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The Commission on the Status of Women Recognizes Young Women Student Athletes

The New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Women held its 18th Annual New Hampshire High School Women’s Athletic/Academic Award Program on Monday, January 31. The event was held at the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord.

Lauren Gurschick and Christine Letender

High school women throughout New Hampshire were recognized for achieving academic and athletic excellence. Award recipients are nominated each year based on criteria which requires that the high school senior have a B+ grade point average, letter in at least two varsity sports, participate in community service activities and serve as a role model to her peers. At the awards ceremony, each student received an award certificate and a commemorative pin.

Representing Alvirne High School were Lauren Gurschick – 3 years soccer, 4 years indoor track, 4 years spring track and Christine Letendre – 3 years fall spirit and 4 years winter spirit. Congratulations ladies!

Southeastern Container

by Lynne Ober

Next time you reach into a cold drink display and pull out a Coke, take a good look at that bottle. It might have been made in Hudson, New Hampshire.

Using blow inject technology, Southeastern Container makes PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles that are inexpensive, lightweight, re-sealable, shatter-resistant and recyclable.

Members of Hudson Chamber of Commerce recently had an opportunity to tour Hudson’s Southeastern Container plant. The plant runs 24 x 7, employing 85 people and making a variety of bottles used by Coca-Cola for their products.

"At peak capacity, we can make 1.5 million bottles per shift," said Southeastern Container’s John Fisher. "We are a coop of Coca Cola."

Because every bottle is laser engraved with a code, Fisher said each could be tracked from the beginning until it was recycled. "If we have a problem with a batch, we can quickly find every bottle made from that batch." The laser code is nearly invisible and is found under the paper label which Southeastern Container also applies to the bottles before they are shipped to the filling plant.

Using a closed system, Southeastern tries to recycle all its materials. "If a bottle is damaged during manufacturing, we ship it back to the plant that makes the raw materials and it can start over," explained Fisher. "We also recycle our shipping materials. Those are returned to us and re-used as long as possible. When we can’t use them anymore, we sell them on the secondary market to overseas customers. Lots of those are shipped to China."

Southeastern Container uses a "lean manufacturing" model, which means that much of the process is automated. "Depending upon the capacity of the manufacturing line, we have three or four people monitoring the process."

"We’ve been here nine years and enjoy the Hudson community. I hope we remain here for years," concluded Fisher.

Candidates’ Night in Hudson

by David Forman

One of the final steps prior to the Town of Hudson election on March 8, was candidates night. Once again, the GFWC Hudson Junior Woman’s Club hosted this event on February 23 at the Hudson Community Building {formerly Lion’s Hall}.

The night began with a brief timed introduction by all twelve candidates, four did not show {Thaddeus Luszey, Jr.; Raymond Rowell; Dianne Emanuelson; and Cecile Nichols}, and three {Douglas Robinson; David Bouchard; and Ann Seabury} sent a letter to be read by Moderator: Paul Inderbitzen.

Two candidates withdrew their candidacy from the election. Candidate for Selectman three year term, Lars Christiansen stated he "originally thought there were two seats open, and then learning there was only one, did not want to split the vote with two volunteers" and encouraged voters "to ignore Christiansen on the Selectman ballot." Christiansen is also one of three candidates for School Board Member in which he seeks your vote along with Lynne Ober and Gary Rodgers. Also, candidate for Trustee of the Trust Fund three year term, David Bouchard sent a letter stating as an existing elected member of the School Board, he learned it may be a conflict of interest to serve in both capacities. He asked voters to not consider him for this seat.

There were no candidates for the seat of Cemetery Trustee three year term. Anyone interested in this seat is urged to begin a write in campaign. The candidate with the most votes, must be a minimum of ten, will win this seat.

Russ Ober III was one of the most eloquent speakers of the night as he seeks your vote for Trustee of the Trust Fund three year term. The only real controversy of the night was when Len Lathrop addressed a possible conflict of interest in his running for Trustee of the Trust Fund two year term, while also co-owning the Hudson~Litchfield News. Len said he had consulted with various town officials to get an opinion and concluded that there was not a conflict. The two other candidates responded to the potential conflict and both agreed there could be no conflict as it is a committee, and Len would have a single vote.

This was the first year that viewers watching the live broadcast at home could phone in questions for the candidates to address. There were four to five callers that took advantage of this benefit. The night was attended by fifteen residents, however it was not known how many residents viewed the broadcast live, or watched the several reruns as Coleman Kelly, Cable Committee was not available at press time.

All candidates urged the registered voters of Hudson to come out to the polls and vote on Tuesday, March 8 at the Hudson Community Building {formerly Lion’s Hall}.

Litchfield Budget Committee Reverses Decision on Article 12

The Litchfield Budget Committee, at a meeting following the town's Deliberative Session, reversed itself on Article 12 and is recommending its passage.

Committee Chairman Brent Lemire stated that, although the vote was not unanimous, a majority of the committee felt that the information given at the Deliberative Session by David Heinz of the State Board of Assessment was relevant enough to cause a change.

The Committee felt that it was more important to allow the town to conduct its own rather than have the state Department of Revenue Administration step in, which was promised this year if Litchfield does not move to re-evaluate.

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