds to be added to Earned Time Expendable Trust Fund

Yes 1606 No 1575 Passed

Article 11: Funds to be added to Property Maintenance Expendable Trust Fund

Yes 1655 No 1478 Passed

Article 12: Temporary Assessing technician

Yes 1452 No 1845 Defeated

Article 13: Full-time Police Officer

Yes 1952 No 1431 Passed

Article 14: Part-time Recreation Coordinator

Yes 1743 No 1653 Passed

Article 15: Transfer/Disposal Trailer

Yes 1886 No 1437 Passed

Article 16: Articulating Loader

Yes 1764 No 1550 Passed

Article 17: Salt Shed for Highway Department

Yes 1819 No 1550 Passed

Article 18: Amend Searles Special Revenue Fund to read "expenditures for the purpose of renovations, restoration, maintenance, marketing, and general overall operational needs"

Yes 2238 1143 Passed

Article 19: Marketing related costs for operating the Searles Building

Yes 2069 No 1274 Passed

Article 20: Maintenance related costs for operating the Searles Building.

Yes 2247 No 1089 Passed

Article 21: Principal and interest on outstanding loan for West wing of Searles Building

Yes 2323 No 999 Passed

Article 22: Continued improvements and renovations to Searles Building

Yes 2139 No 1160 Passed

Article 23: Additional improvements and renovations to Searles Building

Yes 2266 No 2529 Defeated

Article 24: Bike paths

Yes 983 No 1866 Defeated

Article 25: Police officers Contracted Details

Yes 1866 No 1466 Passed

Article 26: Fire Hazardous Materials Response Contracted Details

Yes 2322 No 946 Passed

Article 27: Fire Hazardous Materials Response Training

Yes 2202 No 1025 Passed

Article 28: Griffin Park improvements and repairs

Yes 2667 No 662 Passed

Article 29: Conservation Commission Fund

Yes 2298 No 932 Passed

Article 30: Tax collector from elected position to appointed by BOS

Yes 1641 No 1576 Passed

Article 31: Modify exemptions for the elderly

Yes 2715 No 560 Passed

Article 32: Modify exemption for the Disabled

Yes 2653 No 589 Passed

Article 33: Operating Budget

Yes 2520 No 682 Passed

School Election

School Board – 3-year term

Michael Hatem 1258

Galen A. Stearns 2065 Elected

Elizabeth Valentin 2495 Elected

School District Clerk – 1-year term

May Ann Horaj 2690 Elected

School Treasurer – 1-year term

Maura Pennisi 2648 Elected

School District Moderator – 1-year term

Elizabeth A. Dunn 2832 Elected

School District Articles

Article 2: High School Land

Yes 2868 No 883 Passed

Article 3: High School construction and furnishings

Yes 2903 No 842 Passed

Article 4: Collective Bargaining Agreement for salaries and benefits

Yes 2642 No 966 Passed

Article 5: Special meeting for cost items if Article 4 doesn’t pass

Yes 2334 No 1064 Passed

Article 6: Center School grade 5 teacher

Yes 2643 No 904 Passed

Article 7: Removal, disposal, and replacement of fuel oil tanks at Middle School

Yes 2882 No 646 Passed

Article 8: Reopen negotiations with Salem School District Area Agreement

Yes 1493 No 2028 Defeated

Article 9: Operating budget

Yes 2330 No 1007 Passed

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