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Special Delivery in Persian Gulf

Lt. Ryan Merrell and Cynthia Holden-Merrell announce their birth of their first child, Elizabeth Nicole Merrell. Cynthia is a former native of Hudson and a 1991 graduate of Alvirne High. Most of her family is still in the Hudson area but she now resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

LT Ryan Merrell and some of his squadron mates in Afghanistan. They were there to provide air support for the inauguration of the Afghan president this past month.

Elizabeth Nicole Merrell

Elizabeth Nicole’s arrival was very anticipated, but what made it even more special was that her dad, Lt Ryan Merrell was able to hear her being born via telephone from his aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. Ryan is a Navy pilot attached to VAW-126 on the Harry S. Truman. He is currently on a six month scheduled deployment in the Gulf.

Grass Root Support Shown for Hudson Seniors

Who should use Lions Hall? At the heart of that matter is how to best use limited resources to service two programs.

Hudson Recreation Director Dave Yates has again proposed that Lions Hall be given to the Rec program, displacing Hudson Seniors despite the fact that monies from the Hudson Senior Capital Trust Fund were used to purchase the hall and Seniors have a commitment from the Town to be able to use the hall.

"We can only use the hall two days a week," stated one Senior who declined to be named, "and then Selectmen complain that the hall is under used. Why don’t they let us use it more than two days a week if that’s the complaint? We’d love to have it."

When State Representative Rudy Lessard, a long time supporter of Hudson seniors, called for an informational meeting at his office, people came. Lessard called a number of elected officials, seniors and contractors. He told the audience that he’d heard from several contractors who would be happy to help the Seniors with work on a Senior Center.

Attending the meeting were County Commissioner Rhona Charbonneau, State Senator Bob Clegg, State Representatives Lynne Ober, Jean-Guy Bergeron, Lars Christensen, Andy Renzullo, and former State Representative Russ Ober.

After opening the meeting, Lessard turned the floor over to Charbonneau who talked about other town land and about some of the "myths" about the seniors, citing one of them as the fact that the Seniors had turned down the Kirby Building.

Lucille Boucher replied to the myths stating that, "we were never offered the Kirby Building. The one building that we were offered was in bad repair and had stairs. Many of our members can’t climb stairs."

Charbonneau also stated that Hudson should have a place for seniors and that "it’s time to start organizing."

Clegg agreed with Charbonneau and said that the seniors might have to litigate and should consult an attorney.

As the meeting progressed a variety of options were discussed. Len Lathrop told the audience that the Seniors needed to determine the preferred option and to work toward that option.

Boucher talked about the hot lunch program provided by St. Joseph’s Hospital. "We have a contract with them and as part of that contract we must provide a commercial/industrial stove and kitchen facilities." Seniors agreed that the hot lunches were very important to them and were more than simply showing up with crock pots as one Selectman had suggested.

Other seniors talked about wanting Selectmen to allow them to regularly use Lions Hall more than two days a week. "We have programs and we could offer more hot lunches," said Boucher, noting that they needed a firm commitment that they could use the hall three or four days a week. "Right now if we want to use the hall more than two days a week, we have to ask permission for every extra day." Boucher pointed out that the hot lunch program provided by St. Joe’s required a definite commitment for a definite number of days.

Hudson resident Sue Hovling, who is the Senior Center Director for Pelham, spoke to the audience about building programs and the importance of the nutritional program. She noted that the Pelham Senior Center provides hot lunches five days a week.

Bergeron suggested that the Town should do a survey of town owned land.

Ober offered the suggestion that the ideal spot for a new rec center was Town owned land near Hills Garrison. "It’s close to the soccer fields, to the playground at Hills, and to the open field area around Hills. That would be a great spot for the program and if that spot was large enough for the proposed YMCA, it should work very well for the Rec Center."

Clegg agreed and noted that Lions Hall had an asbestos problem. "We just covered it over. We didn’t remove it [asbestos] and I don’t think that’s a good place for kids to play."

After the meeting Ober said that she thought that the School District and Rec Department should be able to work out an agreement for the Rec Department to use some of the facilities at H. O. Smith School during the summer. "That would help them with the number of kids that they have as well as open up some other opportunities for them." She cited using the gym for basketball on rainy days.

Exciting Writing Opportunity

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Hudson Candidates

Selectmen – 1 3-year term Lars Christiansen Kenneth "Ken" Massey Benjamin J. Nadeau

Town Clerk/Tax Collector – 1 3-year term Cecile Nichols

Budget Committee – 3 3-year terms Howard L. Dilworth Jr. Thaddeus Luszey Jr. Raymond Rowell

Cemetery Trustee – 1 3-year term

Code of Ethics – 2 3-year terms Dianne Emanuelson Douglas Robinson

Library Trustee – 2 3-year terms John Knowles Mary Ann Knowles

Trustee Of The Trust Fund – 1 3-year term David M. Bouchard Russel T. Ober III

Trustee Of The Trust Fund – 1 2-year term Leonard Lathrop

Trustee Of The Trust Fund – 1 1-year term Edmond Duchesne

Moderator – 1-year term Paul E. Inderbitzen

School District Clerk – 1 1-year term Ann Seabury

Treasurer – 1-year term Cecile Nichols

School Board Member – 2 3-year terms Lars Christiansen Lynne Ober Gary J. Rodgers

Litchfield Candidates

Selectmen – 2 5-year terms M. Patricia Jewett Raymond C. Peeples Jr. Alfred C. Raccio

Budget committee – 2 5-year terms William Spencer

Budget Committee – 1 1-year unexpired term

Fire Chief – 1 1-year term Dwayne Hogencamp Thomas B. Schofield

Library Trustees – 2 3-year terms

Library Trustees – 1 1-year term Amy Goldstein

Library Trustees – 1 2-year term Mona H. Lepine

Road Agent – 1 1-year term Gerard J. DeCosta Roderick W. Jones

Town Clerk/Tax Collector – 1 3-year term Theresa L. Briand Carrie-Ann Pace

Treasurer – 1 3-year term Horace W. Seymour

Trustee, Town Trust Funds – 1 3 year term Horace W. Seymour

Moderator – 1 3-year term

School Board – 1 3-year term Cynthia A. Couture

School Board – 1 1-year unexpired term Dorothy Beauregard

Clerk – 1 3-year term Lynn Baddeley

Treasurer – 1 3-year term Lynn Baddeley

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